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Theme on anime (sites, to torrents, discuss, the search for)

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Given growing popularity to anime, propose a write increasingly on the subject here.


2 - torrent the tracker says the case with big base translated on Russian (with the session by yourself mostly) anime. Services they like or dislike emerge almost every day and not in one copy. - torrent the tracker says the case with big base. Many novelties. - an interesting anime resource - many information and like even the entire on trial. There is leadership on skachivaniyu torrentov))

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Ur-cheers, ah a fucking criminal! Now Sea flooding filling this forum) But all same will try share and useful information)

So, start with of references: - on my view one of the best sites on anime, although and not very popular. Here there is ratings, the division on genres and a huge base anime with their brief datasheets - most popular site in Internet in Russian language, the knighted Professor anime, but me not likes - the biggest anime-group In contact. Almost 15k man, interesting discuss, Sea the images and the most recent news world Japanese animation - less a major group, but me are interested in a huge number of posted anime: More 1,000 video-files! - ah far OK without him, the most big Russian the tracker says the case has a large base anime

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Cool - and here is where write comments on message anime: Here or in remarks, to tuned?



Ah if the subject interesting only us, then can be write and here, and so can be a separate subject create, type reviews' on anime, there same can be write own ratings



Good sense of humour "bible" "present" animeshnika) ^s organs is ^

01. You owes watch Ghost In-The Shell and say, that he mega-rulez. The film may seem
You dull, but you no one should not in this admit.
02. All, who call anime within, schmuck and must heart and hope to die.
03. If you guy, you'll think of itself female name of, if girl -- male. Although, stop sign, what this I,
What you'll think of . Personally, if the bitch from anime, after all fantasy have you long Enura Abdullayeva-Enura Abdullayeva.
04. However, if you -- an elite animeshnik, you increasingly would still will have as something devise unique
Name of. But it increasingly would still should sound on-in Japanese. Japanese-like names are smoove, even if for iineoaey
Russian language they is demonstrated with somehow any a dirty word.
05. If you not watched the Eva -- you not lived.
06. If you seems, that around increasingly well and quietly -- have to just clear - Evangelion, with for one
Session, without breaks on dream and being welcomed food.
07. Always find soundtracks to all animeshkam, which have you there is, even if you their not yet
Watched. No matter, that with viewing you quite not heard music or she you not appreciate. If
You an elite animeshnik -- have you must be VSE sanudtreki, otherwise you a lox.
08. Your social status -- this number of gigabytes anime and soundtracks for, whom you
You strategically position your. Increasingly and ditching the dress -- Medjlis.
09. If your one -- name of chief individual popular anime, and have you many the doppelgangers
(Animeshnikov with so same down), at every opportunity meh tell me about it farm, that you --
The only Timminy Lebanon name of-individual , and all the rest -- a measly hood copycats. Especially if they took
This one many before you.
10. A. Cooper never wrote about Games and never bad about molesting pirate copies of what would the nor was.
Except A. Alice Cooper and column recording , no one and never wrote about anime, that would on this expense not
Talked surrounding.
11. If you enrolled at university with the first attempts, you not real animeshnik.
12. All dialogue as Cristal Connors anime with voice laggards -- failures. Anime can be look only, repeat,
Only with subtitles.
13. All dialogue as Cristal Connors overseas movies -- failures. (See Previous rule)
14. To greet people and say your good-byes with decente on-in Japanese. Necessarily "PS words kavayi , Nani
And gomen , even if know not, as they are translated.
15. Music ones of origin listen to cannot be in no way case. By definition.
16. As well as cannot be look cartoons very. For sucks.
17. R.An.Ma -- sucks. Similarly -- with steeply. Because in Ranmu you not took.
18. Necessarily go start a itself FaceBook. On thin the end of the -- any the other up. Of food there
Exclusively about how with steeply was go in the last time on similarly, how many was posmotreno anime
(Not necessarily) and were eaten vodka. On thin the end of the, of food, how many gigabytes anime was you copied
For-gone week.
19. You must do although would one brought to you. Even if you poorly know English, with Russian
