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Pro RusRo (whom interestingly)

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Brought criminal deal in respect me,

The crux of the of justification in pereskaze: Suspected face, illegally rasprostranyalo on sites and, modifitsirovalo game and had services on game "Ragnarok. Online." Has license on this game belongs "Mados."

Lawsuit was asked for not Madosom, and ABKP.

Server filed on expertise, I until ``suspect. The indictment will predyavleno after the end of the allegations.

Article 146 part of 3

Further information closed, camping on K. This mystery allegations.

No explain nor here nor in another place I more to do am not expected, camping on K. This serious deal, and I in primarily am them, not 7.10 on silly questions.

Realistically than can be help, money. T. K. The cost of lawyers very great. The cost of expert examination and other ??????. Respective accurate information. What precisely espertizy. Not will, camping on K. She closed. This not prinudilovka, and not collection money. This simply request about aid. Not now. And me. T. K. Deal brought not on server, but on rights.

Expense in Yandex.Money: 4100124702421 (rub.)

About the Russian Community Arts Center I nothing against not mean, if it will created with own svn, and with zero base.

After favorable results affairs. Server, hope will continue their existence. Passwords on all accounts will replaced by and expelled on emails. Or will changed in other ways

In "to intercede I not d. This was information for familiarization.

When will have discovered server - not known no one. T. K. Procedural actions and judicial. In our country last very long.

Repeat, server not's covered and not closed.
This can do only Court!
He simply seized for conducting expertise

Like all.



This were comment about ostensibly split server administration!
Ah that waiting for continuation of!



Hi,, I the perishing thought, that you pro themselves speech threw. Okay.’re administritsii rusro luck and popadayuschikh return!



:/ f-fuck. Duster! You made lapukh quite? Exile on the subject I those long gave Hi,! Serv ZAKRYLINAKhEPTA! They would forum not zakryliby then and not have become on his place line of to do you Hi, head think, think! :yes:



Get killed doing it op wall with run off the hill in 10 of-the-! Theme closed as and rusro



Ah times such affairs popping out the subject can be turning a blind think. All zhelayuschiesya base write - theme this will closed tomorrow on the evening NASAFSEM!



Duster occasion STsUKONAKh the Terms of In RUSSIA ZhIVESh fuck And HERE AS NO KRUTI of money solve I fuck! Not tojust go to sleep fuck! And MOVIE FOR ears DERGAT WlLL be =)

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Want will ask henceforth on Forum to abstain from four-letter expression and direct humiliating of expression - here like all people with somehow the education hang - ashamed should be! There is thousands of ways express their emotions, whatever they would could not be! Hope on understanding of.



Agree. Stsukonakhom not love when someone call and himself for example out overthere words not consume a variety of, camping on K. Believe that people deserving normal to itself relations. Until not called someone for example stsukonakhom.


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