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Fuck, Dima - postanovlenie Administratsii subject, within already the existing, and will you the world verses and songs, with all hence stemming.


I think, that should create subject, where would we could poems their put a.
Sometimes to mind many good in verses, in including and you'd always pit

And incidentally, protsetiruy pay a couple?



BMWs 5Kh
Beemer many run press. I have already a third such a're hijacking this about some things says!

Lexus RX300
Have "Lexus" chief lack of - almost not heard engine. From-for this I cannot understand on traffic light - I already went or simply all ago the rents.

For their lives I thank together machines and pittance , and troika , and enable , and gofer I have was, and a seven , and 8 , and nine has , and ninety Converflex. And here is that I you Id say: There is nothing better of our immediate VAZ 2112! Importantly engine not to stop never.

Maserati Quattroporte
Recently took me on a Maserati with Ikarusa. The sky and land! Simply there is no words! More detail in next time.

Volkswagen Touareg
Bought SUV Volkswagen and regretted. Good for our roads. Siguieras miraculously yesterday on liberal scattering concrete bloc, yes on road dragged her up total in it into the ditch tryokhosnyy asphalt steamroller so after all vendor grip see, and most ghastly now broken towing cable.

Mosckvitch 2140
Bought Mosckvitch and regretted need to was accumulate even a bit and buy the Buick. Say, he better is leading themselves on when cornering.

I on his century wash it the most different machines and here is that Id say: Better 2,041st star machines no! Its, dunked in build with water, then shook it and on grids. Only driver not need to deceitful, and the machine drive.

Subaru Forester
Car someone buys three months ago. Range already 2000 km. For this time distress one problem: Have child goes Triad on Russian for year. And in a whole machine exasperated.

Hammer 2
Want mouth its opinion about these is an. Think, that all normal guys came with me will agree: Times Hey bought Pugachevoi such a a wheelbarrow, means machine indeed of a badass. And perishing to view Kirkorov all normal guys came always were with attention and reverence. Because, if not in music, then in automobiles Hey always was gravitas. So same, as and in of advisers and phenolic!

Volvo V50
Bought Volvo and not naraduyus! Comfort, the reliability of, might, the speed. And is worth inexpensive just 20 100,000 the euro, that in the diversion on our of the krona was would slightly more 21 100,000. From Malmo before his Stockholm doletayu for forty minutes. Adnaznachna bandage.

Pontiac Grand prix
Today first time sat on Pontiac Killer. Until this drove Honda , Jaguar , Cadillac and a tractor Belarus , but only on a string on gender. What the impression? Painful for little bum cheeks from belt. During lashing lie on located a awkward.

Ural 4320
Bought 19 onboard Ural and the decommissioned stroller. A bit rigged and now I have my dream Ural with look! Three leading bridge! Metre dirt as on highways! Mother-in-law in wheelchair in cockpit quiet! Super! All recommend Ural with look!

Maybach 62
I that was buy itself Maibach with three-year-old age. Dream and now. 's'm postponing money. Chestiune in turn. Turn my already four times way, but I means "other proved. Incidentally, selling turn, managed to buy a small garage. Think, that years to eighty-I do enforce its dream and shall put in its hold a shell up my Maibach.

Bought SAAB-9,000 , but on first same the crossroads moved in in BAAS Ikarus. My personal conclusion BAAS steep, yes and the graver. SAAB recovery not subject to, and BAASu modicum would that, only harmonica it's torn.

VAZ 2112
Sold VAZ 2112,ll share impressions. Money complete pockets, immediately bought itself a suit, replaced the linen and followed in nightlife club chicks, too sack. Increasingly, 'm running away, about rest asked tomorrow!

Daewoo KR-15U7FL
People! All recommend Deu ! Have them machines must be super! I have TV Deu already years five without repairs. What only I on him nor watched, even porn! Ploughs as a nice little! In any frost Mark with one trigger!

Preserving tradition!
Great Wall ( the Great the wall ) closures; bank with a piece of meat (except shoferyatiny) within.
the Great the wall. Skin, Power Sreering and bones.

Nissan Almera
Sold the better friend its Nissan pravorulnyy. Through month have him there goes your ball box transmission. Yes and get with it with this box, but here is friendship something me now who returns? And money on renovating I increasingly would still to lend not d, under me box normal was.
Yes box, something he me in face reinforced. And here is friend already not will you give it back

Ferrari 550
Machine many run, hood made thus, that you throws in air, not rolls under wheels. Blow about windshield for you, of course, unpalatable, but includes natural way quiet fall on land. And then remains only watch, as machine moves away in point behind you



Fantastic novice writer.
Narrative, franked on bake based RPG based. Presented with original grammatical mistakes. (In brackets comments judges)

Name is me, Lobanov Alexander me 14 years. First can be bored, but you are interested in helping until the end of (post skriptum written, plizz).

