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Horror movies, fiction and scientific facts

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The mysterious island Envaitenet.

The first puzzling ?, documented migration in the archives local police, applies to 1935 year. In this time on the lake worked ethnographic expedition, to be doing customs and life tribe elmolo. Presided over expedition the Englishman W. Fush. Once on his design on island traveled two his colleagues - M. Sheflis and B. Dyson. A few days all was normal: Every evening in an time they serving signs lit traditional, oznachavshie, that have them all in order. Then signals have stopped, and when through two weeks concerned long lack of comrades on island traveled several members expeditions, they with amazement discovered, that Sheflis and Dyson. Disappeared. More moreover: Were absent any traces, indicating "here people!

Local authorities was granted jet, which a few days committed a fly-islands. Eatem more than 50 of local inhabitants, soblaznivshikhsya a huge rewards, in literally inverted on the island every stumbling. But nor skeletons members expeditions, nor any hyphenated that could shine light on their the disappearance of, find not managed.

Passed few years, history with the disappearance of the people has become's starting to slip, and once on the island decided settled several families tribe elmolo, which ARGUMENTY off attacks militant neighbors-nomads. Some time life their small well casual: They built a small village, often came to relatives, living on Bank Lake, exchanged fish on bread and milk, were invited group to itself in Visitors. But relatives, once vospolzovavshiesya an invitation, found only an abandoned village, silent bonfires and festering fish. Far with a small on size islands family several tens of man? And again this question remained without answer.

The first mentioning about the "the bewitched the island" and endangered on it humans applies roughly to 1630 year. Then on the island, too, resettled several families natives, and among the gracious of nature village has become quickly proliferate. Truth, globalization stuck one thing contingency: On the island not was animals and birds. Only the lush vegetation any unusually brighter emerald spin, slides smooth, if collections of, of stones lignite color of, which had "propensity" the to emerge, then vanish. And still. Strange sounds, which heard islanders every vygode: Macabre, chilling soul cries the whether animal, then whether human, fails in extended sun, which usually lasted from several minutes until hours. Over time some parts of islands there followed unaffordable for people: Branch challenges near trees firmly-onto your dicks having and became solid, as if stone, forever pregrazhdaya proved entry on some tracts of islands. But the most daunting were vision, which with enviable periodicity attended at night inhabitants villages. This were fancy beings, remotely resemble people. After visions of the islanders lay hours as if in a coma, not in forces freakin 'move. Most a sad, that after this with whom any of natives necessarily happened misfortune to: People became cripples, receiving trauma literally on an empty place, and the and at all costing enormous, of fish tank, that until this ate many times; received contagion blood from tiny the incised wound or, as a superb swimmers, were drowning in waters utterly calm Lake.

Over time residents villages became seem, that their island inhabit terrible institutional behemoth, not similar nor on one thing known pet and ready to in any second their they. Institutional behemoth emerged directly before man in the most surprise moment, and here all decided the, as quickly tattoo-Face runs round. However several minors children family literally on the eyes of their mothers, and find their not managed.

Life in once prosperous village spy intolerable, to the same its inhabitants proved in peculiar isolation: Relatives with the coast, naslyshannye about mysterious events on the island, not reluctant to them with visits. And when on expiration several months some concerned elmolo all same have come on rafts to the island, it turned out, that village sobirayutsya. However nothing not typing on traces struggle or on urgent first exodus inhabitants: Luke and arrows were neatly collected in street corner each huts, clothing and utensils also proved intact.

There is in local legends mentioning about arcane fire, izrygaemom from someone`s a steep pipes on the island, veiled "khlopayuschey a lid", and the corridors, clearly distinguishable deeply in earth bowels land. There, according to great, home to "seyuschiy contagion of and mechuschiy the fire" giant Wat Usumu Mr Tong Duuray.

And still, if to believe believing the tribe elmolo, time from time directly have islands from haze is rising city. He shines various colors, as if the overnight rainbow, lowered on land. The over a lake Wall and towers, do amazing and 5% elestane, if would handful jewels, the jilted with high point the sky on land. However well in sight, that many spectacular towers destroyed, and from some palaces remained alone flattened. Seemed also, that from cities house some strange aktivne breath - some pristine typically funeral the, nesuschayasya over lake. Breath was the mild and devoted, then was becoming fiercely and evoked suffocation confusion.

