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Medical poll!

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Идти ли с зубиком ко врачу?
Иди и не думай

50% - 3
Не за что не ходи!

0% - 0
Погоди еще денёк другой - авось само пройдет

33% - 2
Займись самоврачеванием и яндекс тебе в помощь

0% - 0
Вознеси молитвы и принеси пару жертв

16% - 1
Votes: 6


Without small week aching growing u a tooth. Such a never was and I suspect, that aching not he, and a torn as. Two previous indigenous tooth almost without problems saw light and now are rising all on envy, and here is with this simply calamity. I’ve been taking "ATC code S01BC05" that would not hurt, but as the progress not visible particularly. That to do?



But if honestly, I otmuchilsya himself year ago. Walking having received in his mouth air, to not to offer you poranennye parts of, this was difficult and unpleasantly, but effectively helped, and have doctor you likely nadrezhut, and the medicine would lay, and if nothing not take can be wait and contagion, so as in « faustniks » have human the most dirt failing.



Can doctors and not the best drawer have us, but better go than not go)



Need to go: A tooth - this you not head, that tie it and stay down.



And even say head not ass, tie it yes stay down. So that same then a tooth?


You are here » Forum Polaksa » Polls here » Medical poll!