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I have was received, me relished with other light archers to swing: One from poporinga your around the circle, and the other is worth in the center of a circle and on this poporingu shoots. Sw in end quite quickly EU even on standard reytakh. Ah naturally until moment, when increasingly care. Economy will and to swing sickened by.



Here is only on zeni ready, right away permitted to 2 windows play (download for this nor what not need to), and still can be trorgovtsa put trade, occasionally @ avtotrade and you disconnected from game, and your a salesman, man sells) Nu very conveniently! ^ ^ I here is already Knayt 85 lvla, easily and very quickly prokachalsya technical this kvestu



I that the not understood - can be looks on experience to change? Explain that sentence, as this have you was.
And here is the reference on quests on shapkam






At all quests Dreama … wforum=139



If you s30 until 85 level the collecting looks and come to npts and all, simply



Problemney looks hammer out) I Sharp Leaf beat out, in Hroznyi, Academician E.S.Varga., so as saved on Muslim volunteers. And in White all not difficult, here is now period knocking



So same place for elite zeny from moba on a map can be enter from izluda on derezhable stalking in Rachel there 3 port upward and upper rightist complete, there very easily suppress the archers



T.s your choice Sharp Leaf? And pro any mercenaries you spoke? And where fall into Umbalu?



Sharp Leaf so as for them more just ekhr give, but only after 60 lvla

In umbalu Kaffir from komodo varpaet, and in komodo from morroka.

Mercenaries in payone upper map, on trapinke shift to the then to the left, there 4 npts need that from Left



In payone archers are employable, and they the most best



On them right-wing button of, and there you find automatically and their) usually I take those that under number 6



All I mentioned, in caps vyazannykh for denyuzhku like would scrolls?






Play regulation tonight?



Here is my, Skype polax811. Yes, despite.



Here is here certainly that need



Nothing there is no. Mistake betrays. Better otkopiruy the intel here with all linked on author.



Canada on ninzyu

) Let's go in to Albert search for Akagi (alberta, 30,65), he varpnet you in Amatsu, if answer the affirmative.

) Let's go to to the huts the center of the (amatsu, 149,137), goes in Whitney, on the wall see hieroglyph, underwent another series through him and see secret move, Go on him.

) Immediate, same see Oshkosh, Gai (rages organs is ng, 30,65), tykaem on him, he are surprised that you his see, tells that he waging a war with Wild Cat Joe. And requests accounted him letter (we shake "Accept to do the favor").

) Let's go in Eynbrokh, Suspicious Guy is near monument on tower in the center of the (einbroch, 184,194). To enter the tower search for Mark (einbroch, 218,198), are talking with him, selecting "Tower Admission Only" (10 zeni ready, right away) or if want apple nagging, then "Apple Combo Set" (20 zeni ready, right away).

) So are talking with Suspicious Guy, selecting "Ok, I 'll help you", he requests bring 1 Phracon and 5 Cyfar.

) We him that need. He writes the answer Gai 'defective, and (that pleased) varpaet in amatsu. Are more suited to Oshkosh, Gai, he says, that him, too, need help and bring such same things (1 Phracon and 5 Cyfar).

) When brought him looks, he will make you Ninja!



5.2 template: Stat bildy

Gob bonuses have ninzi the next:

Implementing - numbers dzhobov with another bonus. In brackets - final bonus
Str 59 [1]
Agi 1, 2, 12, 21, 31, 41, 51, 61 [8]
Vit 60 [1]
Int 20, 29, 42, 50, 62 [5]
Dex 11, 22, 32, 43, 53, 63 [6]
Luk 30, 40, 52, 64 [4]

5.2.1 Classic exactly a ninja - mage

Str 1+1 (Job)
Agi 1+8 (Job)
Vit 19+1 (Job)
Int 95+10(Job, Bazerald)
Dex 99+13 (Job, AoA, 1xGlove [Zerom])
Luk 9+4 (Job)

HP 4.8k

Under desire vit can be to send in in Str or Int, but in the latter case for the first harmonic will have wear that-either on Int, ideally this will be Earring [Smokie]. In this and subsequent bildakh is viewed one zerom because Nino needs wear smoki with a everywhere, and when in this doing Access Mad not smoki, there ClD.

This build is the main, and awaken from him not that Spain. Wasn that can be reverse jobs vit and Str.

5.2.2 Agilnyy exactly a ninja - mage

Str 1+1
Agi 81+8
Vit 1+1
Int 90+10
Dex 65+13
Luk 1+4

HP 4.1k

With so bildom very well will look couple carte Beelzebub (manga) 'and, but about them better not to mention. For achievements 105 Int will have eat food, either pump Soul. In this bilde being achieved 208 flee with Whisper. Such flee will save wasn that from accidental fall of Cicady. Achieving greater fli fraught with full loss of Dex, thanks to what on our SDP quite stop to pay attention. And at all build here presented exclusively for diversity, and pro him better forget. From this bilda can be easily try do something with antistanom (not hydro sense, truth) simply perekinuv Asterisk Gateway Interface in vit and condemning the Dex and Int until even more low levels. The only that emerges in head for such a bilda - tankovanie under constant nakastovke kaite from above. Naturally, need to constantly stand in tatami. To swing such nin will roughly as CC Cruz, using Lighting Windows and Snow Flake Draft.

5.2.3 Nu and the latest option, Str exactly a ninja-mage

Str 39+1
Agi 1+8
Vit 2+1
Int 95+10
Dex 91+13
Luk 9+4

HP 4.2k

Without particularly strong losses can be wear many hope and reagents on caste. If to do Str higher it will be already hybrid, not ninpo-nin. happy.gif

Rollout all builds roughly similar, first drip irrigation Int in district 70-80, after a bit Dex ~ 30-40. Can be immediately zamaksit Int and then pump only Dex. On bu from Int depends many more, than from Dex.


60 on this Forum can be find increasingly!) Koristuytes, not be too lazy)


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