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Theme on anime (sites, to torrents, discuss, the search for)

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Somebody, brilliant!



A good the answer those who believes anime dityachim entertainment:

"It is important to note, that 80% anime - not for small children, and for teenagers, students and adults, with very many so-called" anime not for all "(on analogies with term" movies not for all ").

Respectively, in many anime very complex ideas and scenes, some anime-films impossible understand with first times: In them very many hint and unfinished business. The authors not limit themselves whatever-either conditionality, importantly - the plot should be unpredictable. Unlike Hollywood, absolute, happy & in anime - phenomenon very rare. Hence same well understandable quite a large number of violent and tragic scenes, full suffering, pain, despair. Image of the blood and theme death / tormented demise individual in no way case are not taboo in anime, contrary they meet very often. The viewer should feel, that all happening - seriously.

But in the same time in anime a huge number of incredibly good and light lidos born, watched such unusual tenderness of and touching of the, which can even out cold a European / an American. Increasingly deal in absolutely differentdominant mindset Japanese.

Also it is important to note, that most anime incisions "hands", in them very little computer graphics. "



Japanese channel broadcast TV Asahi published on its site list best 100 anime all since the according to viewers.

1. Fullmetal Alchemist
2. Gundam
3. Dragon Ball
4. Mahou Sensei Negima
5. Doraemon
6. One Piece
7. Touch
8. Detective Conan
9. Heidi, Girl of the Alps
10. Slam Dunk
17. Naruto
19. Sailor Moon
20. Neon Genesis Evangelion
27. Bleach
38. Pokemon
47. Shaman King
69. Ghost in the Shell
100. Hana Yori Dango



And the entire list of 'em right can be see? As the not very interestingly look the first and recent sink hit parade.


25 … mp;t=22824 here is here
And created gives strange on this issue found still 3 downgrade from this cameramen and many
Positions there strongly every person differs. But the Alchemist stubbornly lead of

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Yes this antique forum - somebody else posted this subject in 2005 Year! And atstoynyy rating - many known anime there there is no created! Such a sense of, that his who the from enthusiasts comprised under themselves. Nor Gangreyva, nor 7 samurai, nor even Fury-Qurei (the Japanese his simply cherish). And here is stance 26. Fist of the North Star - this created piss yourself - was in Group game on UNIF such a - neck such chushok and was coming out feet suchit in different hand, lame, yes and only. And on request about search for this "anime" - full you don't tell nobody, as have AnimeReaktora, so and have of Yandex in a whole. Is and Jerri, too, of course anime afigennoe. Does me in a whole - what the -muncher karyavaya this rating studied. Then there below, what the visitor animeshnogo Forum asks: And who such lyupin? Ah yopti - here is and there is at least the, who Toma and Jerri in this reytng was tweeted by! :mad: :evil:%) We its rating write, and else - sovereign skilled!



Catch it't have thrown my list, in which all, that seen doing a on todays day

1 Death Note
2 - Cowboy Bebop
3 - Baccano!
4 - Ultimate Survivor Kaiji
5 Welcome to the NHK
6 - Honey and Clover II
7 - presented with Girl-French Lept Through Time
8 - Bartender
9 - Chrno Crusade
10 -Full Metal Alchemist

Darker than Black
Wolf`s Rain
Rebuild of Evangelion 1.01 You Are (not) Alone
Honey and Clover
Ergo Proxy
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Samurai Champloo
Spirited Away
Pom Poko
Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
Howl`s Castle
Elfen Lied
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Battle Programmer SHIRASE
Serial Experiments Lain
Princess Mononoke
Shaman King
Grave of the Fireflies
Ghost In The Shell Movie
Tales from Earthsea
Beyond the Clouds, the Promised Place
5 Centimeters per Second
Ah! My Goddess
The Future You Wish For
Bleach Movie - Memories of Nobody
Whisper of the Heart
Gun's Sword
Furi Kuri
Sharcoal Feather TANGO
Ragnarok: The Animation
Porko Rosso
She and her cat
The Seven Metamorphoses of Yamato Nadeshiko
Gunslinger Girl
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

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Andere Proxy(Ergo Proxy)
Genre: Jeff Bezos, This, drama, 2006.

Io?aaii sleep, Io?aaii stumbling be
About, in this age many and a shameful
Not to live, not feel - cup of tea eligible
Am asking keep quiet, not you dare me cool!

. The world after apocalypse. People or the, that once was people, now live in domes,
Defend from the outside world. Biologist in an ideal society and trying to find path
To rescue, Rhyl Meyer is sent on the search Vicente Luo - human, which will help
Decipher riddle mysterious creatures - Proxy. "

By the quality of risovki anime boldly can be consigning the to the best walrus. That concerns
Aoyama, then after viewing remains is twofold sense of: Surprisingly almost, happy &, but in
The same time, quite many questions remained without answer. And so the viewer receives qualitative
Nebanalnyy the plot within world after of the late of light and economically mystery of-catastrophe.
Ah and of course, overseeing history excellent Rhyl Meyer ^ ^




It worked fantastically well krovi about the future, pro big robots and as sake of sake of freedom ordinary people 7 man with katanami acted precipitously in cutting up all bad uncle thing in such as cabbage. Ah, by and large - all of this of course utrirovanno, however, that touches with the outset, so this the atmosphere. Arises a sense of, that you look anime in the universe seems Fantasy 7. With one hand feudal Japan and old as the world tradition, with other hand - big post apocalyptic the world high technologies. And pitfalls Aoyama - as and in seventh Finalke, all begins with simple and understandable operations, and translates into salvation whole world. Big, interestingly, tragic and very Polotsk.