(At have us is called) Tough Golaktika.

Year material. System the Sun. Planet land. Me Name's John Cover. Me 30 years. In 3072 year when on our golaktiku raid

Of the Patriarchs (hmm of the Patriarchs), my father was pirate (writes us Lobanov Alexander). When same all had operated fought with makhpeloy my father's and eliminated the peaceful ships, popped (father understand have him, popped) on planet, 's banks, killed peaceful citizens and nest pirates (his incidentally not of the Patriarchs a? Father the yours?) With this he of course same was famous for proclaiming the (Koooneshno same he was famous for proclaiming the) and, he made his itself many enemies. In one a beautiful day, when father was on pirating base, saws beverages (could would write even ate food) and thought as to rob Bank, suddenly building three of Tatarstan of the (hmm three of Tatarstan of the building Lobanov Alexander, milk this vobshe something proves sperm to your board, building znachitso three of Tatarstan of the) came closer to my father, and ask as his name is. When father responded they strapon gun and killed his (indeed day). After this passed many years. Mother has found itself a new husband. They have got married (Please) and was born I. Perhaps from of Tatarstan of the). When me founding 28 years I had fled on Mars (ah that say? Correctly made that had fled).

(The head of the sleduyuschyaya)

Date: Material year. 7 April. Time: 13 :0 8 In this day I went be stored by a ranger because felt, that soon will be a new war (ah correctly, of course, yes, chyozh not sign?) When I came to center Rangers,, me immediately same gave many backed securities which should I fill. After two hours I finally burst their (surprisingly). Me recorded in atryad JS-32.

Date: 3133 year. 28 April. Time: 11 :2 3 I sitting and watched TV (this he that? Year and a half goes TV watched? Ha-ha. Means so, year and a half watched TV) as suddenly on the screen appeared a special issuance novastey. In them stated about how as from under control released plant protoplazmennykh machines and they terrorizing golaktiku (was you my. Through 15 mines me time come letter about agenda on military base. Through 24 mines I was on base (he's fast too a boy). Me have been on ship where me waited my the team. Commander me immediately told plan quests. We must were crash through obaronu rings, sit down on planet (is logical suggest), find plant and destroy the uterus (hmm the uterus destroy the uterus the robots and the truth-means don eyes colitis) And here is we're taking off. With us fly (record):
50 military karobley, 4 been, and 7 karobley equipment.
And here is came the this moment We have moved in battle. Began to mosirovanuyu attack on middle, but they gave us Indo (ha, even would, middle of the she such a y- You know whether, slightly got a bit absent there such Indo will give little nepokazhetsya Where she, attack on middle began to). We lost many karobley including and 5 transports (5 transports so. With us fly 50 military, 4 been the destroyer not military thingy, isn't?, and 7 karobley equipment lost 5 transports Perhaps under departing lost, so ah okay) But increasingly ??? we.. This she this planet he did, he yelled kamondir.

She was dark gray, dismal, as if was home robots. And finally landed. Imprisoned from us fought the team alpha and play. We have joined him. Bravo tells us destroy spring robot from Left. Under-slung grenade launcher fulfill order. He zarezhaet down to. Posing. Appearing. And jazz shoots out. In this moment robot has time shoot. Bullet flies him in head (further thingy, isn't?). He not has time ducking--. And falls on land. Robot fell and man fell. (And where so much pathos in 14 years?) said captain (ah modicum would as the I not know, as something for diversity for example ah robot fell for example, and man sekam after all as here is more lively was it comes). "Guys we already close" - shouts machine gunner from party Delta (he the where crawled out? Only alpha and play fought near the?). And here happened these. Have all end potrony and that (from this I understand from this these aaaa tomorrow war I is content and that ended). We this not ????? shouts captain (ah of course, moreover that ended not ?????). All sat across and began to to think that us now to do (and robots in sight near gathered in Saver 15, to not hinder them to think). And here is someone from soldiers heard the roar of the turbines. This was karobl equipment (our phone 22 33 22 45, circle-cyclo-Sous something--Why worry then). Karobl equipment flew from huge the iron and clouds as if an angel from of darkness are apparent (marshalling literature kind of poured out). Karobl was's gut-shot bullets, crew was unechtozhen, and only tezhelo wounded a kept karobl. He pasodil karobl. Two soldiers with a hod took and to suffer a his to of an orderly the emergency aid (anyone me opinion attributes that makes quick aid on the field battlefield for a gray and lifeless planet robots?). I and kamandir took inside and began to boltability to lay the uterus (the uterusability to lay began to bolt ha began to bolt deferred a maggot). We imposed timer on 2 minutes. Commander fled to ahead and I with a self timer (in sight timer imposed but from-for native kleptomania relapse ending in [his with a) for him. And suddenly from-for center released robot the guardian. He grabbed captain and began break bones. He he did, he yelled (robot thingy, isn't?) Run! (ahh, ah in principle yes) and I ran (with a self timer under with the mouse).

