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Theme on anime (sites, to torrents, discuss, the search for)

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Quite interestingly, however now I firmly has intended watch ??? Death Note. Deal for small: Download. There truth 37 series?



36 series) A I until you on predominantly feature work, because for them serials, uh, fall asleep. A samurai Champloo at all not goes



Genre: "Morbid fantasy", 2006.

"Brilliant scholar creates apparatus, allowing is in dream in direct sense. Initially
Planned use invention in medicine, however, the situation withdrew from-under control. "

After viewing arose one thought: "Paranoid / delusional,, but jobs interestingly." In fact, in basis of Aoyama
Lies idea testament as well as on Russia, that already quite interestingly and breath-taking. That concerns enforcement,
The it on lyubitelya: Some consider, that artwork Miyazaki too mad--, but compared with this
Polnometrazhkoy. In White see themselves ^s organs iss organs is ^
My assessment: 6 key



Here is perishing not knew, that whom the artwork Miyazaki seems insane arrogance. Apparently they not watched anime Trava - there at all /... happening. Yes and Furi of Pirates (soundtrack) not come easy kazualov)



Samurai Champloo(Samurai Champloo)
Genre: Adventures, comedy, 2004.

". Once a quiet life girls named Shplecch is a broken incursion in poisoning, where she works, two
Mysterious apples, which destroy their presence increasingly around. A bit on reflection, girl
The jury will go in the distant journey, away apples with a. All together they go on the search
Image was smelling refreshing dip. "

Many run pseudo historical picture. An unusual narrative, which constantly crosses the world samurai with the world present. Excellent characters, one of them - comples herbal flavor while, image which strongly reminded Spike and summoned greater sympathy and light nostalgic.
On my view was would better, if have reduced number of series times in two, because some episodes quite is uniform and cause desire to fall asleep ^s organs is ^. Polaris modicum and, happy &, but this damnably pleased. And so, anime like all lovers of miles genre, steep apples, stupid, but into charming survivors and good feelings humor.
8 key!)

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presented with Girl German-French Lept Through Time(teacher, Pro Les Arcs 2009 time)
Genre: Fiction, comedy, romanticism, 2007.

Immediately Id say, that anime became Best animatsionnym movie 2007 on version of Japanese Film Academy and defeated in 6 nomnatsyakh.

". Mokoto - the real a daredevil: Increasingly, to what it touches accepts furious turnover. Once, having gone in cabinet chemistry with it is happening strange event. Veyrier in reflection she wonderful journey home and is mired in accidental death - its is pushing train. "

Idea with flows of in time is not new nor for movies, nor for literature, nor for anime. Such scenes we saw in "Day Groundhog", "the Prophet, all", "Click" and other films. However this story told it beautifully the most
Full of the. The viewer not only show, that time cannot be deceive, but and popular explain why.
Add to this superb schedules and musical accompaniment and on exit we get if not
Masterpiece, then the worthy be in any collections. In general me very liked: 9 key!

Text or: Still want be noted, that publication from Reanimedia is famously originally and truly outer,
So that and the Russian the remaining under City execution can be different.

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Looked Fury Qurei. Unusually, paranoid / delusional,, interestingly - here is such thought arise. Very is not a bad parody on many anime (Eva, Shaman King, certainly still any), South Park and other known characters. Of course over Eva kidding me decently, but exactly on trial. At all expected from receives more superficial treatment several another, but highly has been unorthodox and perhaps, only in their kind.
Nevertheless, shall put spotted 6.



Now'm A notebook death - this anime need to above all assess very. Until can say - far not masterpiece, for strongly long-winded, but in marriage many originality and in a whole, look interestingly. 'll take a look until the end of - all will talk. So that - spying on news))



Charcoal slider up Feathers TANGO(the Alliance Renmei)
Genre: Drama, fiction, 2002

". Each of us is surrounded by those or in other walls, extricate for which means open for
Themselves a new world or not open absolutely nothing, look at hollowness. In mega city of, somehow
Mysterious wall dwell Serokrylye. Who they such? Beings, not vivid his purpose,
Living on strange laws cities and even not pomnyaschie his name. "

Description of this anime sounds quite cryptic way and intriguing. Theme life "after" always
Was interested in the viewer in any its displaying the. However on exit we get product far
From our expectations. 13 episodes of - like would quite a bit, but after views couples episodes
Arises desire to postpone TV this receives more superficial treatment on the distant future. The main the indigenous heroine until
Laughter resembles on Cindy (glavgeroy Eva): Such a same uncertain in themselves, endlessly there and
Bring end with lives because, that someone is cursed. I not lover of such
Action and characters, so and no interest the main the indigenous heroine not caused.
Nevertheless, liked vision and enforcement of last series of (and not only because, that a series of
The latter :D), also very well musical an escort.
And in a whole, this anime - its robust your average salesmen with a claim on originality. 6 key

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Wolf`s Rain(Wolf Rain)
Genre: Jeff Bezos, adventure, 2003.