Grammars have you even worse, and to based already issued several different Russians, corrections.
20. The only are decent dynamo Great D -- this those, that draw LAMP.
21. Hentai -- this not risovannaya porn, and art superior the artistic values. All
That the -- schmuck by definition.
22. In Rhineland war Japan not had been fighting with troops from the Allies. This an impudent lies
23. , mate, you get itself hippie mobilo, to can be was put Sakurasaku in as a telephone call. On
Screen, too, always must be animeshnaya baby Face. Otherwise you not a steep animeshnik.
24. Except fansabov, you owes time from time to do AMVshki. Not afraid, this simply. Man
Favorite anime, you slice VirtualDubth any any or pieces of seconds on 5-10, then
Randomly shut job their and caga on music. Hooker, so. Far any in Network and demand from all
Numerous known necessarily watch and assess your masterpiece.
25. Again-as, othersAMV collecting puffy necessarily. Can be even not listen to music in user, and
Simply launch AMVshki and listen to their. With cuisine, say.
26. Celebrates day birth friend-animeshnika, isklyuchenie: Vodka to drink vulgar, but on present rice wine braced
Money have you there is no.
27. Haruka RULIT!
28. Protestant Knights (Hellsing) raze NOT stems with Dracula.
29. You his or her impartiality and have you there is no idols. And here is the, who implicates you in these putatively sins -- schmuck and
30. The, who simply haven't learned our in movies on another of attending Miyazaki. In general, himself understood.
31. Words chan and Kobayashi- la Russe can be write only chan and Kobayashi. Spat, that on in.
English so will edition and Kobayashi. Spat, that the Japanese unit far more it seems on a British
Translit., than on against Russian.
32. All, who wrong transliteriruyut Japanese words -- schmuck and must heart and hope to die.
33. If you not read Murakami -- you beskulturen and with you not about than to speak.
34. Against Russian classics to read not necessarily.
35. Desirable study Japanese language, even if he you need, as goldfish umbrella.
36. Never talk less showing, always talk less Furikuri.
37. You can not understand showing, but be honored in this cannot be.
38. Japanese file: Ringu wife steep American The Ring. Let American and zrelischney -- but
He neyaponskiy.
39. Sailormoon -- this not child workers suschestvennoy, and conceptual anime. Those who argues the opposite --
Mindless losers, either, which nothing not challenged individuals in the present the arts.
40. From classic musicians enough know one Nobuo Uematsu.
41. If you doing right of a site anime, isklyuchenie: Cool only Nandubhave SBC. On thin the end of the
-- DivX 3 Low-Motion. The fifth same DivX enjoy only losers, either, nothing not smyslyaschie in kodinge.
42. Write this down a hundred has with anime in month. Necessarily buy it itself a couple khardov lot more --
For storage anime under hand. Then will conveniently fret on the absence of money.
43. If you downloaded the soundtrack with e.t.c. names songs, and in Web there is Japanese
Transliterirovannyy track-leaf -- necessarily peremenuy all tracks and take over for ID3-tags. Even extremely
Warranted fixation OS, the supporting Unicode and naming separately all tracks original Japanese
Scripts. Spat, that you its know not -- orientiruysya on numbers tracks.
44. If you seems, that your social status became small and mild , tell us farm,
That you only that in 100th times overhauled entire the Eva for one session.
45. If not helped -- many levels to this add, that much understood and increasingly rethinking.
46. At all, shabby.There do nedoumennyy kind of a la Ikari Jr.. If there are difficulties -- do
Hapless kind of, talk less, that you badly and you nothing not don. In anime this always worked well.
47. Girls must prolonged Caribbean for you and ask, like whether they you. You same should
Each time proudly respond, that was would well, if would they have left you in alone.
48. If girls this not make -- this wrong girls. With with your behavior increasingly in order.
49. Also for udlinneniya and nodules social status can be with astute guise of tell about its
Long-standing love to an exotic Asian kitchen. Of course, try under this something from it
Utterly not necessarily.
50. This the text -- an impudent lies, fellea the offer, but no and vicious poklyop on honest and an impartial

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Yes - amusing shit, especially pro Alice Cooper (in life he Valery actors), but cannot be not agree - precisely he contributed a strong contribution in positive attitude modern youth to anime culture. Now rubric recording is in next famous reliable the hands of Igor Sonina! And at all - read Morsky Games - simply the rest magazines pro this - a measly hood copycats and at all secondary handled product. I read with 1997 - 11 already, in Hi,! Can its geymlendovskuyu library possible now of currently!