After such visions of the members tribe long felt pain in muscles, a strong headaches, revulsion to food and a sharp lowering of view. Have pregnant women resulted from babies-! ', which soon were dying, and the bodies their despite tropical climate Mummining in matter of clock.

All these "miracles" decades not provided quietly to live elmolo, and they forced to were the relocation of with shores of Lake closer to the forest front page.

In late past century, proslyshav about the "hell-bound the island", there traveled two private expeditions (from Holland and Germany), but both they disappeared, not leaving after themselves no traces. So that mystery islands Envaiteneta remains until unknowable.


2 … mons_.html
Ghosts, Spirits And Demons !



Yes - nestrashnaya quite podborochka video, however, increasingly would still brilliant)



In darkness can be and defecate, if snows imagination))
D continue to. Perishing very me like fantastic history))


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A video. You modicum would his signed that whether.



Dim sum better himself take off what any



I every day and I’m taking picture and wear my wartime clothes, for example ;)



Ah this you regulation on lafplanet girls tell.



A bit restrictions



Very enlightening too, although and long to read :rolleyes:

Spear power

In Vienna Khofburge, in palace two divisions of Habsburg, produced many remarkable Christian relics. And among them rightly on really of being place is subject, holding inconceivable, birth, and because deep energy. This a spear, prervavshee agony of the Savior on the cross.

For centuries it was symbol of forces and power, and he had many names -- The Spear Bible, The Spear Executive, Sacred The Spear, The Spear of Longinus, The Spear saintly Mauritius Miracle. Largely defining biograficheskuyu canvas their prominent, ventsenosnykh hosts, it had even and the only, but well concrete purpose -- render history humanity.

On to the legend, who possessed by a spear, the possessed and the fate of world. Has ever managed this owing to what The Spear miraculously sovmeschalo in itself the alignment: Pole Dobra and Pole Evil. But force this was is blind. And moral choice entirely kept from owner.

Say, that forged an iron this The Spear for their of clandestine goals the third high priest status, son European part of Bosporus Eleazara and grandson of of Edward, mage and whatsoever Phinehas, son of Eleazar. Active public figure, if need -- get military chief of, not churavshiysya would directly kill character apostates, Phinehas, son of Eleazar repeatedly strategically in communication with force, imenovavsheysya in those times god, and came his will their people. A spear throughout his life helped achieve goal, inaccessible simple burying.

With years thank powerful relics may be only grew, and even more grew the number of challengers on wield. His kept in the hands of Jesus Naveen, looking on rushaschiesya Wall of Jericho. Tsar Saul Pybus magic talisman in young David. Tyrant has been Grand, relying on the The Spear, ordered it about he innocent babies. Then on will waiting on an act of it it turned out in the hands of Pontiff of centurion, Guy Cassia, and deceased Christ got its present look eternal life.

Далее, гласят легенды, могущественным Копьём владели: римские цезари Диоклетиан и Константин (III -- IV века); энергичные короли вестготов, сокрушители Римской империи, такие, как Одоакр (V век); загадочные (вполне серьёзно утверждалось, что основатель династии Меровей был рождён от союза женщины с морским чудовищем, впоследствии прозванные ленивыми, длинноволосые Меровинги, среди которых особняком стоит креститель Франции (496 г, жестокий и неразборчивый в средствах Хлодвиг, внук того самого Меровея; а также последний деятельный лидер из этой династии, прозванный за рассудительность и прозорливость Соломоном франков, Дагоберг I (629 — 639): Пипин Геристальский (вторая половина VII века) по прозвищу Боевой Молот, прадед знаменитого Карла Великого; и сам легендарный полновластный объединитель и правитель Европы — Шарлемань -- для французов и Карл Гроссе -- для немцев (742 -- 814.

Only something here not so. Most likely, myth about the Spear was so sure-footed, that existed and other a spear, which what united between themselves only the total idea. Although that concerns Karl Great, then much says for what as times he, quite possibly, could to see and even keep in the hands of a real The Spear.

In 799 and 800 s patriarch settle, apparently wanting to initiate the, that through two hundred years Righteous its campaigns, has guided to him their messengers with a blessing and sacred stupas are filled, among which, incidentally, were key from of tomb of Jesus of God and key from the most Jerusalem. Karl on blandishments not succumbed to, on adventure simply haven't learned our and off expensive gifts, and also big moneyed donations. Last attempt degeneracy the monks with mountains Zion have made in 803 year. With secret mission to Sharlemanyu in Salzburg profits two. There is version of, that during blandishments as the latest argument they demonstrated him might People of the dragonlances.
But this assumption.

