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Some: Peter

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Not "I", and Examination
And "but" - no gaps is written

So that, 3 in the most times ^Тs organs is ^



XLI, question "no gaps Hebrew: Separately?" Always I have evoked predicament!

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As spoke my third cousin, brother, now saint father in some there temple: "Yes I know, that" not "with glagolami is written separately, but as understand that this a verb."



And I Examination on Russian on 3 wrote, here is only still Schettler not were checked, but think with him balls many not bold enough and 3 so and will remain) A here is Technical Naval Engineering withdrew popoyo, messages treginometrii many, and I in it I swim- I swim (



And autumn man spoke, that he glad that he learns, receives knowledge. And here is. And, look pay year not passed. Far do regulation with his trigonometry?



There where there is no its))



Here is) End much year, and I became better learn) No any habits and, unfortunately, almost 4 stopped working on obshestvu, geometry, ecology, biology, geography, and all from moreover that I not very sought to in nachele year (. In next year not d lose pace)

Still go... I go often in theater, very ravitsya) and MA Ц It ponravilat War and Mir, here is already 2nd is I was just finishing) spharischen all I have guuud! :crazy: :jumping:



Had a good days!

This week bought itself scooter!
And know, this is quite conveniently. But here is not has impeded would cover, so as in subway the likelihood occasion at themselves and other great. SometimesТpoints leg. Iai?yaaao his folded especially when he wet. Cons there is, but his mobility attracts very. He very qualitative, excellent bearings (abek5), say the goes to, weighs only 5 kg) Made conclusion, that scooter -- this faster than on foot and a bit not conveniently, those money, that I on him spent (5,000), a bit pity.



That the too little, too late, in sense season, you this magnet has acquired. Winter of already on nose, need to was better what any sledges with the propeller thing buy.



I wanted to winter take, and familiar that in no clothing left works, said that better now. For price under a new year only augment gives to his and so well take, and still and evening will. Here is


You are here » Forum Polaksa » Information for visitors » Some: Peter