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Horror movies, fiction and scientific facts

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And I now read W. I. Soloviev crops instructions to fulfilling control works on subject "financial mathematics." Interesting pleasant thing, on exactly and level do.



That concerns Werber, then creativity his interestingly, but my view is: All novels of until Empire Angels - this only a mere prelude to main (until)? Writer. Incidentally he and himself in many interview highlights, that in fact "Angela" fourty in themselves all major thought before novels.
Subsequent books from "that angel cycle" more ordinary with perspective reflection (especially the second book).

Here is site, the knighted Professor creativity Werber

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Philosophy there many. But here is that strange. This philosophy not is screwing with you head - cannot be say, that this a dreary fiction. She as something pochuvstvovt and dazzles. Want on-more to know and deal. In general, svoeobraznaya food for mind. This I like.



Want to share their impressions about hes describing the second book Werber: "We gods."
The plot, as and before spoke closely intertwined with Greek mythology and of course same are found explanations and reflections in the form of passages from books "-1892 of absolute and relative knowledge. "
Id say honestly, this book liked more the first. Together with heroes s in creating model world and together with them're worried for created they peoples on "Earth 18." Recommend.



Friends my - such a request: If write about book, movie, game or about than the tangible - please, hang pictures of the with stock image this what the there. So your message will look more beautiful and likely his accurately give. Time this process claims quite a bit. Luck.



Adopted. D try to.



Read Strugatsky, Messrs.: Monday, begins in Saturday, Fairy tale about area is and It is hard be God. Maintain dollar, in producer.



I Strugatsky all almost have read even in 15 - 16 years, and utterly already not remember about than there :dontknow:



A bit about South … h.....html



Appeared recent data on Kollayderu. For those who not in rate this the device to accelerate dire of particles. His construct between France and Shvetsariey.

unloaded, uh, trumpet days

Experiments with kollayderom, on forecasting Nostradamus's, will lead to universal catastrophe

Launch huge apparatus the CERN the shutdown arcane way is approaching date, too still many centuries ago Nostradamus was why as the end of of light.

Time after time, start devil's machines are shifting the, as if specifically base to of a zenith pinnacle just peace. The world thing's scared: She will bring trouble.

In creating a bulky accelerator of particles,s locked up in the sarcophagus underground on conceals 100 meters on the border between France and Switzerland, participate 80 states, its cost accounts for 12-15 billion, but what wait from the shutdown, not can say no one! As if hands, brains hundred people, building machine, skillfully presided over someone above


It turned out, that the emergence of the shutdown spells its originator in predictions the most idiosyncrasies mage humanity Michel Nostradamus's, prophecy which from depth centuries still nor never not oprovergalis. The mysterious Frenchman, which as if vykhvatyval from future paintings contest the upcoming events, very often described technology. Most visions of the Nostradamus's are linked with great scientific breakthroughs, these dumb inventions new species weapons. So, in katrenakh VI, 97 and's Nostradamus describes action deadly apparatus, capable destroy the whole world.
The motor will develop an hectic demands the speed,

A battering ram piercing through eccentric loner age.

War dynamics of thought human,

Which The science is gives Promethean where.

Nostradamus known and consequences this deadly experiment. Speaking poems, i.e. katrenami, he mentions about the exigencies era karbunkulov.

With West threatens heavenly the fire, languages which the course the world with South until East

Plants in epicenter die on the vine.

To representing joined the and modern philosophers. For example, Herbert Kan, in the future of science, predicted, that will created unloaded Yom Kippur, or unloaded apocalypse. That this will be accurately for device, scholar not called, stated only, that it will is capable under act of destroy entire life on Earth or even the very Earth. Following Kahn this thought validate many other scientists.

On backdrop of eloquent of prophecies mystics very unpersuasive sound words they were all arguing between themselves physicists. Alone argue that launch utterly harmless affectation. Sow such scientists, as Walter Wagner and Luis Sancho, which already petitioned in Court on CERN, the European center nuclear research, created Collider, demanding to ban launch machines. Specialists convinced, that apparatus dangerous and can lead to education the iron and holes, which would engulf planet.

Specialists CERN confirm, that with using apparatus can naturally occur black holes. But under this hurry add, that holes will here same it will evaporate. But other data indicate, that not discarded education quite microscopic black holes, which will enough stable and will not disappear. With such mikrorazryvov space and gonna spread Earth. For this will need few years.


As times on four the coming year point out formidable prophecy all known being land they upend the world.
As echo, echo those words of great recognized and unrecognized shamans all stripes.

The first launch the shutdown was's on May 2008
As times in this moment the entire Russia HRDs for penzenskimi as anchorites group people, which Ark underground, to prevent the end of the world. Followers Peter Kuznetsov peresideli all timeline and all same poured to the surface and start the shutdown suffered on July. But and after this machine change your mind launch, imposing in as a history with simvolichnuyu date 08.08.08.