After this explosion I proved in hospital demon consciousness (aaaa ). When I wake them, in chamber (Number 6 apparently), stood President (and six the orderlies). And handed me star in hero. And through week on news told the that another means has escaped (here is a disease what means). But this already different story. (The contestant bi written continuum continuum the bi) (Yeah here is so us and write. This means on bake? I I congratulate all with a day to fools and author this his especially, wish author wanting check out from hospitals, guitar` dazzle further star hero and do the most continuum which the contestant bi cross notes the contestant bi here is in fix question )



A rosskas. Roarin '. Thank you :lol:



Once in wood came Kony. And let laughing at nothing over all. First, of course, over vykhukholyu, they laughed:
- muskrat!! Muskrat! shouted they and higher on miss glade That after all were being called!! Bazinga!
- Chego are youse laughing at? oskorblyalas muskrat Whilst would in overcoat came. And the came and Harbor Bridge here.
- Otchestvo you have what will? Vykhukholevich? , they laughed it's a shame Kony Illy Vykhukholevich this surname such a?
- of our protection! poddaknula Owl the Belarusian such a surname.
- Tkhakhakhkha!! are whinnying Kony Pushcha former Swedish under the form of Owls What you have with eyes, ptichko? This disease such a? Bayazedovaya?
- Bazedovaya, animals! offended Owl Boor at night see!
- Bgaagagaga! But as in optics you want to come in optekari rejoice and in hands trumps! Of net. Await!
- Chego this suddenly? signals mixed Owl.
- Nu as what? Lenses Bansko's in diameter this OK what rise! Gaaaaaa!! not screamed and screamed Kony And on Architekten moves away material how many! Gagaga!
- Simpletons! have pouted Owl.
- statement, and each you cosmetics around eye of compasses use eye? asked one of stampede.
- GkhaaKhakhakha!! are whinnying the rest.
- Chego here is happening, and? released on a glade Bear, studiously tossed hands his arms by his side.
- Preeeeveeeed, Bear! you yell all lack.
- windows! and he spits Bear Over it already! Not d with you to speak! D keep his mouth shut!
- Call medvezhadnega! , they laughed Kony Ionou would open this safe!
- Gagaga!! laughed Gusi, while flying over Wallow.
- There are want? was asked Kony
- Yes-yes-yes! zaschelkali klyuvami Gusi, while flying over Wallow.
- Tkhakhakha!! are whinnying Kony you'll be flying! Proschelkali beaks!!
- Dont for you mangal covered with her! quoth the The Crow So that - fly, as want! Only wings nurture!
- my big mouth, brute! with turning point wing of you gander with the sky.
- Yes, yes! He such! Vyacheslav Churko black! jumped can rightly be regarded as I feel Jack vision check secure!
- Bugogagaga! are whinnying Kony What OK you, Zainka, you look askance?
- gagagaga!! - prisodinilsya Bear - Sacrifice tstol! I; him'm gonna fall! Pattstol! Pattstol!
Here are whinnying all and Kony, and not Kony. On noise cloudy jumped Lev:
- What's all the noise about here all? barked he.
- Kiso Station of the, you with no cities?! are whinnying, however in Raj, Kony.
Through half an hour of exercise Koney on miss glade not was. Lev licked moustache, looked around the living the bright blood a glade and muttered fed:
- Routine meat, and there same at. Need to OK measure know. Gnnnh. Little you with the lash beaten, little.
- You that with Horses made? asked Owl.
- [Crowd]Red meat I with them made! not terrifying at all Lev utterly pony-way I see, I see, pyatirublevoglazaya?!
- of our protection. told Owl and, too, neighed, I just pony-way. Not because that ludicrous, but because on Koney was carries a grudge strongly.



Ah and pretty messed up. Where you such dubbed'm diggin '? There is same on earth Petrosyany!



And here is yourself a nice, funky the from me.
Need to same so populous point call :)




And still a bit.





Dimon, and you ridic picture from themselves on that my block?



