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A favorite because the music and where his seek.

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-- - one of the most established American music ratings and charts. Is considered more than-less adequate and even ascriptive. The main focus a clear deal made on pop music, but also there is types of hotel charts on rock ways. So same very the good structuralization information: Can be watch rating on groups / performers an, albums, songs, years and so on.
In general for themselves I this site noted in as a search engine a new music. Ah, and jobs ironically watch, from what he gets a mainstream :D



And again I with short novel about another group from world viola-rock, which I opened for themselves literally on days.

As this most often case in this musical direction, group the American, with very strange entitled "Hoobastank"
According to musicians no hallways sense it word not bears, and is simply slengovym noted by word from childhood.

Creativity "Khubastanka" began in mid-1990s was, when in fact still schoolchildren played in local club various has occasionally recorded cover versions in search of his style,
Which in first albums oformilsya in the form of for blending Folk-rock and ska. And then came 2000e and guys decided try their forces in stanovivshemsya
All more and more whatever popular viola-soloing and post-grunge. Success came to him in 2004 with way out neiaea The Reason, and slightly later the homonymous album of.

If to speak their words about how, what same music plays Hoobastank, I would have called this melodic rock rhythms, reminiscent me unit many songs
Rock were negotiated for. Music slightly a lot heavier than me, but no hardcore -time there is no and in speak of. There is couple windup and aggressive tracks, but in a whole group
Plays quite comfortable and diverse on canard rock, which now would necessarily called "modern rock", that means mixing immediately several
Podzhanrov rock.

There is, of course, in their songs smallness of "MTV`shnoy wigged ping pong pop" (group not times reported receiving prevents reward from Canal and analyzed writing soundtracks for to different
Get tuned), but in a whole me they very appealed. Has heard all albums and in a result unionized of them even 4000m2 as well as 26 tracks, 10 of which (and this
Not little) decorated American 5 stars.

In conclusion couple-Triad clips

Hoobastank - The Reason.Yeah, you did the plot clip, and the this the kind the most, that marked the beginning of successful careers groups

Hoobastank - Crawling In The Dark.In music video nothing unusual, but in terms of music this the very rather indicative because.

Hoobastank - Inside Of You.
One of the most zadornykh and the local songs.



Hoobastank - The Reason - the good the and a good clip.

And here is one of those dire groups, which me amuse - Children Of Bodom. Aside from his speed metal creativity, they entertain people and mostly themselves, makeovers known pop-things. Here is literally couple.


You are here » Forum Polaksa » My passions » A favorite because the music and where his seek.