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A favorite because the music and where his seek.

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That same, on time I began listen to are being invaded by Martians and not for good reason laid page with their timetableitself in bookmarks)

NOTICE: 10 December, in 19-00, in an Olympic will mark their the first concert by in Moscow!

Many run news))



Hi,, ah made - with steeply! And prices like acceptable. You himself ready go?



Sure,, here even to think nothing to acquire - going to hear live music, many run group. A pity only, that Olympic.
Need to now solve, in what zone go)



I with you do. Long nor on that not walking. I only in schemes seats not has understood. Far best go?



With steeply) I think, with us still anyone goes. , Strawberry, for example.

About seats. Ah if want obtain maximum is deprived, then need to go in fan-zone. Me embarrasses only two fact: First crowd, likely will
Big, second screeching in fan-zone will furious. Ah and still the concert winter will, so that exits from Olympic long will have. But this small beer life.

If go in main floor, then understandably, than closer to scene, the better. But here such deal: Who walking in main floor on Metallica say, that breath very a shitty,
Ah and in a whole on senses here not quite the is obtained. Was would this open air - then still in main floor makes sense go, and here closed hall.

In general, time still very many (tickets, I am confident, will in the availability of until the last), so that need to to qualitatively think. But on this moment I for fan-zone!)



Opened for themselves a new group - Breaking State University
Play my a favorite viola-rock. There is something similar on Bullet For truck Vallentain. Only smaller th and of Thrash metal.

Below video one of the most famous their compositions - The Diary of Jane



A normal because the music. And song the not a new - 2006 year. And I here is that the long already nor on that such not stumble, so that would'm hooked and listen to this on twenty-times on day. Bored.



And I returning from Bulgaria already not can, to music not was famous)
Have Skilett`a still a couple pretty hardcore songs dug up.



Another my the recent opening the in world music - the American punk-rock group Rise Against

Its music they call "positively anti viola-rock rhythms", contrasting thereby its creativity depressing and pessimistic Polish meynstrimu this direction rock. In a whole, this well fits fact: Texts Rise Against are full pressing and pressing those, and their musical shell of it turns out much more vibrant and, as this nor strange sounds, positive, than this usually adopted have such groups. Compared would their with Offsping, but only in terms of to the semantic content Rise Against on order higher.

Here is herecan be watch their the official site - very informative and EGMS ExpoAdvance system. Rewarding for, that in an open access are not only clips, but and living speech.

Ah and in the end, clip one of most popular compositions groups - Prayer of the afforded to, Addis ABABA At problems social most unequal and disunity people in an era mass consumption.



Ah like would and and it so and in, too, time quite strange because the music. Breaking State Universityme as the more grassroots.



Benjamin, I would said, direct contrast to Rise Against. Some - minornye and calmer melodies, have second - legkovosplamenyaemaya mixture of different styles))
Me very aren their musical transitions within one songs, sounds, indeed strange, but I like. Perhaps, on this moment
They have become my favorite group # 2. Texts have them excellent and clips cool.
But early albums - treshak full, most adequate it's dated 2006 year on Artsibashev The Sufferer and The Witness



With tickets in fan-zone on Marsian language we flew ((
The drug dealers their all have bought and now sell almost in 2 times more expensive (



This sucks. And that now to do?



Choose seats on the stands, until they still there is.
Although, if honestly, into cannon fodder's busted: ((

Hi,, still last week watched - was almost 200 ticket in fan, and selective - 0, ponk! (



Continue to narrative about lesser-known, but quite better rock groups.
Today speech goes about British group Boy Kill Boy, educated in 2004.

Call their music a net rock rhythms quite is difficult, rather something close to pop ?ieo and indie. Me their style reminds another group with
Vague Albion - Keane, that in general something very rather flattering for more young performers.

Ah and in the end he - clip (not very an interesting, but typically British) on song Civil Sin



The first 37 seconds goes you stupid aritmichnaya hell is that, and then begins song, which of course in a whole and it so, with my guy a beer, that is called, yes on a slump, you know. Anyways - I would itself such on player not just uploaded.



And again I, and again fallacy of composition from world viola-rock.
This time, group Alter Bridgewith pessimistic-subculture, but from not less perfect and mental song Broken Wings.
The hugely likes solo on guitar ,-sounding the first 20 seconds. And still, again I.M.H.O.,, very for decent vocals.




But as you such because the music, bro?



Quite-??? a fresh, as me it looked, site for download any music, games, films and other things. Can be download and services they like or dislike. (Regitsya necessarily).

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Yesterday looked recently column semi-documentary film "Another Station, Another Mile", the knighted Professor creativity groups Rise Against.

The film rests on survivors speeches groups, and between each of songs participants groups tell about how, with what began group, say about the relationship between each other, ponder about how their songs affect people, share their thoughts remains ready about different problems that is rising in their songs (political and religious, above all), tell about their interests - so, for example, drummer groups collects old cars.
Look and listen to their enough interestingly, because in sight, that this is not unstudied in advance any banal phrase, and all of this genuinely and naturally. Incidentally, is worth still be noted, that in movie shrift attention not only the most Registry Cleaner musicians, but and the entire team Rise Against, including technical and administrative personnel. Me seems, this very Get a moment.
That concerns directly video with survivors , then, Id say, that have Tim McIlrath (vocalist groups) the best vocals, too, what me avea to hear in survivors cell-phone records. And this with, that Tim not only sings, but and plays on guitar.

In general, having looked this the film, acquired a to creativity groups even stronger.


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