For us the real history the dragonlances of Longinus begins 14 June draft year in Antioch. Specific findings, that is called, from first hands have bypassed us in prostrannom and of dentistry brief immediate eyewitness kicked those events, Chronicler and kanonika Raimunda Agilskogo. Deal was so. Presidency Krestovogo a hike, provansalskomu local farmer match Peter Bartolomeyu several times was saint Andrei and dwelt place, where was Heike is buried The Spear Bible. He also required, to about this unkind was reported valiant defender win Raimundo, on the Tuluzskomu. But get to notation in long not has ever managed, so as the distance in those times between Three Estates of the Realm was simply catastrophic. Odolev in late all all the available obstacles and honouring numerous, but nepremennye conditions, group stakeholders, which, having prayed,, embarked on an since the in cathedral St. Peter.

And increasingly happened as and was predicted by. Increasingly was realized in glory God, and that are recovered posed The Spear not slowed down demonstrate razuverivshimsya its filma force: A rogue nation strengthen have become surrender one thing for other secular, the last time terpevshim military destruction. With heavenly help soon fell even Jerusalem.

But in the same time shirilos the number of the envious spirit and skeptics. And the main here was Arnulf, chaplain notation in the Norman. On troops followed from the murmur, that no miraculous forces in spear there is no, and so numerous phenomena neotesannomu local farmer the most famous and respected saints -- simply more than ordinary artifice. Here to zagrustivshemu Bartolomeyu again show up saint Andrei and proposed put to shame all unbelievers well certain way. Forth chasozvon so writes about this: “Peter and Bartlomiej, executed resentment, said, as man simple and well who knew truth:“ I want and am asking, to was grifted big the fire; I will go through him together with's the Lord's by a spear. If this a spear God, then I shared my was indeed unharmed; if same this deception, then I I burn up. ” This is was happening on the eve Friday (i.e. Week, in April 1094 Propulsion, under besieged Arch. Princes and people gathered in including 40 thousands of. From of the dry one have made a bonfire in 14 feet length. And high piles of reached 4 feet.

. Without intention of of fear, sound nation in fact the fire, bearing in the hands of a spear; on a famous place in the midst of of the flame he alighted and after past with Lord’s Resistance help until the end of. Tunic offered not was destroyed by fire and not remained slightest footprints ceasefire on-thin matter, in that was's wrapped of Got The Spear, people’flooded on him. Him hurt in three or four places its feet, they pry the pieces meat, tripping over spinal bone and ruined his. "Peter killed would on place, because now God's the grace lay away and on him, he the entire was huge sacred relic. His might could cure, him were torn off hands and its feet make the necessary miracles. Several noble knights, in such dump themselves risking lives, quickly jumped on protection. Them managed repelled the visage body, but of Provence peasant from Philadelphian injuries already not recovers and on the third day died.

In Europe, and more precisely in Paris, The Spear of Longinus from Santa land delivered Louis the Santa (1214-1,270). With this moment almost all known emperors were held them. Napoleon, GP victory under Austerlitz, here same demanded, to him delivered famous talisman. He not fissai cos with him, until simply haven't learned our war on Russia. And The Spear meanwhile looted by. Outcome known all. But the most chief hour for this a formidable weapons monopoly in the twentieth century.

In 1908-1909 s almost simultaneously with no one not known and the unlucky an artist Adolf Hitler possess by a spear Executive fervently have to covet Kaiser Germany Wilhelm. Until future the affair, being almost daily in Viennese royal museum, to, teetering on the on the brink of a hungry fainting spell, and are with arcane a eureka moment, enjoying closeness sacral might and the right vibe power, almost tangible iskhodivshikh from him, sophistication as in underhand politics monarch in the ground his Defense General Staff had the plans global domination and double planned controlled theft a spear. If would this him managed, First world war could would begin significantly before.
Hitler same until the end of his days so and not was destined to assistance of pearls dependence, svyazyvavshie his with by a spear of Longinus. In a creepy thresher First World War his almost constantly'm experiencing coveted vision. He even wrote on this about poems:

Suddenly, in bitter night
See a badge of a picture, surrounded by another term lights,
Vykovyvaya the link with mysterious forces.
Moon, in his intoxicating
Sorcery over, draws the runes.
Increasingly, that during the day was full dirt,
Became puny pre magic threshold formula.
So a forged seceded from genuine.
And I am before the segments Swords.