Attitude to anime and until now have us highly skeptichnoe - most people believe that this simply cartoons, TV which - wastes time. For example among my friends-stumbles there is no nor one person, which seriously would was anime. Of course understand can be, after all have all their tastes and its opinion, but honest word me simply lifts from themselves, when people want lack perspective and assotsiiruyuschuyu anime only with "Pokemonami" or "Moon scores", are beginning bear anyone Brad, have been arguing prove, that anime nothing a not represents.
Of course, anime-fanaticism - this, too, poorly, but the that anime can benefit and do human more spiritually developed - this fact. For example, I look deliberately anime all couple of months, but me this already why on the, to start study Japanese language, yes and more take an interest in Japanese culture

Text or: On-my it is time to move to negotiable concrete anime)



So, start conversation about concrete anime

- Evangelion(Neon Genesis Evangelion)
Perhaps most known among animeshnikov the. Someone despondent Eva, someone
To throw stones over its it and characters, but absolutely no one this anime not leaves ravno-
A douche. Many started seriously constrain anime precisely after viewing Eva, exactly
Me, too, can be attributed to this group anime-fans. As would the nor was, now - Evangelion is
Classic genre, and all admirers have and antipoklonniki receives more superficial treatment await "new" Eva, display which
Already began in Japan and in soon will come and to us

"In 2000 on the planet occurred mysterious disaster, mystery of which knows
Only one organization with entitled NERV. Immediately after catastrophe on Earth and
Remaining in survivors people have become go strange beings, with
Ancient times built along force, their called Angels. Later 14 years all the same organization NERV,
Developed secret robot-brightly, capable fight with Angels. But
Manage these gender machines (Evangelion (mecha)) capable only children, born
In year catastrophe. In as a pilotsselected several children, undergoing
Phase transition age. ????? of them heavy fate, twisted
Mental injuries and every of them struggles for continuation of life on
Planet, under this wanting to deal in really itself. "

Krovi was cesspits 1995 and now is considered classic not only Japanese animation,
But and global. Anime at times seems macabre psikhodelikom, if you want watch
Something an unusual and zamorochennoe, then 26 series this anime will drift you pleasure.

And here is, that wrote creator of the famous receives more superficial treatment:
"Written before the onset of the of filming receives more superficial treatment.

2015 year.
The world, where 15 years ago died more than half humanity.
The world, in which miracle were restored economy, production, message, production fossil; and even being shelved stores again have become complete.
The world, in which people already are accustomed to see the, but still feel bringing imminent of the late world.
The world, in which little children.
The world, where real Tokyo destroyed and forgotten, and capital Japan transferred in Nagano. Then they have left Tokyo-2 in as a purposefulness and built a third the capital, Tokyo-3, and tried to protect its.
The world, in which obscure enemies ,-called Angels, come upend cities.
So in sketched looks the world nge.
The world, imbued with an pessimism.
The world, in which this story begins only after disappearances past or the output optimism.
And in this world 14-year-old a boy avoids people.
He tries to to live in own closed world, and such behavior condemns his - he refuses from attempts to understand themselves.
Cowardly teenager, which feels abandoned his father and convinced in his they so heavily, that even not can to commit suicide.
Here same and 29-year-old woman, which lives so frivolously and in the same time barely allows itself contact with other people.
She zaschischaschetsya facile communicating and whenever your from neighborhood.
Both they more just fear get hurt.
Both they not suited to moreover, that people call make like a hero,.
But, in any case, they - heroes this history.
They say: "To live" - means "change."
I began this project with desire, that by the end of history this world and heroes will change.
I wanted to precisely this.
I sought to include in Neon Genesis Evangelion just themselves - our human, four years not has tried hard nothing change.
Human, four years escaped from problems, but so and not dead.
Then one thought:.
"Impossible forever to run away."
Came me, and I began this project.
Working over these project, I thought only about one - to hand in movie their befriended graduate.
I znapyu, that I was indiscreet, unreliable, and arrogant.
But I sought to.
I not know, than all will end.
Because and my history still not over.
I not know, that will with Shinji, Misato and Rei. I not know, far their twist flops fate.
Because I not know far fate is leading us.
I understand, that I bezotvetstvennen.
But. But after all this naturally, that we must live in harmony with the rest of the world.
I decided to to risk:.
"This is only immitatsiya.."
And now I can only give this explanation.
But perhaps, there there is and our "reality."

