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A favorite because the music and where his seek.

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Javadxan) priest 10 years the - Wasteland



Group is called 10 years. Here is list torrentov on pirating Milford: years wasteland/0/99/0

And I come by destination New Age that he thought. This mixture of classics and folk, on my view. Me very likes.



Today d about popse. Group Vintage, not the that would were reeling from, but frankly has pleased, roughly as early Via-quiet (then texts their were smarter, and girls on truly more beautiful). Years 10 ago pro good me can be was even and not to speak - terribly not liked. Now, apparently, process maturation went their move. If honestly - beautiful a young ladies in clips together with sane for and interesting texts songs - well am. And still very respect group Hands Up "keystroke - guys already more 10 years sell people one thing and, too, in different wrappers! This need to be able! Except them, on such capable only foreign popsery and the not all.
So here is about group Vintage. Increasingly very nice - on clip "Bad girl" was invited Korikovu. I then even before heap pereslushal the entire album - 90% well normal tunes. In general here is. And still - clip



Today listened to group 10 Years, namely album Killing All that Holds You. In general, on good, rewarding for just 2 songs, this - -blank shell and of course same wasteland - the main the with album of. The rest of phonographs can be characterized the next way: Regressiruyuschiy Linkin Park. Album is replete with "empty" and utterly not kvas tracks with with a half-baked motives. All same, if "-music "have guys - an aim in itself, then me that doesn't sound good from this. After all on yard not the beginning of 90-'s, when, than in the and much worse off, then steep and modney. However, on disk (apparently in as a bonus) lay 4 acoustic songs with no the biggest 10 Years. Here is this was indeed qualitatively and simply prikolno. Literate of Oregon and increasingly else in a whole in live version'm hooked. I do not what here morality, but in speakers to have 10 Years more chance please.


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I here downloaded with pirating Milford torrent with music 80-1990s was s, listened and so met shove yet. Dr. Alban, 2 dBase and others. Type, I mentioned youth :D



About 10 Years:
Album Killing All that Holds You was the first for groups, so that his well can be counted a splat, to appear the dirty little secret. Indeed, except excellent (if not great) songs Wasteland, one which has received not one an award, there has little to point to. I like made there still the magna-Phi.
That concerns two other albums: The Autumn Effect and Division, they much stronger. Their texts "alternatives", are complex on its vocabulary and in full least have are very intellectual. Deal in is, that I handled read more almost all tracks with these albums, so know about than say.
On Linkin Park me seems not very it seems - here is certainly from whom full degradation occurred: From decent smart music to wacky pacifier.



I a bit Shiller wrong - had in view Papa Roach. Because the music more look like. About music 80 and 90-, xx - I very love because the music those since the, but only zarubezhku.



Yes, as not regrettably this to recognize, but the latest album Pope released full shit, this is the. So it's a shame, that group plunged to such a low levels. And if to compare with 10 Years, then on style and topics similarity undoubtedly, but the Pope all-??? "a lot heavier than me" and not anything but shy use strident words in texts, and 10 Years more intelligent that whether.



Opened for themselves such miracle, as 8-1930 bit music! You will laughing, but this indeed with steeply! In first people indeed well have adjusted with this musical movement and djs, same this, quite many. During listening arises a sense of, that himself sitting and you play in what any baddest dendyovskuyu game or (if imagination the ample) - himself priyatnym its hero!)) trying so hard to not be goloslovnym - I allow couple of references to the most residents lease their me themes. If please - don, I already some that itself a fucking dickhead)) most powerful track, as it turned out, cult a DJ Sabrepulse. Exactly after his tracks I and further on this muzychke - here can be still some what from Unicorn Kid hear - still one of djs Trash80

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My a new love :blush: Katy Perry

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Shortly before Check-Out, on me raid what the melancholy. Sat, in apartment no one not was, configured a guitar here and simply so, for souls played. Several things decided to burn, released would more, but then who the breezing in with work or not know there where, began to walk, doors 8, thus combining classical and jazz than the. Me very not comfortable experience play, when who the unnecessary ears warms, so I and a guitar here the past few years pozabrosil. Decided to in general posting their songs - here all old, the mid-90-'s. Dimona and Smokli these tranzitas times very well are familiar, so, if desire to there is - ponastalgiruyte =). The rest of the,, too, wish pleasant listening, however immediately say - the quality of records not particularly good. .rar.html



Sanya, this you sing abouts organs is Oh, voice sooovsem slightly slightly recognisable.



Sing I. Share exchange the impressions.



Not poorly sing) I was utility of)



Alanis.Morissette - Not As Wewhom liked - post.

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The melodious, sanguine music. Voice a good. Such can be on night listen to, to left better)



Music nothing so. Under such a music 'well, recall about the past.

Me seems or gives Aguilera or something like the moreover?



Unambiguously - seems! Alanis Morizett - very a serious singer and in execution wigged ping pong pop'm caught not was. Listen to its other things and all'll understand himself, and can and even'll love!))



Rage Against The Machine - Sleep Now In-The Fire- alone of my idols 90-, xx. You'm so amped right now? Post))



Rage Against The Machine - guerrilla Radio- And again they! "Guerrilla radio" distorted mad whole generation! And you with them? Text them back))


You are here » Forum Polaksa » My passions » A favorite because the music and where his seek.