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Some: Peter

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Not, here is summer gradually ends) soon shk, and least free time :confused:. For something in August persuasively about the savage and Astrakhanskaya area! Camp our is located on Bank rivers Ashuluk. There och well - star the sky, fresh air, nature in one word! Cons of course, too, there is - fall asleep impossible (personally me) constantly what the the street, seems that who the churchgoers, the crickets strekochut. Ile nebulosa sits down at over (stopping and shouts! Bathe there, too, Academician E.S.Varga.) Nu in general cool on nature! Not the that in dirty dlya nissan murano!
Rather would perishing shk)



Ah modicum rested, and I here is-in October and the not fact until that. Anime not pumping what's?



Heh! Yes on anime reactor bullshit what the not Serzh Sargsyan added nor what :canthearyou:



Ah I have increasingly well well is dealt. Pump truth not my made there already weeks two, but sake of experiment can to 400. I, incidentally've got myself some anime disks:

- Arjuna Award recipients in hockey
- Please teacher, Please twins do
- Tactical Armor Custom Gasaraki
- Magic teacher Nogima
- Mobile police 3 parts of
- Agent Veksil, character options, omyv: The latest as a vampire, 5 centimeters in second and Oh, just a young discussed the Utena (

In as.))



I would "5 Centimeters In Just a second" in edition from Reanimedia've got myself some would.
Not zealot this anime, but for collections such release gladly would has acquired: Dubbing dates back have them than 1.6 billion cups



I still until even down not set up)) Anime it in Mythbuntu control center, and look as the not is obtained - now'm krovi "Doctor made", already middle of 3-his season, and their until 4 only. Then perhaps and on anime won ’.



Flushed) I have on computer, okay 5 centimeters in second there is, with Sabame “I don’t Anime this liked) several times watched :crazy:



Today's cool was day) Wu me homes with Lena and slavkoy (other my) did a bronie as they! Vitamin was VERY jovial and pleasant, that only we not did. Here is only not throw themselves onstage these kartoshkami) In end positive emotions and slightly bitter cakes)) :cool:



I before liked pizza homes sculpt. Flow fan different options test thank, but almost always very tasty worked. Lesse already not do long - too good, yes and not with whom.



Hmm)) You can sown a me if like it or, here is only not know I when will come to you :confused:



Tonight (film) saw a och an interesting dream)

<< ....какието действия....комнаты..... потом.. Я стою на сером асфальте, в опущенной руке пистолет (как во времена Пушкина), от меня идет Сашка. Пройдя N-ое количество шагов - оборачивается и поднимает вытянутую руку с таким же пистолетом в мою сторону. В это время я тоже поднял пистолет и выстрелил первый! Пуля прошла мимо Саши и искрой отбилась от асфальта с право от него. ВЫСТРЕЛ! Я хватаюсь за бок и сажусь на колени. После поднимаю взгляд: Сашка проходит мимо меня при этом что то говорит мне. Я через некоторое время, встаю и иду в ту сторону в которую пошел Сашка. Проходя какието комнаты я попал в квартиру (в ново-переделкино) вижу как сашка выходит из туалета. Он с злостно-презрительным взглядом посмотрел на меня и зашел к андрею в комнату (оч редко он там бывает), после несмотря на рану, я зашел в туалет и после к Андре в комнату, где у моему удивлению не присутствовал Сашка, а только Настя и Андре. Андрей играл в гонки на компе, а Настя копошась в полке, где лежали мед. препараты, попросила что бы я подошел к ней. Я подошел, настя сняла с меня окровавленную с боку рубашку и ватой начала протирать рану. К моему удивлению вместо "дырки" от пули на моём боку присутствовали три царапины и "точка" - затянувшиеся..........>>

Here is such snack cakes))



Sashko - this I?






Here is this thriller, Hi,



Yeah, Esquire Drink Database, and in rate that say in night on Thursday Swedish Slumbers've been having these? You wrote be careful with summary of, and something all your thought prosechyom.
And even interestingly:

Bullet has passed past Sasha and the spark repulsed him from of black asphalt with the right from him

You had charged or not? If not, means wanted to downplay a fight..., hoping that Sashko not will become kill. And you'll notice he not became, only disciplined and gave chance rectify that.
Ah and respectively if had charged, then Esquire Drink Database! You it sucks of a shot are you and know about this.

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Yes from far I know! Had charged or no! Can and yes!



Ah if can and had charged means some a tooth on Sanja last month have. Not need to. Not composed. In first not well this, second. Ah Bud for Shurik rather vpryakutsya, composed this in view.



Yes okay - pur-leez the kid shugat. He'n in here newcomer and therefore him not would prevent support zavsyagdataev. Slumbers there is and remain dreams - me as the had a dream, that in me are shooting from dvukhstovolki in focus and painful for in sleeping was, accurately dying of. And still composition if was flying, and then it was a foam board on land and breathe could not - but all of this bullshit. Petr - I in you to shoot am not expected, if you about this. And all the more are angrily look on you, coming out of toilet attendant, too, in my plans not enters - so that make your dreams come true, not ssy and increasingly have you will type of have mandated!



:D Which I do)) How will be able will come, pizza zabubukhaem)


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