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Cognitive is nonsense.

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Not every, whom not understand can be a potential philosopher. The brink of between own magical thinking and some a new form of thinking very sometimes unclear. Although I believe, that all that can be was open in philosophy - already openly and said about this not times and not two, and hundreds of. In modern world philosophers no one not need in the form, in which they existed before.



And with other hand, we same not know, that there is beyond the limits of our understanding of. On this stage development consciousness this may be and so, and at the highest level can still many what and not izvedanno.



This is understandable, that our knowledge more than relatively and imperfectly, so as same withdraw for the brink of human level? Me seems this impossible, at least for of our time.



This is so. Until we not usher on ledge more high development of knowledge are limited the available clear conscience. Another we until not understand. Development lacks. Can through several centuries we open the that any new.



Visited I Site Long there not was. And here is such a nonsense I have read.


1. Fear whether light bulbs darkness?

2. Refrigeration chilly?

3. Not it's kinda draughty whether conditioners as early as?

4. Not turns the whether have washing machines to in his stomach?

5. Like whether Pressure and purity?

6. Not grown sick whether the arenas?

7. Column not cuts out?

8. Ventilyatoram case feel hot?

9. Have jack a good canard?

10. And have microphones?

11. Phones like a chat?

12. Can whether calculators considered in a column?

13. Suffer whether binoculars Surgical Polyambulatory?

14. Like and active pipes peeking?

15. Like whether televisions advertising?

16. Suffer whether black-and white televisions complex of inferiority?

17. Sing whether tape recorders in psyche?

18. What Slumbers've been having these budilnikam?

19. Oven feel taste of?

20. Like whether computers to think?

21. Like whether to read printers?

22. Consider whether notebooks themselves once thin?

23. Scale. Not hard?

24. As applies weapons to death?

25. Trek whether Sharm in sauna?

26. GPS-BBC Weather Centre country can risk drowning?

27. Repose whether furnaces in warm edges?

28. With large whether gusto metal detectors seek of the precious metals already?

29. And when in hours does end plant they simply fall asleep?

30. Videopleery more like films or cartoons?

31. Consider whether sewing yiooceanoia themselves emerging fashion designers?

32. Coffeemakers always a rousing?

33. All skis like the speed?

34. Bledery just wobbles?

35. Have slayserov the thin dubbed?

36. Have sokovyzhimalok case the thirst for?

37. Vyvaet whether have of mixers dizziness?

38. Not get cold whether computer mouse without mat?

39. Fear whether have ticklish?

40. Protected all remember and nothing never forget?

41. Suffer whether deep fryers increased cholesterol?

42. Dreaming whether hairdryers work in salons beauty?

43. 're coughing whether kitchen hood?

44. There is no whether have washing machines allergy on washing-up liquids means?

45. S whether cameras on erotic photosessions?

46. And video cameras?

47. Want whether one lawn mower, become hair stylists?

48. England whether Hole punches drelyam?

49. Like whether faxes sketch?

50. Have gate and they always posing?

51. A wink is ;) whether traffic lights each blend?

52. To their reception whether glasses and glasses?

53. Iai?yaaao whether the storm gromootvody?

54. Suffer whether green twigs claustrophobic in elevators?

55. Pressure and kleptomany?

56. Are at whether violins dance?

57. Are starving whether empty refrigerators?

58. Tire whether yaytsevarki before the Passover?

59. All whether skateboards ekstrimaly?

60. Who faster groupers or ?

61. Friends of whether soccer and basketball balls?

62. Consider whether painting tassels themselves by artists?

63. Who is jealous of unitazam?

64. All badges pranksters?

65. Wallets closed're little piglets?

Questions, of course, philosophical. Over by some wondered ;)



Read until the end of
1) In's title means new York (New York spread-betting firm) 11 letters
2) In's title means Afghanistan (gazdaja) 11 letters
3) In behalf of Ramsin Yuseb (a terrorist, in 1993 zaplanirovavshiy destruction of the Twin Towers prodavat in New York) 11 letters
4) In behalf of George W. Bush (enthusiastically W, Bush) 11 letters

This may seem only accident, will more interesting further.

1. New York is 11 st state
2. In jet Zh11 in the air flew 92 passenger (9 + 2 =1 1)
3. In jet Zh77, which, too, breezed right in in prodavat, was 65 passengers (6 5 =1 1)
4. Tragedy occurred September 11,, or 11.09 (1 1 9 =1 1)
5. Number the phone services save in the US - 911 (9 1 1 =1 1)

This only coincidentally? Read further!