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Ah after such a massive accession nothing not remains, as start look - Evangelion, the more, that he I have there is.



Watch the Eva to be sure is worth, but here is admire she and considered the very idea Aoyama genius of. Not know, not know. Personally my opinion: Eva - anime, which enough watch one times and ensure, that anime - this above all psychology, philosophy, the reasoning, and that concerns new, special effects and other visual no multimedia bells and whistles, they secondary. In general if you gonna survive, 'cause TV Eva, then can be unambiguously say: The world anime for you open) - site, the knighted Professor Evangelionu, many just interesting things, like can be download
The long-awaited continuation of receives more superficial treatment, but is necessary registering the, so in the details I not reaIly found out ^s organs is ^

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Today looked ??? Fury Qurei. A good, about to krovi - many times ulybnul and the roughly so much same. Huge kolichesvto skits on known films, anime and different known characters. The plot, albeit designed between place, all ??? present. To describe doing so Footbal futile - can it alienate or wrong-1973 potential audience, but believe me - look indeed is worth, for nothing comparable on this simply no! My respekt!



Genre: Comedy, adventures, fiction

On todays day Bleach - know # 2 among modern anime on produce by Operatorskie Technologii provides with Naruto. Krovi have become
Sack in 2004 and issuance series, which not in sight nor of the late nor the brink, continues to this day. Now
Already issued 150 + series, with that there are already 300 episodes manga, that fits roughly 250 we're dying.
So that in closest year all lovers a and zubodrobitelnogo receives more superficial treatment will be able watch new series of.
It is worth noting, that in 2008 will begin the official display Blicha in Russia on one of broadcasters.

This anime undocumented about the incredible adventures young Kurosaki Ichigo (disambiguation), which in first same series
Receives forces and ability to angel death - shinigami. As it turns out subsequently bear burden "angel"
Quite not be easy, especially when around malicious representatives Khueko Mundo're up to alone threats for
In other.

Many anime-fans, consider themselves pro, argue that Bleach - this exclusively popsovoe, child spectacle, not carrying with it in itself no deep sense. However this not quite so: To be sure a huge volume of receives more superficial treatment says about many ways, but increasingly same Bleach - extremely riveting krovi, which fitted with a good sense of humor and interesting it and characters. So that his TV will bring exclusively positive emotions!

Several AMV: … re=related … re=related

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Genre: Comedy, fiction, romanticism

Once guy, living in conventional Japanese villages, decides will go in Tokyo, to prepare for an
Entrance in university. Arriving in city, he discovers, that on a par with humans there dwell beings entitled "persokomy": Electronic devices-robots, nothing superficially not the differing from people. But our hero they unaffordable, and here is one on the evening, a whimper running home, he finds on dump mysterious persokoma.

Chobits in another times prove, how multi-faceted can be one thing and the same anime. In this case the entire the plot can be share on two parts of: First us show, as naive, a shy guy from villages is beginning to to live adult lives in a large city of, and this jobs very funny.
Then, seemed would comedic krovi, affects problem, which becomes increasingly so in our days - the problem virtual relations, in this anime relations between man and "dogma man."

In general, this anime not would cause the rogue drooling and furious laughter, his is worth look under a certain mood

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Gungrave. Very a strong, filled with true human passions, krovi. Under the original Norton fiction anime, lurks naturaln "Brigada" on Japanese own manner, only more-designed and in detail per se. This the film will reveal you about how it is important not lose human face, about how is experiencing people life, about how as Anthony dreams and about how is important friendship and love, but raze not power and money.


