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Bonbon Christmas tree-Sticks

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Here is, last weekend By another approach on cafes, yes restaurants. Pictures I unfortunately not did, so, that if from whom there is - lay out.
About trees - sticks: In a whole Brasserie on New Arbat area has have. Governs well, purely, carts with food not empty, all bring on time, absolutely not terrible prices. About minuses: Never sit down near trolleys (cold, hot) - there a yard. People will to come waltzing near you constantly, to rumble and all such. Making it hugely tempting the situation with hall for smokers /-Smoking Rooms - people equally smokes as the bottom, so and at the top. Still us secured several indifferent and boiled whole a waitress, but after, as Dimon on it one more time bykanul, apparently wanting to change these the world, she has become brings orders poprovornee. About dark beer: In bottling there was Siberian crown failed and what the overseas on F. So here is overseas fellow with some alcohol, and crown failed copiously razbodyazhivalas some water, but this in principle normally (I as the was in the bowling alley in Peredelkino, so there beer bodyazhili at all in the process 50 on 50, yes still and, is worth you, sitting at the table and you stick, as where nor of a sudden there, an a waitress and were being dragged away by half otpituyu wanting!).
About food: Food ", domestic de-leveraging, fresh. Only, that - well would have its own menu for this restaurant, that would not borrow all consecutive, and only that likes.
In a whole sensations good. But in Kolbasoff - beer most a frikkin '!

P.S. In the process party on Arbat, set foot still in several seats, so cursory dadzhest on him:

- Bar "Kuybyshev" - judging by American tuned "pro life", precisely so looks the real the prison the cookhouse, except, that in zhigulyakh buoyed intergenerational accounts. And so; nakurenno unusually strongly, modicum the axe hang up, instead chairs and tables, long benches and such same long tables (this apparently for what would all felt themselves on one mental and social stage.) Pod-ceiling standoff hangs pofachenyy the TV and goes football - people designed and requires circuses. In general vchera for losers
- Sbarro - Seryoga says, that there very well and cool: There give warm pizza, prevents other goodies, and recent for a holiday people, slips on myagenkie banquette. However decided there, seats we not found (their apparently dibs on year forward galdyaschaya near entry crowd students), and in toilet, far we with Dimonom traveled on Affairs,cel, which I was puking on the whole the bogs and did this apparently long before of our arrival. In general assess this pitalnyu on the virtues as the not managed, but I ready to believe Serege on word - there indeed cool. ;)
- brick. And only here, after long her, we have been able sit and food delicious flitters with beer. Seats, as always not was, but fortune smiled us and as the quite easily managed vymutit well in rock-star place on of four. Honestly Id say - beer there not very good, and here is pancakes. Recommend!



Yes, honestly say my mood was slightly overshadowed by that in sticks no one volunteered normal seats, we as something times there the five of us sat in oppression a corner, and was well. And beer indeed better than in kolbasove I even nowhere in dlya nissan murano not saws. Hope it have them over time not it's just gonna spoil and not priobritet a lot of pop taste of.



'm gonna join you to positives, shall we about trees-sticks. Beer me, too, there not appreciate. But pro Kolbasoff not can nothing say - was in zavyaze)



Cool! Incidentally, I mentioned, as called the same beer on F - Efes international)



I ponechemu something not doubted that this it, even wanted to write about this, but unfortunately forgot, in the last time incidentally say often became forget prevents things, for example write that for beer, or do on cuisine for with coffee, will assume and would stand think "why here came."m getting old perhaps.

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