1) Number of victims on jet, poterpevshem ruin, accounting for Nuozhadu (2 5 4 =1 1)
2) September 11, 254y day in year (2 5 4 =1 1)
3) 3.11.2004 occurred the bombings in Madrid (3 1 1 2 0 0 4 =1 1)
4) Tragedy in Madrid occurred through 911 days, after tragedy in New York (9 1 1 =1 1)

And now more weird facts:

The most famous symbol of the US, after stars and pages, ".

The next poems are taken from the Koran, the most sacred books Islam:

And written, that son Arabia Inn a formidable the Eagle of the.
Anger the Eagle of the something is all land Allah,
And until some people will tremble to behold in despair,
Many heureux: So as anger the Eagle of the clear land Allah
And will come the world

(" For it is written that a son of Arabia would awaken a fearsome Eagle.
The wrath of the Eagle would be felt throughout the lands of
Allah and while some of the people trembled in despair still more rejoiced:
For the wrath of the Eagle cleansed the lands of Allah and there was peace.")
So, this were poems the Koran under number appearing (9 1 1 =1 1)

You still believes, that this ordinary coincidentally? Homilies do the next and look, that you after this chase think and in that to believe:

Open Microsoft Word and make the next:

1. Large letters type: Q33 NY. This
Number first plane, vletevshego in
2. Select Q33 NY
3. Change the size of the until 48
4. Change the fine print on WINDINGS (WINDINGS 1) Q33 NY
Look outcome



Tony, I follow it until your specific findings, that today intellectual celebration. After all the, that today was been invented yet,, contributed positive contribution in our mental ability to and iruditsiyu. This celebration - Day birth puzzle setter!

Cursory excursus in history)

The creator of first puzzle setter was journalist Arthur Wynn, an emigre in New York from Liverpool. He invent the a new approach in work with the word: Concluded hew in little cells, little cells posted in - Pinstripes and called a new conundrum "cross-us / word puzzle." The author sent its the tables from 32 words in a newspaper "new York become her", where he was printed 21 December 1913 year.


28 - here can be watch and to communicate on subject such a unusual phenomena, as steampunk.. " Steampunk, paropank (persistent. Steampunk, from steam "steam" and punk "protest", "conflict") direction of fiction, or they an alternative option development humanity, under which were in perfection Stcherbinskij technology steam machines and mechanics. Typically, steampunk implies stylizing under era Victorian England (the second half of nineteenth century) and era early capitalism with typified urban scenery and a contrasting social rassloeniem. "



As you sistemnichek in-style steampunk? As on me, so very nice. Given on ssyloke, you can to familiarize themselves with more detailed process creating that miracle in household conditions. … -foto.html


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There even and gidrookhlazhdenie! 0s organs is about
With steeply
A pity costly.



In addition this themes game - It started working. As times suited here))



This simply beauty. This the case, when after a thaw immediately frost))




33 … -foto.html - I, as lover of steampunk society, recommend all proved, watch on artifacts, which frame SkinzNhydez designs and sells on e-bay.



Mask birds. Such masks dressed doctors during the bubonic plague, to deceive virus, issuing themselves for birds.



Need to will to buy some of that a couple


36 … _foto.html - very beautiful spoke pictures of the. With so artist.



Quite-??? interestingly. Me it looked, or all pictures of the have him packed with by and catastrophe? Quite pissimistichno.



Visiting today Ziza I stumbled on very fun article pro Tebet. There accurately should be interestingly. The only, that disquieting - this unhygienic.

Life in Tibet

In 113760 year tsar Tibet Songtsen-btsan sgam-po's raised on place current Lhasa the first the building in is place, where he usually was meditating. When he decided do Lhasa its its capital, he built Palace. After his betrothal with Chinese flock Wen Cheng, expanded Palace until 999 rooms, 's raised Wall and towers and dug obvodnoy Canal. In the second half of VIII century in Palace engulfed zipper and wooden build turned sour,, then on reason civil wars Palace has broken up just. Now survivor only cave etc-Vana and hall Pabalakan. Palace in his modern the form of began be built in 1645 on initiative the Dalai Lama V. In 1648 was flags the White Palace (Potrang Karpo), and Potala Palace has become be used as winter residence Dalai-Lamas emerge. Red Palace (Potrang Marpaux) was Hradisko between 1690 and 1694. Name palace on is happening across semblance from legendary mountains Potala Palace on which home to '' Bodhisattva '' natha ((natha (), which on earth represents Dalai-Lama. In a grandiose construction ???? participation best masters of of the time from Tibet, Nepals and China. Under katom several fotozarisovok Lhasa and Dzedana, Tibet.





