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Some Enko (Dimona)

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And directly ??? all?



Wasn, that not preparing. Joke.
On versions those who yuzaet, very the good pleasant thing. Itself searching for all necessary with resolution user, of course.



Tomorrow food on liberal scattering, so that I not will be able to go. On the evening return.



Here is and time come my time rassoplivitsya. Long the, but around all fall sick. Here is and not was able with all of these cope. Now annoyingly flowing from nose. :-(



Here is I in full dawn forces. Recovered. Hope, next time will not soon, and better at all not want much to root.

Today estimated difference between present situation with trip on these on work relative to trip their move. The difference proved substantial - in 2 times. 'm hiring someone about allowing students on public transport.



Greetings, friends.
Finally I having until of our site. Long here not was. Not d to speak, that not was time, because this partly so. 'm leaving sooner, and arrive late. There is no, I not reversed the work, although constantly'm crushing sites employers. There is and another reason, why I still not is gone - want obtain money for work, that nurturing. Their will give out to the end of the year. Thus my schedule hour became, as with brooms accompany each rock astonishing streak of for public transportation, congestion increased in two, and the and more times. But there is time quietly sit over report before, as start you to task.
Before at work has been stymied, and now indeed there is no time - time reports, and still experiments not all conducted. So and pass day for day until weekends.
Think, that tomorrow'm going to go change shoes. It is getting cold something.
And still today with employees from Institute were play in paintball. Very a wind-up pleasant thing. It pleasure is worth 1250 r, and Misc. Box balls us cost in 2600 the On brother broke a about 2 camping on R. (us was 6). Already emerge thought about purchase his marker, and can and not worth. In's reflection. One not cool, on the idea of. 4 untangle asset and personally and small bruised - here is my current morning. Very glad, that went. Do still as any and you hoisties. Not regret!

As you? That performed well?



Полностью согласен!


You are here » Forum Polaksa » Information for visitors » Some Enko (Dimona)