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Horror movies, fiction and scientific facts

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Yes this want not funny - here only is worth be surprised, how same some people are amenable to zombirovaniyu.
Although all of this due to bad nourishing and absence of normal hobbies - "Children bad not case - accented bad parents"



Today graduated reading of last books Werber "The Mystery of Gods of."ll share their impressions.
Book written in the same-style as and all previous, that me very likes. Exception is an unusual ending the. Although in this can be charm of, the zest of the, of last head of. Now a bit about content of.
In of last book continues game gods-pupils that consists in train, governance world survivors, namely comes to logical complete the. Among these gods-pupils the hero books - Michelle Penson, who, despite the, that his people virtually on the brink of extinction, he until now still in game. In this book he continues to pulled to knowledge about the universe is and about Vsevyshnem. Him lucky enough to visit in world death sentences and again to return in the world gods. In end he all-??? learns, that is on the top, who all manages, who or that there is SOZDATEL everything she said,.

If're intrigued or you lover of Werber, you very like.

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Not can to agree - believe, that books, the next for with the Angels were already too absurd and
Jobs, bluntly say, trivial. And The Mystery of Gods of and at all has become given this process.
Not cost him write about what in principle know not given, issuing this for any philosophy, and not for
Simple fiction.
So that, The Mystery of Gods of - this exclusively commercial move and nothing more. Flourishing of "Scribe talent
French coach already long behind



Messrs. - as same you bored to read. Hi,, ah did cannot be creatively to approach works its themes - cram down pictures of the, give exile,. Rolls video, will explore costly look. Ah as would Sergei, okay - his by attempting mostly there is anime the partition, but you the John Smiths - gave would exile on site author, picture dynamo would was tweeted by, still what any - very same then pleased will. This I, incidentally, all already long wanted to say. We same here not gender underground dropped leaflets had distribute, where importantly - content, not forging. Let us lot more estetstva, although would sake of each other!

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Know, Sergei, I all-??? with taboy not would argue. Can the end of the have a bit quite an effort, but a book written in the same-style, that and before. You, having many the writings, should with me to agree, that rarely meet author, which not is chasing for money. Can on the early all goes from souls, but then money all crete. Can, of course, you contradict this, but I until not met, to with the passage life people have not altered its vision and wrote treated the same - this bored to read. Need something new. Have him this poorly broke a. Consider, that will further.

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One of evidence, that The Mystery of Gods of was written mostly in commercial purposes, says
The fact, that on the most the presentation books Werber argued, that planned to complete cycle 3-it reading,
But on 4 th (camping on E. The very tyne, then) his largely pushed fans.
In general, not the, to book was such bad, simply compared with earlier writings the same
Cycle she strongly trails.

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Perhaps. I, unfortunately, not was on prezintatsii, so I nothing not can say. As say: How many people, so much and of views. 8-)



The author: Chuck Palahniuk
A series of "Alternativnaya tamozhennye"

". Book about shockingly young robber, which 6am to playing the in expensive restaurants bouts
Asphyxiation and earns on this lots money. Book about seksogolikakh, alcoholics and shmotka-
Golikakh. About love, friendship and philosophy. About Manchester for "the second coming of the" and unquestionable "
Intolerable the ease dawn "our days.
However. Himself Palahniuk says about it: "Are going read? For good reason! ""

Very ambiguous and A. Le Coq Spors House book. This, of course, not "Fight Club"., but style
Palahniuk is always not with first pages: Again history life another lame-duck syndrome (on this
Times seksogolika) - jobs absurd ludicrous, jobs gross and disgusts, jobs very
Pakhabno, but in a whole to read interestingly. The main idea this books - to tell reader about the nature
Dependence, ????, utterly any, whether something religion, work, fraud, drugs, alko-
Gaulle or something still.
Ah and morality, as usually one: Against system go futile, and lest not turn into an empty-headed
Puppet to, to think need its head.




And here is and trailer to BitTorrent based, in the main role Sam chucked (Green Airbus A320, The confessions dangerous human, Angela Charlie, She hitched. On galaxy,, these scam of some kind. Look and do conclusions)
P.S. And couple useful ssylochek based - Russian site Artkhausa - the official site

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The first mismatch already saw: Each chief hero not fat, and shaggy-haired, and skinny and Creator)
Me seems, that the film not will become thus same popular, as and Fight Club, especially if
Film directors will invoke all "piquant the details books. Although and this not importantly - in Choking
Degree problems much more low, than in BK. In any case, I would this the film looked.



