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Some: Polaks

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Sanya, if you still not left: Need to will perhaps as in company you get back you part of up the booze in machine put an. To ostyvalo by the early celebration :-)

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Ah I plan be with Monday the evening on Thursday evening. In this intervals of can be will crossover and offload bukhlyandiyu, and so same juices, water, coke, chicks, too and a DJ (not right emphasize).



Me chicks and coke, a DJ you can to leave itself



Can be simply chicks take. All-??? 30 :-D



So! These chicks I by, look itself other. And why "simply-chicks-pays to-30" How times precisely because that 30 prostotelki bored and as something not kamelfo, and here is chicks with coke already tastier. Incidentally, Dimon, you with us you gonna go in Saturday for products?



Have Dimona for the entire must be a good reason and time on's reflection.



Ah I and say-let thinks where chicks borrow



Wu Dimona for the entire must be a good reason and time on's reflection.

Of course. Need to same engineer a their actions, to without reasons not couples without affairs. :-D

. Incidentally, Dimon, you with us you gonna go in Saturday for products?

Until not know. If on liberal scattering not'm going to go, then can join.



Anyways so, in Saturday 8 October, I despite to go on play. If who the wants to join - call me tomorrow until 15 :0 0 for I'm going to go for tickets, either you can call later (until Friday) and tickets buy on their own. Undergo the event will be in Crocus Expo, that on station Myakinino (Moscow Oblast). Here is site IgroMira 2011



In general so. Want to inform you about addressing, which need was to accept already long: Forum Polaksa is closed. The reason is simple - I more not want spend its time on the, that no one need not.
If look back ago, then can be see, that work in a whole was occurred many - on Forum almost 6 thousands of messages for more, than five-year term, 150 those, among which dozen the most active, some 40 realistically registered users and weekly posts and anything.
That concerns my personal of emotions on this about: When all of this recorded with E. Voronovski, I very governor intended on the, that forum collect the on their pages something community, people we on common topics and interests, realistically each other knowledgeable and willing share with each other interesting and mundane always moments his life. And all conditions for this were created. I sent out on their familiar and friends the intel about Forum, asked on opportunities be manually other people from hand, hours administriroval this resource, that would on it was komfortnshim lie, however the effect was is far from certain. Over time, me time come realization fact, that the problem is not, that on Forum what the there is no or there, worded to example not very is remembered. The problem in themselves humans. One decisional laziness glee times brains move my, other, hyperactive (as descends or my brother for example), quickly they burn out, third looms times in a hundred years, then login or parole forget, they're all laid out couple of times - not broke a, ah and get with him. And on everyone there will its grains a subjective is the famous. ARGUMENTY.
Forum Polaksa still word until the end of this year, after what registering the will closed, and users will not be able leave messages. Thus, since last messages will pass couple months and administration mubb itself remove resource, if I not can find the money ways to do this before.
All, who wants to leave messages, to hand that the,), simply copy - you have time until the end of 2011, later do this already will be impossible.



And I suggest simply to move on a new level. Forums have this of course well. But why not withdraw in the blogosphere. She, chief hand on heart of all ??? wins. Let us think of. Can to wage blogs? Make an ally out? Or there is option raise its site. I can provide all resources. In first there can be lead the own blogs, write news, with they will constitute on major page, there same write kammenty. To place on it convenient fotogallereyu, again same with pile-chip companies. File archive, where can be quickly download "never AGAIN game OLDschool" Dont need to should lower my hands. Need to move forward. Now forums have interest everywhere. I, for example, the heII have you been, because as, too, organized its resource, forum, for our clan in WOT, and faced with those same problems, about than says Sanya. Sit thought. Decided to: Deal In structure, In format the big info. Ndo evolve. Again same. Sashas. If or the, that I suggest, have you will more opportunities. I am confident that your articles on video, games, reviews, can attract a huge number of visitors. And if this deal redesign your. And there is options. Realistically work Lesse. Can be and earn. In as.

P.S. About hyperactivity characteristic, this you rights :) But you me, too, Partzuf: Son three years, wife a pregnant, mother-in-law and father-in-law require renovating, blessed requires love, students I have 200 people, work 4 pieces, + so it'm in command :))

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