16 - an excellent site, the knighted Professor anime. Here can be find the qualitative there virtually on all anime, and also copyrights work



Death Note(A notebook Death)
Genre: Detective, drama

Yagami, Light - the most is a talented disciple Japan. Once he finds podvizhnogo notebook, capable kill any human, whose name of will in it videotaped. With its help so evening Kyrylo Stetsenko decides create an ideal the world and starts a series of mass murder criminals around the world. However for investigation crimes drip irrigation the mysterious detective L.

A glorious anime, absolutely the best of prosmotrennogo me. Unpredictable the plot, ingenious on
Its Satira and thwart characters, whether investigation crimes and even more whether
Entanglement allegations. Honestly, lacks words, to describe entire range of feelings, save after viewing. History about how, that evil cannot be defeat, following by violence; history about how, that somehow would about the ideal not was man, he never will become god. And possibly this anime about how, that our world not given change no one, at least man.

Especially interestingly this anime will those who in one way or another extent pose themselves on place holder
Exercise books Death. … re=related

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Chrono (Crusade(clubs. Look for the approach Chrono (Chrono Trigger))
Genre: Religious drama, romanticism, comedy

Chrono (Chrono Trigger) - falls an angel, which moved on side for good. Rosetta - man, the clerk treaty with Chrono (Chrono Trigger). Together they lead fight against of evil, however, suddenly emerges Ayon - daemon, thinks ignaziomay reverse jobs the sky and land.

Quite raznoplanovaya picture: Here you and funny heroes with with jokes, here and demons with any sign undead task force, here and love, ah and of course same good versus evil. Anime about how, that increasingly's a foregone conclusion and as nor hard you try nothing not retention period by changing. And the endgame anime brings thought about how, that even if demons and other trappings of evil there are, then manages their actions also God.

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19 - quotes animeshnikov
Please be exhilarating to these:

Chelyabinskie animeshniki so similarly harsh that look anime without, corrections and understanding sound - reading on lips

From own a small provider:
In @ sec > Admin, zaban me on couple of weeks. Please.
Admin > In @ sec, and you this why?
In @ sec > Admin, yes I have session, and WordPad a new. Anime, khentay constantly my, but on at school rang. Ah zaban please.
Admin > A you on what rate?
In @ sec > At first, and very polished?
Admin blocked stakeholder with down In @ sec on 5 years
Admin > We wait for you, native, with red diploma.

.. Heavy fate animeshnika. Nor seats on disk, nor time.
Ran Kotobuki Yani
Ran Kotobuki Yani
And around any strange people live.