"Generation X" (Generation X)
The author: Copeland? It's Norton
Genre: Psychology
A series of "Alternativnaya tamozhennye"

The foundation plot twist books is narrative about stereotypes people, who were born in 80, 90s years
Porsches century. His kind of yet another attempt to by shedding that, public evils and show entire
Hollowness life, which live many people. Given the, that Russian society (yes and everything else)
Lags behind west years so on 10-15, then a bigger part of problems hit in book daunting as times
If, say, compare creativity Copeland up here now with palanuk, it proves more neutral, and
Because not will be perceived in bayonets. Have Palahniuk predominantly theory destruction and of denial
Norms modern society, and have Copeland up here now - an analytical ``debriefing the most typical academic phenomena
People a certain formations. The author not imposes on the its opinion, and permits opportunity any
"Choice" with those or in other consequences.
Me book liked: The beginning of quite ashamed, but forth became all more interesting. Many
Close for themselves from it owe. Recommend.




Kray obetovannyy
The author: Haruki Murakami
Genre: One-

Initially me attracted summary, , that in this book the author thinks on subject causes and essence of evil in modern society.
For me this theme zhivotrepeschuschaya, plus to everything was interestingly contact with Japanese literature. Forth couple of words, about than book.

"The brink obetovannyy" - this publicistic study, dedicated topics sectarianism on example Japan. And is worth say, that be revealed
This theme sumptuously: The author only commits 3500 intervyuiruemykh, not expressing own opinion, so people tell about how
Thought on the very moment precisely they. Well all workshops psychology people, which hurriedly from society, really explained their motives, their aspirations -
Examined the entire of the outrage life people, "not addressing related matters in norms society."

Very interesting book, but in the same time very follow a very specific. Perched in got its read not manages, will have to think, to ruminate and
Analyze. Me was interestingly.




That further regulation to read have Murakami? Smokli, too, that the from him read, but not remember input.



Works it has very many, so that navigate in them account for only on measure popularity. So that imbabers "Hunt on sheep" or "Dance, dance music category, dance music category."
But until this'll read it another for themselves book Douglas Copeland up here now.



And I here on days decided to to continue themselves to inform with Viktor Pelewin. On this time tackled "almost and rythm." Paul books I nothing not understood - any scraps events and heap, vynosyayschey the brain, philosophy. Then all became on their seats. Gopnikov about life people, which havevymyshlenoy personality, constituents in a psych ward.




As trip in a coma
The author: Douglas Copeland? It's Norton
Genre: Modern proza, alternative

Is twofold impression left this novel after reading. On style write and heros story concept of quite noiaea with slaves Maykrasofta
And Planetoy shampoo - style completeness burden are small, all crystal clear and understandable. However this time Copeland? It's Norton decided to introduce in povestvova-
Determiner still and elements fiction. Why, so and remained of unintelligible. In late all, best author manages to describe present with all
His problems and paradoxes, and here suddenly emerge strange prophecy, apocalypse and lucky rebirth. Pathos many, and tol-
Cultural little.

With the other same hand, this novel very clearly and extremely understandable defines the, about than at all writes the author, pugayusche precisely the essence of al-
Ternativy from Copeland up here now, which at all not agitate reader to crush the and break surrounding the wrong the world, contrary sense his literatu-
As a European in is, to instill a simple truth only by reversing themselves, having learned to think only its head, can be to think about how change the world.
A new world begins with a new you. In end 4 from 5 with big Iraq desert give, there is have Copeland up here now art in been stronger.


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from at sheep

The author: Haruki Murakami
Genre: Modern proza

One of the most famous and popular novels Japanese writer. Exactly, so and start familiarity precisely with his writer's
Creative I decided to with Sheep. Expected literature in a spirit of modern alternative , however, with first pages was obviously, that
This creativity with the east , not with west. This means, above all, that novel more that is peaceful in terms of of emotions, more harmonious,
Consequential, and in a whole much more deep and the multi-faceted, than seems on first glance.
Bear on sheep this the very process, which most likely hides behind the of words sense life , namely not exactly
Achieving this sense, and process his search, which, of course, nor to what up not leads, in addition to everything offered
Not improves nor suffocation, nor physical state of suffering his find.
Very grassroots style, in which written Hunt - there is here and place argue that on the most various themes (in including and philosophical),
There is here and well barrel curl scheming, and This with the romance also are found. And unite all narrative history travel
Chief hero in searching for the very mysterious sheep, that, so or otherwise, seek all people.




Bad luck you, and I here is tormented, in an attempt 38044 to prejudice the global chtivu, but not know even in what talent, themselves please. Before like fiction identified with, This. King, Zelazny, is the teacher, (Clifford Simak novel), Sheckley, Assumption. On that the serious even and not pulling like and nevertheless so much just interesting things and popular around write.



If like it or something more more serious, than simply fiction and restrictions, then try Werber - there roughly in half and serious and fiction.



And with what exactly start?


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