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Poetry - where you are

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I seceded from homes
With nadezhdoyu in heart of
To increasingly, what was
Forget finally the
And path my lay
Through: Drunken faces
And these homes
Where wanted to two
Conceit shutilo
Played with me:
You more not'll remember
A path home
Charter, I Kamenyuki
Along large path:
Me Folders to think
I need go!
... had a dream about me Autumn
Bahryanyi color of
've dreamt them steps
Outgoing 30th of
As time works on
And as was killing
As who the tried to
Start increasingly first.
As in nest the forest
On infestation farm century
In hysterical been banging my
Soul human!
I many has grasped
And eyes not surges
Nor propeller nor love
For me not.

Pardon for conventions - likely, who except Smokli we))



Well, but I have many questions)



Go ahead



"Me Folders to think
I need go! "

"I many has grasped
And eyes not surges
Nor propeller nor love "

Why him need go, if eyes not surges, camping on E. There is no aspirations?
That means "propeller"?
"For me not." - that same hides behind the three dots appear?



Amidamaru wrote:

"Zaarkanennye network
Once people
Cleverly lie are and friends of
With the help have
Them language already not need
Fingers antics on buttons
Range is speech living
Range is laughable on brackets
Range is wood and the sky
Blood decline of, noise murmur
Know of leaves predawn
On mertsane monitor
A host the world lies in the archives
Servers and hard drives
Figures are gaining ground
Sense life will in ciphers
With every new generation
Wires all deeper in meat
And long tolerate inequalities these
Once masses. "

The author me not known unfortunately




Difficult case. I cannot this explain words. Try disassemble your creativity Zemfira, Kino or Civil of Defense. Don, bearing or the, written in are grotesquely-hyperbolic form - this axiom. You not can disassemble and Playboy in sense, camping on To for everyone here he its. A goblin itself in a similar situation spoke roughly the next: I always liked and revered creativity Strugatsky, but once have read in what the magazine interview with them, where brothers shared and explaining sense some their the writings. I their, until reading articles, saw on their, and when learned sense invested the books, then was frustrated. So that morality such is: Not need to Playboy and search out, and simply speak English, as don. If not don - not up on the.



Sense should be, not simply pursuit of rhyme.
In such a case these questions to you, as you on them a responsibility?



You materially dependent, not in sense money, and in sense moreover, that clinging to for some kind realistically existing forms. Bearing - this flight fantasies, above all and may well not have under a what the rational mathematical foundations. About chase for rhyme - write pay himself that any without sense, but that would rifmovalas. So or otherwise you either nothing write not you can, either what the sense increasingly same will builds. As I already spoke - every understands poetry so, as its understands, for ????? their associations, their living baggage and its worldview, in late all.

Amidamaru wrote:

In that case these questions to you, as you on them a responsibility?

Raze. Such questions, for more, than 15 fringes year period my, with allowing the say, creativity, me no one not ask the. This no one need not - enough the most fact existence of the verse. And at all, I poems not write - only songs.



Perishing who, who, and himself an artist (in this case poet) must Assange on these questions, and understand, that their creative he wants to communicate to listener.


Polymers questions, for more, than 15 fringes year period my, with allowing the say, creativity, me no one not ask the. This no one need not - enough the most fact existence of the verse.

Here is, that. And if questions not ask, then this rather suggests, that thus people at all don't care any poetry: Them that Pushkin, that Fabrica 107 issuing. And the, whom poems appealed, and wants to know about them more. Me for example grassroots, I and began ask questions



Than you liked?



Poem, in which one senses them, and desire to send increasingly and all far away. However giving a all same hopes, although and not believes in the, that can find the place, which adopts his soul. Here is how something so



In general so, on the future - if will encounter questions on substance verses or songs own composing, all their ask personally and under meeting, not here. Poetry, there is high art and extremely thin matter, that would trivialize this ordeal its market on idle forums. You Sergei, I answer, as see you, if of course will be even such interest.



Went now itself to do tea and saw as Andrei (brother wife), pulls out from fridge door grapes. He with such love his wash it, that me to mind, instantly same time come small, what Types chetverostishe:

Ox, as likes people vinogradki
Strongly likes their, bluntly kaput!
In our a small neighborhood
Whom like it or for them f. Ut!



And me the second chetverostishe time come in head:

Ah as likes people vinogradki
And GULPlNG their squarely on kryadke
So and think "f-fuck., Fuck off. Ut "
And in nature .lyublyu after all, Hi,, f. Ut.



Here is my chetverostishe:

And I grapes not very love,
Better I their friends'll take.
Friends, I hope, will are happy,
And few I from them reward. :flag:



'm almost all just tuning - prikolno.)



On the eve his birthday, bluntly before leaving in Bulgaria me not left. I oftenm really really nervous before important events and here is, that would as the kill time, yuzal an iPod. In what the moment, words appeared themselves:

Still a rough week - and me will come 29 years
Still till next year and youth will be snuffed out vivid light
Me painful for - not want I mock
The, with than was accustomed lie down and Still Rise
But life dictates its simple law:
Today you came, and tomorrow released ??? ?? ? ?
And again me will have getting accustomed
Be older and year not to notice
Be into sterner stuff pre the face of problems
To resist in a fit of wind change
But days go - river current days
And I gonna relapse with base of a cliff youth its
Me not they will recall - I such, as all
I simply shadow in your yesterday dream.



Popular techno, announced tractors.



I fascinated those, as you're juggling terms, tersely child heavy industry, industrialization and for one giperbolichnuyu their environment. Pantomime phrase is obtained. Not appreciate - so and tell: Not d more than much juices still be on you.



When the in early life its, wrote poems I for whores
Then believed their with soul adopt girls who serve in
And likened the with floating in live birds.
Liked I in language add rhyme, pro blue eye, curves bodies
And for other sniveling clunker, that climbs under davlenem testerona.
I bearing exciting names nights spent under moon, was smoking as steam locomotive and biggest movie stars in impulse
To muse pin gift on Towards, and voskhischenem eye see to imbue.
About as was was stupid! Eyes those broads, then only uvlazhnyalis,
When them Mercedes in gift promised.
Ile everything, and can trinket, Turkish gold convertible toy.
As quickly jumped in salon, with her hind a couple beautiful legs.
What there language, what proza!
Not fashionable to the disobedient among dam to read romantics the immortal creation.
And whether wanna do fond of poetry with a; name the:
A shallow, vapid ANONIZM :)


You are here » Forum Polaksa » My passions » Poetry - where you are