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Long wanted to write about this great game, but as the not pass out free samples initially. Now here is play himself and want, in ties with this nemnozhechko your attention. Immediately say something inaccurate: Who me knows - know, that all describe I write himself and neslizyvayu with sites and magazines only its opinion and a bit equity. So, that if will what the not mimic with pervoosnovoy (the most game in sense), means this I understood precisely so, as understood.
Repcher - city freedom and high technologies. City future. Before the onset of the World War II, best scientists world, gather together, that would create an ideal society and for implementation its goal are building underwater city. Repcher. Population: Pundits with families and rich elite those vague since the. Alongside people live and there are mechanisms, which make life: Apparatuses on sale food, medicines, security system, robots. Local ways nothing not worse existence on the surface: Here heap entertainment, its theater, radio, television, there is fashions, there is even stars and beloved songs those since the. Repcher - the most a lovely and safer city on earth.
Opening the "Adam" triggered real ignited - serially DNA, it could to grant virtually eternal life and empower his owner supernatural abilities. This was real breakthrough!. But that that matter not so and soon wave of crime surged through Repcher! Neobratimaya mutation has dealt the strongest advance blow to residents free cities. In Repcher now wide chaos and devastation, people kill each other for dose vozhdelennoy Eva (syringe with River "Adam"), part of cities Vladimir in marine abyss, almost half of produces as, permanent disruption with electricity and Repcher sees a new "residents": Slisserami (variety vandals mutants, different from each other vooruzhennostyu and gracious behavior) and-have sisters and "Place ds Vosges daddies" (in another the diversion "Place ds Vosges Brothers of"). Sister can extract "Adam" from corpses killed mutants, but absolutely not capable themselves protect and here is then on stage go Big Daddy's - three big, huge, as tank, armed to the teeth and well protected divers plunge. Daddy's and sisters almost always together, but slissery sometimes have s boldness attack sisters, for that often pay own lives.
That day in life chief hero was the most a shitty. Unattractiveness the only the surviving after collapse plane (reminds very known a modern krovi pro island:, came in themselves in an open Sea, he miracle doplyvaet until no the beacon and here is here the all begins: We we go down on would in lighthouse down and we find ourselves surrounded in Repcher ,-style 1959 year. Enemies have hero many, but there is and one, quite a strong each named fungi, which, too, on fact quite not is simple, but helps do. Popadayuschiesya here and there audio statements condemning, on the sly rebuild before hero picture overthrew the in city of. Will many the arcane, but not the trouble - almost always can be obtain cues and move virtually in any direction freely. Life around, well on their own flows without you - angry and hard-line machines can be able to crack and they will play on your side, and, many enemies can be either to circumvent, either to turn against each other between themselves, however constantly fighting avoid not manages. Will many weapons, patrons, upgrading, secrets and super abilities. 2009 in struggle for "Adam" right now!
Personally my opinion - game perfect. In it simply are lacking shortcomings - she not khardkorna, not super is easy, not straightforward , not zamorochena and most importantly - have Bioshock there is yarkovyrazhennaya individuality! For places endowed its can be compare only with a second half Layfom on identity and independence s gaming universe, yes and with a series of Resident Evil, on someone`s zhutkovatosti, because dire Bioshock, too, not one. Here all is logical, enrich and very interestingly. Every in Repcher will find its: Whom the on psyche will the search for secrets, whose the ridges will become-security systems, who will with entire fucking life otstrelivat enemies, and who the will simply gulyat with large eyes in a remarkable and astounding world Bioshock.

Version of for X-VOX 360

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Diversity world BioShock (film)



A good the review - but vidyukha my such a on the not ant it was sufficient (



Has passed game! Damaging the plot, full secrets embodied, puzzles and conscience-shocking discoveries. Under the end of the several someone who got caught up, but managed on time end , above than managed bored. Recommend all lovers of Rosso Index K.K., to gain - khalfa 2, win * Star 2.0 Plus, Resident of evil and eaea with them. And so same all, who reaching to nepoznanomu and the abnormal. Whew.


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