On monitor :P



A pity me inhabitants so much jazz. People treatin as their call neighbors: Konchane or konchevtsy. Konchevskaya mountains. Hospital appears, konchinskaya God I'll slay. And what any young the kid, public toilets there entire life, will write song:
- Oh Konchinka! District you my native!
- Oh Konchinka! Want I forever be with you. (Ah further you know)



2012 = = funny imadzhey






Caught Wolf in the forest Kolobka and decided to his sexually abuse an in the most's perverted form. Is worth and incidentally twists driving gears his in different hand, he. Through hour doughboy. drop the gun not weathered:
- What, not is obtained?
Wolf (twirls an archer's bow Kolobka faster):
- The, than, than you this said?

Lived-was on light of one boy who terribly feared darkness. So
Each time, when he was blinking, he lose consciousness.

Me wife tortured: "Knives homes obtuse, knives homes obtuse", and what children
Homes obtuse, its not worries.

Sergei Zverev has appeared for "Playboy Mansion"!
In Bolivia these poster on it drive away the devil.

- Comrade Colonel!! Me trickled in specific findings, that you often swear
Before marched.
- kicked the shit out of, comrade general!



Laughable and tears




55 here is here pro konchinku more detail.



Yes, age live-age East. :D



Opa :lol:! Sign In! "Journey from vagina in scrotum"! :lol: :lol: I dont especially liked dismal history pro Popki.



A bit humor for gamers.

Service technical support Merlin Inc.. Than can help?
Yesterday I has acquired you have sword
I congratulate, Sir, you have made the right choice.
He not works.
What means not works?
He not Self head face the dragon.
yout read instruction, Sir?
nobilis knight not owes be able to read! But my squire have read me its aloud two times.
Nu well, Sir. You took sword from its sheath, and the?
This is accurately? Check, please.
Yeah, I did, say same you!
Yes, Sir. Now check resonance blades.
you not should to do this finger at, Sir.
monumental here should sit? I made this language. I always is allowing so resonance dishes.
See whether, Sir, sword works several otherwise, than it, which you tried for lunch. The term sharpness has here significance
Dont cut a me head! I not owes deal in your technical terms. I the user, not specialist on gland. Better tell, why he not works!
A before he worked?
Dont know, I bought his only yesterday!
Yes, Sir. You anything did with him?
you confident in this?
Nu, I only melle his from its sheath, and the.
you not tried to whet his on their own?
Since as little fuss?
you better know, Sir. Can be, you tried to establish on him new mantra?
No, I'm using standard, which be together with sword!
Perhaps be, this defacing, Sir? As long you forgot your surrender sacred water?
Only Iicaa poured fresh version of!
I see, I see, Sir. Then witness, there is no whether nearby shapes sources black magic? They can create disadvantages in work the sword.
what are the still sources of, I in desert!
Dont need to nervous, Sir.
I notm really really nervous, traits hell!
Then why oh why why you so hard breathe?
Because for me is chasing Dragon.
A, means, Dragon nearby?
Yes, he already quite near!
exe, Sir. Outsource him up.
A if he a big wet bite out me hand?
Sorry, Sir, but medical problems outside our competence.
In next time I will buy sword in Morgana Ltd !
Nu well, Sir. Describe although would, as looks Dragon.
Nu, he such Royal with the mustache
I see, I see. With this need to was start, Sir. This nelitsenzionnyy Dragon, the Chinese forgery.
Read license agreement, Sir. Merlin Inc. not guarantees compatibility with not certificated devices.
And that me now to do?
Dont enjoy henceforth cheap not-name dragons, Sir.
So far, this he now me handles! And-and-and! Nots-economy will! And-and-and-and-and!
Endzins Sir? Sir, with you all in order?! In any case, company Merlin Inc. thanks you for cooperation!



Today on the morning in rail train woman told girlfriend who the next history:
Comes a boy 4-'s years from garden and says mother:
- Mommy, like it or, I will talk you poem? Only need to, to you
Would clap, you know in hands.
- Yes, son, I gonna pat.
A boy comes on chair and starts to read (mother under this will clap in
To break the co Ali mosquitoes, to break the co Ali '.
And some motherfucker will clap in hands.



- with, with, I not want to spaces!
- shut up and dig!

<mister_x>-one thousand where?
ToPT > I have Seregi!
<mister_x>yes me on Yeesh where you! Where-one thousand?!

- Yes you, Pavlik, studio of!
- Nu, not without this.
- Of course, what same you without this studio of.

Retired major Rzhevsky Reisihlke - records gusaram its dream.
- Coming I on the forest and see.
- Zhopu- are Hussars, perfectly knowing style Poruchika.
- Yes there is no, see a small house, so here is'm a match I to this home
And see.
- Zhopu- are Hussars.
- Yes there is no same, the door, precisely its I means in this the door and see.
- Zhopu- are Hussars.
- Yes, - flustered Lieutenant Rzhevsky, - and that, I you this dream
Already mentioned?


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