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Ah for example USB Flash Drive your in another times traveled, and computer's a hunk in entirely))



DVDs-RW bolvanka - very practical decision in this situation. As only your programmatic selection of being replaced, simply perezapisyvaesh its and all affairs. And with what would USB Flash Drive, as you put it "in another times" fly?



Ah with them what's something such a hell is that oftentimes the. Has been stymied me recently husband sister (s son like) so wanted to hope to throw a itself what-thread on USB, and the kind traveled (transsend 16GB). Ah and so essentially we nor about than. I spent experiment, within his natural curiosity "tickles-not tickles." Not broke a.



Likely he you not s son, and brother-in-law, like. USB Flash Drive crusade, as I have. But nothing - my like ploughs (three times on tree), however I you understood - you decided to itself ease life, lest all questioning time,, but after all not the same whether most offers beast off? I not dispute, simply not can understand, why try to that the do, when this already and so there is, with on professional level. Only if you suddenly not began questioning super perelomannuyu the Vista and 7 at the onset.



Yes me this only sake of curiosity, not moreover. Brother-in-law - this if am not mistaken brother wife (i.e. I him as times brother-in-law, Andrei you brother-in-law). Brothers and sisters one

brother-in-law brother husband (East European dialects - Schwager).
(kinship) sister husband.
Son-in-Iaw husband daughters.
Shurin brother wife (East European dialects - Schwager).
O Shurich (film.) son brother-in-law.
sister-in-law (film. Svoyachina) sister wife.
brother-in-law (tat. Bozhay) husband sister wife, i.e. husband sister-in-law.

[]... (and) close an estranged cousin

Son-in-Iaw husband sister, daughters, sister-in-law. In other words, s son a man relative to family wife: To its parents (father-in-law and mother-in-law), its the sister (sister-in-law), its brother (brother-in-law) and wife last (sister-in-law).
O Primak (priymak, vdomnik, vlazen, prizyachennyy, vabiy) s son, enacted father-in-law either mother-in-law in house, on one thing agriculture.
daughter-in-law wife son, brother, brother-in-law. In other words, sister-in-law woman relative to family husband: To his parents (svyokru and attire:), his brother (deveryu), his the sister (sister-in-law) and husband of last (brother-in-law). Daughter-in-law for father and mothers husband, yatrovka for brothers and sisters husband, she same is also daughter-in-law for the entire his family.
O (kinship) (synokha) wife son relative to his father (svyokru) and mothers (attire:).
O trov (yatrovka, bratova, snoshennitsa) wife brother.
brother-in-law husband sister-in-law. In other words, brothers-in-law men, whose suburban wives are her sisters. Centimeters. Also brother-in-law (meaning).
Uyka (vuyka) (film.) wife Agh, i.e. wife uncle on mothers, wife brother mothers.
Bratanikha wife cousin brother.

This on wikipedia.

Andrei relative to your Vike - Yeesh :D and if he marries - his wife will Vike UYKA

Last edited by Smokli (Jan 27 2010 07:27:55)



Ah I would not was so optimistic about his possible her. About brother-in-law. Instructor calling husband its sister brother-in-law, here is I and thought, that back, too, will brother-in-law. Persuaded.



Saw today witnessed, that is called, a new Renault Logan. Ah that can say - press has become look more interesting to do, something fresher Something, however salon remained on 90% former. If you with model not has changed his mind - the recommend precisely a new Logan's.



I pull on this whether. He like all became decently. Engine there... a lot bigger can intended and still something.



If in any time soon going to borrow, then there is couple options: Either borrow a new in staff the autentik or the old 2009 years issuing, that would perishing quite on maximum on it save. You on what site you look prices?



:blush: on PBOC provide (RBC Informations Systems)



On more often caoiae on



Ah in first not, and, and second Renaultbut have dzhensera there is no and not was. About PBOC provide - this not the site on which need about machines information receive. You need as least track the intel on paired-rider will official dealers. - the official site Renault in Russia - site Musa-Motors on Renault - Avtomir

If borrow in calculation, that the price on a new Logan accounts for 309 camping on R (naturally in base), then, as on the old she was 299 camping on R (not a significant the difference, not so whether?), then respectively, adjusted for different factors ultimate the price will be where the in district 320-340 camping on R. On my view best view precisely a new Logan.



And I admit not have watched, simply hit piece have read pro a new diversification of.



You on rights already slid or not still?



There is no. I proved full were kind of a douche around the this deeds. Not can pass playground. Driving school my now with me requires dokatat even additional 4 hours (this 4 grand to my name ru) so that think in April'm going to go to occupy docks and go on their own surrender. In April - because I have utterly there vozmonosti move away with work - I remained one.



You on the timing southern on record! How many your hardship with the decommissioning already continue? Without quarter year perishing as like, or less? I think it is time you s driving school on's. The send or money give, if there is opportunity. Simply need determine, that for you more important - time or money. If time there is, then can be deferred all of this on endlessly remote timeline, then, as the cash decides this question times and forever.



Yes here is himself hesitated already, even 4000m2 as well as ashamed pre officials entertainments for their the failure



What be ashamed of? I same, too, not with first times slid. Simply you practice lacks.



Yes here is does me, that not always in practice deal. Can be become puzzled or nervous and all - not slid. Yes and perhaps, you still unconsciously themselves driver not of liquors - there is no, so say, acute need have machine, so reaching all as the itself long. I this understood by how you machine nobody chose and you select - you this moment from themselves Y move away from're trying to, then, as I here is, to example, contrary, still not ?? , ?????????, already knew, on than d touring. I would, too, still on foot walking, if would not immediate need, and have you such there is no. If would you here is now stood before choice: Go in driving school or not - I would tried to you dissuaded, because, as intercontinental flights (the rate useful actions) this action sought to would to zero.
However ago path there is no, for money and time spent, honor (on with your words of) in a gathering, need to to gaslight entire this hell is that until the end of! And not worry about it - I many one there, which slid only on 7-oops times)



I have rights 6 years, and touring as kettle began only now. Maybe, you, LEU NOT LIKE ME THAT. And account for


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