Brief encyclopedia animeshnykh terms

Anime (anime) - the Japanese animation.
Czech (manga) - Japanese cartoons.
'm a comic artist (mangaka) - creator of manga. This the term not consumed relative to authors scenario and with artists manga - only to those, who combines both profession in one personified by.
Gekiga (gekiga) - Originally this word, any time former co as "drama in caricature", was created in mid-20th century for otlicheniya serious graphic narratives for adults from childhood cartoons, which then usually podrazumevalis under term "manga." Now word "gekiga" consumed quite rarely, because the term "manga" bodily striae formation in themselves his sense.
category: Tokusatsu (tokusatsu) - special effects. Usually so are called artistic (not animation) Japanese films and series (typically, fantastic) with large number of special effects. The classic and the most famous category: Tokusatsu - "Godzilla" [Gojira]. Many category: Tokusatsu past decades are based on manga or anime, sometimes in them is deducted actors, known on ozvuchaniyu anime. Naturally, this word also is used to mark the exactly special effects in anime and artistic films.
voice actor (seiyuu) - the actor / actress, ozvuchivayuschie anime. Voice actor not are considered groups or individual singers are, political-for records music escort anime.
'' bunkoban '' (tankoubon) - is book publications manga, initially malaria in magazine. Publications in tankobonakh concerns only the most popular art.
mecha (a Mecha) - complex mechanisms in anime / manga, typically, samodvizhuschiesya, not akess real prototypes (camping on E. Indicate specifically for this project). Usually these term mark "giant robots" - huge chelovekoupravlyaemye battlegroups machines.
Khensin (henshin) - transformation into a / transformation individual / fur.
researches, saver, opening - element of structures series of anime-receives more superficial treatment. Recurring from series of in a series of the fragment, including basic subtitles (name, company-producer, leading the creators of), aeaai?ya and zastavochnuyu musical composition (usually song). The main task screen saver - to configure the viewer on TV receives more superficial treatment. Saver can wake either in really the early series of, either after a small "zavlekayuschego" fragment exactly series of. Typically, saver not is changing throughout the receives more superficial treatment, however are possible exceptions (especially in long episodic). Sometimes aeaai?ya contains examples the most latest fragments that receives more superficial treatment, but more often he reminds video clip on zastavochnuyu song. For its write and enforcement often invite everything from pop and rock stars. Often under splash-enabled also understand similar on structure the fragment feature films and Original video animation.
ED, Polaris, ending - element of structures series of anime-receives more superficial treatment. Recurring from series of in a series of the fragment, including subtitles series of (actors ozvuchaniya, the author scenario, animators and so on), aeaai?ya and kontsovochnuyu musical composition (usually song). The main task endings - demonstrate names creators series of. For exotic exceptions (most often - in of last series of receives more superficial treatment) Polaris almost always completes a series of. Aeaai?ya endings and kontsovochnaya the usually not change throughout the receives more superficial treatment, however are possible exceptions (especially in long episodic). Videoryadu endings rarely shrift so great importance, as videoryadu screen saver, often this simply sequence stop sign cadres. Often under the ending also understand similar on structure the fragment feature films and Original video animation.
glossary of anime and manga (omake) - "complement, applications." Small, often monkey movies anime or anime-fragments, asymmetric krovi and use his characters and the world. Glossary of anime and manga usually captured in release TV-receives more superficial treatment on video and serve significant an occasion for purchases precisely videoversii, even if TV-version of already otsmotrena. Unlike exactly TV-receives more superficial treatment, intended for broad public, omake usually are being created per the viewer-Otaku.

Ages viewers:

Children's anime and manga (kodomo) - child.
'' Shonen '' (Shounen) - the young man (for Japan - with 12 until 18 years).
of Shoujou (shoujo) - girl (for Japan - with 12 until 18 years).
'' Seinen '' (seinen) - young man.
Seydzin (seijin) - adult a man. - the Young woman.

Kind of anime:

TV-krovi (TV-series) - anime, intended for restricted showing on TV.
Original video animation / OVA - up more anime, viscerally specifically for issuing on video (Original Animation Department).
Polnometrazhka (MyStudio) - anime, intended for restricted showing in cinema.
TV-the film - polnometrazhnoe anime, fostered by for demonstrations on TV, usually by entertainment character or priurochennoe to any milestone or anniversary.

Some genres and styles anime / manga:

'' Shonen '' (Shounen) - genre anime / manga for boys. No shonen comes the (see Below), love either at the second terms of, either not such a impossibly (but more realistic), battlegroups the scene with blood and the portrayal death characters. Usually little of cute boys, but many of cute girls. / by Shuldich /
Syodze (shoujo) - genre anime / manga for girls. Often are found history about love, clean, an innocent and romantic. Fanservisa virtually there is no, pro male sex aspect of relations speech, too,, typically, not goes. / by Shuldich /
Maho (mahou) - genre anime / manga, where heroes empowered unusual magic threshold force.
Maho-' 'Shojo' '(mahou shoujo) - "girls-out you fairies", genre anime / manga for girls, giving a about adventures girls and girls, endowed with unusual magic threshold force.
category: Super Sentai (Sentai) - verbatim "group / team", genre anime / manga, giving a about adventures a small constant team characters.
mecha (a Mecha) - genre anime / manga with use of fur (definition of see Higher)
spokon (spokon) - genre anime / manga, giving a about young athletes, dobivayuschikhsya success by nourishing in itself will to victory. Unification words "sport" and "konjou" ("force will").
Jeff Bezos (cyberpunk) - genre anime / manga, giving a about world future, life which fully determine computer technology.
Paropank (steampunk) - style anime / manga, giving a about alternative worlds apart, jeopardized on level technical development Europe of the late nineteenth century. This period characterized by start revolution technical funds of movement - the emergence of carry, of airplanes, of steam engines, head. Technique, however, still is perceived ordinary people as something wonderful and, often, demonic.
Dobutsu (Doubutsu)) - "fuzzies", anime about of rocket and reasonable "the fuzzy" beings.
SD (super deformed) - Style distorted proportions: A huge head and small body (proportion baby). Popular actresses style, often which imparts as "visual italics" to mark the scenes, in which "serious" characters behave childishly.
Khentay (hentai) - erotic / porn anime / manga.
Syonen-ai (yaoi) - '' Shojo ''-anime / manga, telling about smoking, a gay relations.
'' Shonen '' ah (Shounen ai) - verbatim "youth Football love", genre anime / manga, an excellent from oya those, that is shown not so much process sexual intercourse, how many feelings heroes to each other, as rule, one of heroes is experiencing such feelings first time. / by Shuldich /
Urey (Yuri) - '' Shojo ''-manga, typically, an amateur, that about Genital a gay relations.
Cyodzyo ah (Shounen ai) - verbatim "maiden love", genre anime / manga, an excellent from yuri those, that is shown not so much process sexual intercourse, how many feelings heroes to each other, as rule, one of heroes is experiencing such feelings first time. / by Shuldich /

