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In created by a new topic propose a write about unjustifiably-forgotten historical earlier, for one reason or another, interesting you.



My, now the deceased, grandmother lived on the street with strange entitled: Fabritsiusa. I was small and no one not explained me, that such this Fabricius. Literally recently I remembered this rigamarole and took refuge in search engine. So:

Fabricius Yang Fritsevich (1877, manor Shlyaskov Province of Kurland lips. - 1929, options Sochi) - rather different. Military and desks. Figure. Species. In family come. Graduated from nib. Participated in the roar of. Movement and in 1903 has entered latyshskuyu the Social democratic organization. For participation in May Day demonstrations was convicted on 4 year artifacts of, and after her departure was exiled to a life on the Far East, where continued the roar of. Activities. After botching attempts to flee in the US Fabricius led the roar of. Work in Vladivostok and Nikolayevsk-on-Amur. With 1916 participated in the first global war, rising until designation shtabs-captain. Sitting on northern. Front, Fabricius adopted participation in creating Continentcommittees. In October. Years 1917 commanded an battalion in 1 penetration Latvian strelkovom shelf. During civil war in office kombriga fought against K. K. Mamontov help, A. I. Anton Ivanovich Denikin, Poland. In 1921 - a participant suppression of insurgency in Kronshtadt. Was 7 times wounded. For exclusive battlegroups merit was awarded 4 Orders of Red Cross Banner of Labour and the the roar of. Weapons. In peacetime commanded the fact, corps; with 1928 became assistant commander the Caucasus army. On XV highest party Fabricius was elected in members CPSU Party Control Committee PCO (it comes). Died in aircraft catastrophe.

Used materials ".: Anatoly Pavlovich Shikman A. P. Figures domestic history. Bio reference book. Moscow, 1997.



YYYY. Viktor Tsoi. Here is legend! :)



Ronnie Dio

Want say literally several words, about this wonderful, on my view, Vanessa Redgrave. Dio he launched in collective the mid-50s and played music Like slickers into some authentic. Later he was has been noted within in groups Rainbow, Black Sabbath, and then a part of all of and other known collectives of the time. This man did future already in the far time, when still even Sex pistols not were no one known.



Old and previously not published photo celebrities. Very interestingly:


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