Decided in Germany to legitimate power, the affair has anshlyus Austria above all sake of possession of his spear through. Not lagged from him and Henry Himmler. In Padenborne, city of, where in its time one of residences had Karl Grand, he to 1935 year regained to an ancient castle Wewelsburg Castle, which turned in center “Nazi religion ”, assuming subsequently ranunculus his in cosmogonies“ the Vatican SS. ” One of central facilities of the castle was called bathroom the dragonlances, and there on really plain sight was inserted his deft touch replicates.

Took over by the Holy by a spear, the Nazis very carefully stored his in Nuremberg together with other treasures, cours for this a special the construction with complex system intruder alarm. There is version of, according to which after destruction cream making Germany's nation together with all sacred stupas are filled (in including and with by a spear Executive) on several submarine-launched forcibly sterilized in Antarctica has revealed, where in district Earth of Queen Maud they stance was prepared underworld city. And all flying dishes, which have become to emerge only after 1947, not that different, as deal hands living there people ,-wielding unknown us technologies.
Ah and realistically in a result skillfully modernisation work carried out operations (Germans tried to take out The Spear and even two of sacred primary as times before the fall Nuremberg, but at very By a we can circumstances precisely “a spear of sv. Mauritius Miracle ” they, under his pedantizme, suddenly mixed up with “sword of sv. Mauritius Miracle ”) the seventh-army General Petchiza have mastered and city and treasures.

Faced about the Spear of Longinus, here immediately scurrying over the most the legendary and the most strange general army the US -- Patton. Believed in reincarnation and magic, few years catatonic look for St. Holy Grail, he very well understood, that holds in the hands of, because said accompanied his officers, that for humanity arrive hard times. Judging by the, that the US accurately well over time, when have become thought the dragonlances Executive — 30 April 1945, 14 hours 10 minutes, — and by how today develop world events, I am confident, that they possess sacred relic and today. And that there lies on the shop window in Vienna Khofburge, I, it-god, not know.



Such a different zamershaya water. … u.....html



Not d look :)



Greetings. Continue to put a material for to do knowledge. On this time: This quite amusing much rather know!!
Not d write, and simply skapiruyu exile. Who Needs interestingly, looks at the.



Very interestingly - many facts simply are stunning))



And I believe in disciplining, In UFO and slightly slightly in magic. As like, unt (and) vetatsiya, Somnus. Himself rebuffed with such things) :fie:


17 Different shopping pro Hollywood stars. Written interestingly.



Decided to here is write about creativity one very popular on today’s day French writer -
Bernard Werber. His born belongs trilogy Millennium has (though is written the Fourth part of) about Empire Angels, which
By many is positioned, as Divine Comedy 21 century.
In its time, having first book this cycle "Empire Angels" I opened for themselves many interesting facts, yes that there, then me seemed, that I regions to entire the essence of of our world. Of course, later some time passions vanish, but nevertheless, this such a book, at which no one not would prevent.
Writes Werber in-style "narrative in fictional", in all without exceptions his novels in parallel goes using quotes responsibly-1892 Absolyutnogo and Otnositelnogo positions of. Many quotes indeed the hugely interesting and informative.

That OK, in as a advertising in short describe events the first books cycle:
". Some Michelle Penson for many years led studying life after death (they sets
In novel les thanatonautes). And here is once, in his house and the falling airliner, subsequently
Our common labor taking life chief hero. Michelle is mired on the sky, where his awaits “Court. Not without
Quickly aid Michelle passes test and him provide opportunity become angel,
By taking over on guardianship of the life three "respective Syrian clients." "

Who may be interested in - don, there is all novels of in electronic the form of.

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I agree. Novel very poznovatelen. But all-??? such a the manner the Book, on my view, not always Good. Sometimes wandered off thought and the plot. However, admit, this sometimes and thrilling to watch. Khoteloch to read, not stopping.
Now read second. Pro of Gods of. I’d say until only one thing - close intermingling with Greek mythology!



And I here is read now Steven Fry's "O Moab - umyvalnaya Cup my." Very cheerful, cautionary tale, raskompleksovannaya book. Interesting be adults, but only for those who'll be tolerant to after.


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