And I Mezzo (Metso) looked! A good TV series! Pro organization DSA (seems) they private detectives. Here is)
Suschestvennoy and a serious and cheerful) But New nightmare in Segodnya newspaper reports gut! Dire simply! Ah here is. That still say. Watch all advise. Expects tightens)) I 13 series za3 days looked)



Not or whatever you want anime flip-books are how!) Cartoons in America mint, and anime - this high art
String of about finalki: This not anime, for drawn with use of computer graphics,
So as times its can be attributed to Japanese multiplication, camping on E. Expects for the West



Genre: Historical drama, fiction, 1998.

"For the. Two countries lead genocidal war here is already 100 years,
Suddenly on one of sides Crosses invincible a gang of the Hawks with
Grand warrior, black the swashbuckler. "

Good historic up more anime, that already much rare. History about friendship and betrayal,
About war and world, and about dream. Despite substantial age, the well looks and now,
But here is musically accompaniment absolutely zero.
At all this picture reflects the essence of Japanese anime culture on all 100%: With,
That the plot quite seems interested and stark, writers get fluorescent braids utterly not to community
Various history, and given this becomes the emergence of demons, and other fucked up shit, not
Understandable at all where now. The Japanese, as usually, not shy of to mention any
Themes, than and Cocktail many viewers.

But in a whole, benefit to more. 7 key

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Claymore mine(? My)
Genre: Restrictions, adventures, 2007 year

"For the. Yoma - monsters, with inconceivable force and devouring people. ? My - girls that are semi-people semi-yoma, leading fight against evil creatures. This anime tells about adventures one of ? My named Claire. "

Very, very bad one anime. Need say, that historically-medieval good pair anime at all very little, and to the same made for recent years, but this anime is famously. Qualitative the detail, spectacular the plot, absolutely not get head. So that look can and should be, 8 key!

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Necessarily d his look, as only'll download entirely. And until plan TV or omyv Trinity Blood or the Basilisk.



About the Basilisk heard, that the plot very predictable. Although himself not witnessed - not's sounding.
I navern'm hitting for the Samurai's banter Champloo



Very worthwhile anime, I truth until the end of not watched right - not love saby))



Looked for 4dnya looked anime: "Tselnometallicheskiy the Alchemist (Hagane alchemist) I got this suschestvennoy captured with the first series of! I grapple never from viewing. And if never, then waited the minutes, when I see continuation of! Here is. Ah. Anyways. Witness all!

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Alchemist - indeed och bad one anime, not for good reason is considered one of most popular anime
In Japan. The plot of course in vs. with by many-by many them serials good, but entertainment,
Yes and itself vision existence parallel "the" world quite is a curious phenomenon.
And at all the Alchemist applies as times the situation up more anime, that is capable dragging neprsvyaschennogo
The viewer in glorious ranks animeshnikov ^s organs iss organs is ^



Long not talked about classics of.

Cowboy bibappu(Cowboy Bebop)
Genre: Drama, fiction, comedy, 1998

"The distant future. Spike and his "friends" - team, chasing a on open spaces view of the universe for
Heads criminals, rate hike he had signaled in internationally. Essentially, each of "shot" - a con man,
Crawler occupies from its past, which in end is overcome everyone."

One of first my up more anime, so and attitude I have to him special. All-so in current
Episodic often entertainment has become prevail over it, that same concerns "Bebop",
The this anime not telling about whole superhero thing, but this history about the people, which be going entire
Life from its past and so not can live present. Utterly superb
Heroes: Spike - hero, gods personifying the our modern reality, hero precisely of our
Time, yes exactly and as the rest heroes this art.
Anime about friendship and bezbashnykh adventures, about reusable space chases and the incredible stories,
Anime with the ending, from which lowered hands and want weep.

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5 Centimeters per Second(5 centimeters in second)
Genre: Comic drama, 2007
Picture from known director - Sinkaya Makoto.

"5 centimeters in second, - precisely with such speed are falling petals brata."
Difficult to tell about marriage, because his, as such by and there is no. Narrative goes about relationships
2kh schoolchildren, which once would and lead "Sitting far from each other.

Anime quite recently, but already strides become hit. This promotes indeed the Beautiful
The detail, competent reasoning about the "sentiments on distance", ah and finally on-good you snot-nosed (if
So at all can be said) the plot about love 2kh teenagers. In general intended this anime on teenagers,
Undergoing phase the first love, but for the common development watch not would prevent no one. Do!)

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