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That for you sense life?

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Here is and let's see, from whom that on mind and who to what seeks :)



As I already wrote have themselves on page, for me sense life - this a permanent decision emerging problems. Not whether their, it is no fun was to live. Got lost sense livelihoods. Under this, deciding problems, man becomes stronger in all manifestations of the words! And you that you say?



From themselves here correct traditional for all sense - prolong its species. After all not for this whether man is born!? :yes:



Not. For not the issues matter you turned on - people how many live, so much seek the answer on this question. Case: Lives so man, lives, has its view and some baggage convictions, and seems him, that all he makes correctly and on oio - so say regions to he sense life. But here suddenly: Times and happens with this man what any shock or insight Palace has come on him from below, from above or side where any and understands man, that lived he until this wrong and at all extremely foolish themselves kept. Tries to adjust to live on Different, on a new - have him this is obtained or not. I think John Smiths - want you know not pro its or someone else's proverbial sense life - not given us, people this.

And here is about extension kind of - type copulation with a balancing reproductive, sake of extend their kind of - so this not sense life, and one of basic instincts, such as the need there is, to drink, breathe - simply to live and this is logical. Copulation become sense life for those, from whom only one gyrus, and the kind on ass.

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For bolshenstva this is so and there is (camping on E. The need). But that you do you say about Buddhist manakhov, which are gone from this. And quietly live with other goods.

And pro your words (I think John Smiths - want you know not pro its) I Id say so: Every himself decides - that for him sense and constantly to him seek to. Simply not always the path, which he chose, the right.
On sense life another person I not make any attempts :P



Sorry that voroshu old closet, but anyway, Dimon, I three months tried to understand from what same are gone Buddhist the monks? With whatever in other goods they live? You at all why pro them here wrote?


You are here » Forum Polaksa » Polls here » That for you sense life?