". The world nearing its to his wane. People long not play no role in his fate, influence divide
Power nobles and wolves, understood as Etruria (modern Tuscany. On plateau to the legend precisely these beings
Can find a path in Paradise and open a new the born-again the world. "

Different anime: The Beautiful artwork, nebanalnyy the plot and a glorious musical accompaniment (incidentally hit surprised, that almost the entire the soundtrack comprise English songs). History about friendship and fealty, about search of the greatest dreams. The hope on bright future. Me liked: 8 key!

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At what system you at allscores're putting?



On 10-point, where 4-5: Poorly, 6-7: Good secondary anime, 8-9: Different anime, 10 - masterpiece!)



So, if have you 2-3 figures mean one thing and, too,, why would not enjoy the pyatibalnoy system? The crux of the remains the same, only all will more understandable.



Ah if honestly, then a bigger part of merit in this my at the uni - have us there 10-point system,
So that I will of the nilly to it was accustomed. Ah and then the difference all same ulavlivaetsya better, especially
Between 6 and 7, 9 and 10



Welcome to the NHK(welcome, welcome in show on CNN. HSBC. K)
Genre: Creative, romanticism, drama, 2006.

". The modern world innovative technologies, which capable connect people with different all
Of light or put in the world hopelessness. Sato Tatsukhiro is leading image life "hikikomori". This means, that
He not learns, not works and not communicates nor with whom, fully therefore restricting themselves from society, locking herself in
Its room. Once in life bad "hikikomori" emerges mysterious girl. "

Structure Aoyama built, as and in Chobitakh: In the first half of receives more superficial treatment we see hopelessly-a ridiculous life Japanese young human, which is leading, parasitic image life. Merry jokes, more foolish situation, in which is mired hero make at times be left lying around on gender. Enough crafting the viewer humor, the authors are beginning serious and jobs terribly depressing instead discussion the main problems, meet the in series. Sato comes to thought, that so to live cannot be, however, before him becomes choice fight or end with lives.
In primarily this anime directed on podrastayuschie generation: Nor for whom not secret, that in Japan the problem virtual life and refusal from life real worth as nowhere acutely. But if to start thinking, then this the problem characterized in one way or another least absolutely all young people of the modern world.

In end, krovi produced on me huge impression. The only lack of this anime - his just a narrow
Dimension. But in his mikrozhanre anime looks remarkable. 9 key!

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Very interestingly, as only'm done with Def Note, d perhaps this look. How many series?

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24, but the first half of looks on one devouring, and the second already not pitnu, because begins
Incursions dramatic actions



Ah! Truck Goddess(Oh! My goddess) (OVA)
Genre: Romanticism, fiction, comedy, 1993.

"After the end of the schools Keiichi - one of the kindest guy Effacing Softie Comes in big city learn
In University, hoping in veseloi student life. However life contributes their readjustments:
Surrounding enjoy kindness hero, 33 ton concerns. In another times, have faced had he stayed in
's a dorm room. "Collection be one-sided fully, with Keiichi is happening Yair case."

Utterly a shallow, vapid for anime romantic the plot: Hero-kazhetsya faced girl its
Dreams and, about miracle, she shok in him. Further follow endless are anecdotal situation
Convergence their relations. In Japan this genre the hugely popular (for example the same 1 season My commitment
Goddess launched in three) various versions).
Anime, modicum in general something and not bleschuschie absolutely nothing, tightens with the first series of and for
Just viewing oftentimes the causes good his smile. So that look is worth in as a relaxation.
7 key



Grave of the Fireflies (('s Tomb Firefly Girls)
Genre: Historical drama

This story is happening under the end of the WWII World in Japan. In one of, of bombing the hero,
Guy years 16, and his a small sister lose its house and parents. Have faced had he stayed without shelter over
Head and parent paternalism pushed the region's, children lead shrill struggle for survival.

Heaviest anime. At all not love films, telling about WWII World, because look
Very not be easy. It is one thing observe report fantastic dramas, and quite another -
For mayhem of, which once survived such same people, as we. Here is and this picture mythologize about
Sorrow, which Nakamury on share of nor in than not innocent children. Musical an escort perfectly
Supports atmosphere. Say something still difficult - such things need look very, but pro
Themselves can add only the, that Polaris forced even tears too, what with me during
Views various Indian not was very long

Such paintings is worth impose in as a mandatory for viewing in school, to not to permit
Among imbeciles, which portrays fascist and propagating fascism



Very a strong and very heaviest anime. This is one first Japanese Indian, which I was connected watch. Truth to revise see them put whether will have the forces.


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