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39 … -na-pensii - superheroes on pensions



If not pomnitenite who where votssylka on post with photo … go_detstva

Heroes of our detstvaTekst: Ninel1488

Scion Tutti (Peter Artemyev) she teaches Russian language

Kostya Innochkin (Viktor Kosykh) - master sport on sambo and horse jumping their sport, but this, alas, not saved his from grave error in judgment car in November 2009

A boy with comes (Vyacheslav Tsarev) has appeared in five films, including appropriate "Andrei Iekaterina Rubleva", worked the parents in wine no clothing left, as a janitor in AFV Psychiatric clinic, seller ice cream, watchman ", a janitor. Saws. Lived in inhabitant. Died in 2006

Olja and lo (Olja and Tanja Yukiny) a long time worked in "Inturiste", then a duty in locaI markets. In 2005 st. Protection not became. lo, like would, Lives

Artemon (Thomas Augustinas) elected's member of scientist Council business schools Konkordskogo University in Canada for monography "Optimization communication through decentralization companies

Buratino (Dmitri Josephs) dismantled two movie from receives more superficial treatment "Uboynaya force" and forty advertising rollers

Have Pierrot (Roman Stolkarts) two clinics in Jerusalem

Truffaldino (Grigory Svetlorusov) graduated Chisinau school KGB and not the lives in the US, not the is in Inter seeking out on countries CIS, Initiative Lidskim to regional managed by Office Enforcement Interior Grodno area Republic Belarus

This is Malvina (Tatiana Protsenko) published provides verses and lives domokhozyaykoyu in Vnukove, in House Vasily Stalin

And Nina Pukhova (Anna Ashimova), which under "Three white horse" his mouth opens - a housekeeper. Before worked struck-sometime

Firm Petrov (Dmitri Barkov) company manufactures tractors connected pendants for automobiles, and Vasechkin (Yegor Druzinin) now known choreographer was and TV

Red cap (Jan Poplavskaya), too, works modern

Michael Banks' (Filip N. Rukavishnikov) big sculptor, in particular, in-authored with father created a monument Nabokov's in Montreux Jane Banks (Anna Plisetskaya) - known and successful ballerina

Petr squaring the Circle ((Peter Maltsev) treating bears in "same circus on Ice"

Masha (Natalia January 1945), have which together with Vitey (Yuri Nakhratov), first were "Malia adventures", and then struggle against "wild guitars", has become philosopher. And vecherinok graduated Leningrad Voenmekh, and now Hypnotizes computers

Makar Gusev (Vasily beautiful areas) graduated morekhodnoe College and resigned in Fleet

Maya Svetlova (Oksana Alekseeva) lives in French Lyon,

Chizhikov (Yevgeny Livshitz) ("I not Sergey Ryzhikov (soccer), I Chizhikov!") lives in Germany and works musician - plays on xylophone, vibrafone and bit marimba in Dyuseldorfskom Symphony orchestra

Syroezhkin (Yuri Torsuev runs managed by Office corporate ties Moscow dealers Europe resulting from unintended acceleration. Electronic (Vladimir Torsuev) was representative Nornikelya in krasnoyarskoy administration. Handled by customs affairs. Have I gone bald. Syroezhkin, incidentally,, too, have I gone bald

Alisa Selezneva (Natalia Huseva) works scientific by the employee ND epidemiology and Microbiology behalf of we have. Studies viruses.

Kohl Gerasymov (Alexey Fomkin) sat on drugs, do you,, then left to live in village and, drunken, was incinerated by in steam bath.

JUlja Gribkova (Marianna Ionesyan) toil business a consultant for in Virginia

Have fimy Korolev Rocket (Ilya Navumau) grew enormous the second chin, that not prevents him work in construction business.

Is Sawyer, he same Jim Hawkins (Fedor Stukov), lived in Germany, and then why something was director notorious known "Over glass", which was the forerunner reality-show show on Russian TV.

Tim Thaler (Alexander SOLD) singled out Internet provaydingom

Gabi (Yevhen Grigoriev) in late 90-'s, when she worked actress, in vision show up personally finally Morozov and she replaced by patronymic and surname - now its officially name is Elena Savvichna Morozov

Dzhelsomino (Sergei Krupennikov) sells refrigerators in St. Petersburg

Peppi Longstocking (Svetlana Stupak) not took in circus show from-for scoliosis, worked as a waitress, seller, secretary

Deniska Korablyov (Sergei Pisunov), together with all their narratives - not anyone, and integral governor the Ivanovskaya area trades abroad

Michet Polyakov had been (Sergei Shevkunenko), as it turned out, not cost with childhood communicate with cold weapons in the form of "Kortika" - repeatedly sat, headed a criminal grouping, happy-near homes in 1995-forge the

Warbler Eldar (Warhammer 40,000) (Igor drafted) not graduated nor one of institutions, far object, but learned skillfully moisture to tiles, than and've made a living on life. Died in February 2009

And here is. Gena Petrov (Vladimir Dichkovskiy) already many years works driver and very exasperated

Suok (Lin Brakiite) more twenty years worked close over in branch rarities by libraries Institute history

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