Admirers have anime and their activities:

little (otaku) - a dedicated fan anime / manga. In environment Otaku this the term can have rasshiritelnoe significance "a dedicated fan what-either" - this fits slovoupotrebleniyu, approved in Japan.
Khentayschik - big lover of hentai (word).
Syonen-ai - big lover of oya.
a fanzine (dojinshi) - nonprofit manga, created by Otaku on motives known commercial anime / manga.
Dodzinsika (dojinshika) - creator of a fanzine.
fan fiction (fanfic) - literature creativity Otaku on motives favorite the writings.
fanart (fanart) - artistic creativity Otaku on motives favorite the writings.
cosplay (the system is, costume playing) - masquerade Otaku with dress-up in favorite characters.
Kon (son) - big the Otaku. Within Con (Transformers) organize themselves meeting with creators anime and manga, of breadth rare anime, ???? contests fanfikov, fanarta and a costume contest.

Remittances anime:

three scripts (ssrirt) - consistent record dialogues movie, is employed in his ozvuchanii or the diversion. Professional Russian the term - "assembly sheets" ("installers").
Dub (dub) - dubbing dates back, full replacing voice phonogram. Sometimes in dubbing (filmmaking) also pereozvuchivayutsya songs.
Sab (sub connector) - subtitles, fully persists the Japanese the lip-syncing, but includes aeaai?ya dopolnyatsya several lines of text text translation.
voice-over artists (voice-over) - "an overlay voices" or "synchronous read more", coupling phonogram translation with fonogrammoy of the original under some zaglushenii of last. This the most cheap in production and the most the generalized in Russia option translation anime and movies at all.

Words, associated with Japanese music:

's famous confession-POP - the Japanese pop music.
's famous confession-Rock - the Japanese rock music.
OST (Original Sound Track) - musical compositions, written specifically for anime.

Popular Japanese expression:

Kavayi (corrected) - cute, lovely detached, 's lovely.
Sugoy (sugoi) - amazing, remarkable.
Kakkoyi (kakkoii) - "a steep", "excellent", a handsome, an attractive.
Chibi (chibi) - a small.
article on (baka) - idiot, a cretin, fool.
Bish\ xC5\ x8Dnen (bishounen) - "handsome." Usually implies feminine on these bermudas-a handsome the young man (long hair, exhausting eyes, a pretty face), however can have in mind and simply a handsome young man.
Bishojo (bishoujo) - "Angelin." The Beautiful girl, usually, again same, feminine on these bermudas-the Beautiful.
Arigato (arigatou) thanks
Gomen (gomen) am asking forgiveness.
it! - favorite word anime-fans. Initially been the mouthpiece used by girls-nekami (with cat ears and start), then became its and in daily life. Can bear any emotional strain. Significance depends on intonation. In letter soputsvuetsya smaylom ^ ^

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