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Discussions about automobiles

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Dimon, you only external kind of not likes? At all interestingly that in rossii such decided issue. But knowing as in rossii is done at all increasingly, it beggars belief that this any its grains Russian designing, proves in end that in 60s where-thread in the Americas ran such project, he simply haven't learned our utterly camping on K. Machines traveled not far and not quickly, in end have closed until the emergence of opportunities sell somehow thread according. More just delights the messages about this machine, time from time emerging in fa, such as: Turn predzakazov on logogram-carts already grew on three years forward, with that plant on production price commodities not yet built, or that computer the e-of externally will work on android. Apparently guglkarty will mentor be sold ah and GLONASS now like as compulsory condition issuing any machines in Rush anywhere.



External kind of not likes. Within I and not check.
About assembly, you himself same wrote, that there is no a plant here, so, as me seems, this set of details from other video. Rudely speaking:. Were hatched from what that was.
All want get funky and, apparently, have nowhere money to do with my, as such buy. Yes, have us not of Zimbabwe, which declared the worst city world.



I like external kind of - kind of like a road have. However not let us forget, that this until that just concept - serial model will look challenging. Yes and in my range a series of will consist from several cars. And Dimon it seems decided to become ?-Mobilenenavistnikom: So much negative and on my view, not quite adequate critics, just under the form of business concept. You perhaps that the such know, what not know we?



I only has about external the form of. And friend nothing say not can. External kind of me not likes. About preferences not debate.



Ah raised his I so understand after all factory in rossii, simply until not serial looms are worth. And so at all as I heard want do such a stuff, that slightly whether not every buyer when in dealer can assemble his emobil, flock they will directly have dealer from decreed blocs, which on the idea of must will perfectly to each other approached only (ah rudely speaking several bases - under 3 doors under 5 doors under heel and went or what oblitsovochnymi panels) ah and naturally that there already naveshaesh itself - from moreover and the price depends.

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Let with line naught and I perhaps, too, ozadachus granted are hereby auto in too seriously. Here is you reciprocal on Seyetik has



Indian car plans to conquer the world

Here is it is time and India cut in on the world market. It is difficult them will, after all competitors she has simply beasts. Alone China and Korea what are worth. Consider, that from this will.

Now about design.
Not d to speak, that these cars on caricature me some whom reminded, camping on K. All model already something remind. So simply will elucidate its opinion about external the form of. In a whole me all liked. Looks Danish. Despite this, like to learn more about reliability these devices, about than not said nor words. And this main all designer fenek!

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Not quite about automobiles:

As reports, Ryno Micro-cycle - this a one-wheeled motorcycle, as call themselves framers its baby. But given his maximum the speed - "motorcycle" in this case - very a resounding zayavlenik. This gadget can move freely on speed until 32 kilometers / h. Recharging batteries ????? on predodalenie distance there is in 48 kilometers, and time full recharging ranks just 90 minutes. Work over look at model until now continue. Version of for line promise by the early next year. The cost of Ryno Micro-cycle is supposed to well democratic: $4200 for copy.



A dangerous pleasant thing, as me seems. Truth, not will mask, convenient and economical. On city Protestantism touring. Motorcyclists are Anthony, and these already foot in grave.



One wheel at all something :D and as me sees he not much more dangerous b-lyushkinogo and sporty



Cach, he same not will touring on Razor Scooter on the roads, but on this 100% anyone travels and not one, I think. Here is and the danger is manifest.



Why you thinking, that not will? More precisely Lyulyunchik can and not will, but youth gonyayuschey where not into trouble over there, and on roads in including, on scooter, 're awash



On roads nor has never saw. So on pedestrian sidewalks.






Hmm. As option



I, too, was several amused, and after all lyulyun endurance of :-)


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