In really Center consider, that realistically Collider begins autumn, and already not hurry to call an exact date. Looking on intention, that raised apparatus in world, specialists're thinking of such document day start. Hide this moment can be, and here is tickles whether conceal consequences.

Collider works thus, that in his their intestines can be stopped movement the most great of particles, of which consists all their surrounding space. The second stage scientists are planning accelerate these particles and then space slides open.

Preliminary work on probing apparatus have led to unexpected consequences. And already now their can be watch! Weather in Europe all more resembles on decorations to fantastic tuned. Recall the unspeakable electric storm, which flashed over stadionami Switzerland and Austria during the tournament Europe on football! They were tearing teletranslyatsiyu, kick out of teasing viewers. Players iineeenu on camps in pools on knee was, with flows has overtaken rains not inquired as the most modern the gutters

And underground under all these events already he launched breathe Collider.

Token is such capacity simply not can be absolutely safe, say specialists. the Chernobyl nuclear plants, too, until pores until time acknowledged absolutely safe object. have before his first and only the passage was declared the safest Orbiters.

Not in vain in the new millennium literally every year promises become a critical. Until 2020 year on Earth predict as least 12 apokalipsisov. After all stop here scientists not gather. Following adronnym kollayderom's a new global megaproekt hence-' s a positronic the linear Collider. A conceptual one plan this apparatus already exists, but his location until not defined.



Not worry, Dimon! Us this increasingly will don't care. You date launch the not learned?



Were quick on autumn.



Today was on the presentation of last bookss appointment of Bernard Werber - The Mystery of Gods of. Book is the final in cycle Empire Angels. French coach saw, by their characteristic patterns received, as received and many positive of emotions. Tomorrow will try write much detail and posting derzhitsya)



And book emerged in stores? Or when will emerge?



Emerged, is worth in strained 250-300 rubles



During last visits a bookshop, expecting arriving French coachs appointment of Bernard Werber, from
Nothing to acquire to do I went wander on book collection mall in search of what any interesting things. As people
Vstrechayutpo of advisers, so and books attract our attention their names. From just mnogoob-
Razia thousands of at its origin--with only 50 around editions me are interested in one thing, about which I and will talk below.

"Slaves Maykrasofta"
The author: Douglas Copeland? It's Norton, 1995
A series of: The alternative tamozhennye

In the groundwork Aoyama "of Slaves" ended some one of staff powerful empire Bill.
Daniel, the hero books, together with their coworkers in one day decides vku-
Sit life, lying outside influence the most great companies 1990s was s past century.
Beginning develop own project, every from former slaves Maykrasofta tries to bounce
With themselves straitjacket corporations and understand, that same such freedom, and there is whether she at all in modern world.

Me book liked. Likely because, that the world by nurturing programmers with every day becomes me
Increasingly closer. Although speech in this novel goes not only about some life average programmer, but
And any modern human, poglaschennogo pop culture. In fact "Slaves Maykrasofta" -
This reflection life every human, which only and is dreaming as would become "shared elite link ob-
Schestva, in which lives. " In pursuit of their ambitions man first limits their personal
Life, committing more time work\ schooling by, and later few years understands, how indiscreet in death
Spent years, sitting for computer and working on "uncle Bill."
And another curious fact: In book goes speech about some life American border in mid-1990s was, but this
So it seems on our modern society, that unwittingly agree with those, that Russia increasingly
Still lags behind Western world exactly on 10 years.
In general "Slaves Maykrasofta" - this another the, serving exhorts modern people to think
Its head and to live their own lives, not Order fanatic followers spend best years on unconditional
Service society, which in end would still leave nor with than.



Fight Club
The author: Chuck Palahniuk
A series of: The alternative tamozhennye

The hero this novel - the most the usual man, a leading the most the mill life: He hates their jobs, he indifferent people around, he not seeks absolutely nor to what, he not sees sense in life, he hates themselves. And here is once, hero loses its dream, losing together with this opportunity track happening around. And here is once, in his life emerges someone Monocle.It was praised Drenden, which gives main hero sense life. But the trouble the entire in is, that neither hero, nor Tyler's not there is separately.

In a whole me book liked. Many run history about how the most a small "nut", abba entire his life laws system, once are getting away mad. And here is already he puts on its knees and violates work the entire hitherto is famously an operating "machine." "Fight Club" exposes many problems, by successfully in modern society, where separately drawn man - this empty place, until which no one there is no affairs. Through Fite club, committees debacle and camping on D. Ceded most powerful protest and call to people stop and watch on their empty life. But the problem is, that a protest nothing solve cannot be, and system change cannot be. Can be all destroy, but on the remains will emerge all, too, most.
In end Id say the next: Fight Club not gives no answers, but forces truly to start thinking about many things.




Here is love I books which about sense life make to start thinking)



I do not on how many this here in subject, but all same. Read, not regret. That game make with neokrepshimi adolescent brains. The world is full look like idiots) … r16_1.html



Hmm)) prikolno, gaining people)


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