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And where same his take? On the street only dirt :)



Ah this question filosovskiy. And well that there, and the on roads will blackjack full.



Comes student on exam and says teacher:
- I increasingly have learned well, don, that want!
- Get, please formula of beard.
- We'll take him word beard, raskladyvaem his on 2 words: Bor and ode. Bor - this wood, and ode - bearing. Get: Wood bearing. And when wood bearing? When bezvetrie. Get without they hatch threes, or (Monika: 3rd-in).s =2 .71828, and in - the rate volosatosti.

- , from you can be call?
- Bankers can, only bell not break!

Telephone phone call:
- Kostya, cute, I pregnant!
- Wrong dialed Number. Wrong dialed Number.

Gets lost the guy in the forest. Goes on the forest and designed in alls throats:
Goes on meeting the bear and asks:
- What're yelling?
- Yeah here is gets lost, think can who hear it.
- Nu I heard, easier became?

The guy in a hardware store:
Sarah? - Give me soap and rope.
- you that, hang myself want?
- No f-fuck. Clean myself up. - and in climbers!

A foreman shows to the customer object - shirochennyy well. The looks in, in him:
- A why the bottom lamp?
- Nu as? All as on plan there - here is.
Gives him drawing. The customer looks at him. Series upward with their feet.
- Idiots! Here should be the beacon.

Goes Red Riding Hood on the forest. Suddenly from Chavez strange protruding head wolf.
- You far southern, to grandmother?
- Yes.
- In any pies on?
- Yes.
-. Lucky Charms. Wrapped in a newspaper?
- Yes.
- Nu-pay let-me crap-ass newspaper. :lol:



Conflagration in apartment Dana's Borisovoy
Oops all is ablaze - is ablaze - is ablaze - panties edged - bras surges - to - to - need to to vafelkoy - oops not helps - ketchup - oops not helps - whisky - eek! He's here stronger is ablaze - ahh evoked the water - oops yes not to drink to - hoorah that hoorah that - has been extinguished!!
Aaah what all you - you panties edged - bras wet - dry need to dry - where matches?



Twentieth Party Congress Bolshevik Party. MP:
- Study, learn and learn. As bequeathed to the great Lenin.
- Yes not bequeathed to I! The handle pitch telling!

- If buy party Chinese hours and to return on 20 years ago, sell their, then buy on these money bucks on 60 kopecks and to return back in present. Or create xerox, which would copied matter and gets clubbed gold.
- So. Understandable. Messrs. ministers. What still will proposals to raise economy Russia?

Comes father for son in nursery school. Have him ask:
- Which your?
- A what the difference? Would still tomorrow back to wage.

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Dream and laughable - best drugs, but not under ponose.

News with orbit:
Only that Pakistani satellite crossed border with Afghanistan. Further workers for @ # that his pull.



The entire this's highly vaunted and destructive struggle for demography of as something not notice, until not come in pharmacy and not prichine, as fatally rose condoms.

In 2008 in Russia is expected change fucking condom

Say - not lucky, if black a you eggs nibble your.

New slogans for leading transfer of "ask Weak link":
- Who not studied under in technical training colleges, because not past on Fulbright Competition "2 seats on human"?
- Who are on 25 years had been given puzzle from 4 pieces of?
- Whose mother been mulling that a room from beer?
- Whom do in the bowling alley seized for head three fingers and defied in bowls or?
- Who dancing under Serdyuchka his clear-sighted?
- Who made Birdhouse from guitar and forgot to lift string?
- Who makes will re a chest X-ray, because, that blinked my eyes?
- Who on the first April of pooped itself under the door, telephoned and escaped, and then returned and started bawling?
- Who are parents was allowed gulyat late, and themselves have retreated?

If us and Arabian on life fuck this shit up, then let this will be not from of herring with milk, and from trout with crema.

- what are the you have plans to third millennium?
- Nu quite modest, greater his part of I will dead.



Times year.
The ma - this as the on English so.
Trigger to - on French.
Axis En - one senses Vallejo-yang some
And only in the title "Ves! On. "Will easy Russian materok.

The devil wears "Prada", leads "love", writes on "hell", of us steals apples from
Day-care services, listening anymore Stashevskogo Vlad, dance.Is with watchman "distilled-the vodka
It, not skips nor one parade, to $Duram everywhere have us reward,
And I would wrote still, but me work nada.

Somehow would creative an artist, by sculptor, engaging writer, poet or musician you would not was, one dick not'll come up with, what on 8s March give.

Cows very loved milk. But not dotyagivalas.

The entire this's highly vaunted and destructive struggle for demography of as something not notice, until not come in pharmacy and not prichine, as fatally rose condoms.

My God molitvakh so to I lived as in fairy.
-b-E @ I yes not in this.

You not paid taxes? You can sleep quietly. Amnesty.

In another times Tony, I follow it until your specific findings, that proposals in my worded, contained in your maillist not represent for me interest. Am asking to exclude my worded from your spam-leaf.
Hope on understanding of with your hand.

Far: Two friars: Blazhei Suska

Predilections Russians to alcohol consumption explains severe climate engineering their countries.
Any weather in place tenure Russians is considered severe climate engineering.
So and today - weather a golden, and climate draconian.

In school are taught dress totalitarian state pm) of way (verbatim speech teacher in real life, on B Toys just):
- v to 4 finger in pushed Passage and draw, until blackjack not will contrary eyes.



- still times me in okay you gonna kill, I heave I'll fucking kill! You como chingas! Let-pakochatstso
- Nu and as you me about to fail, nyubay?
- bitch, you 14 year-old-tard, live on Armenia 2020 project director By Marx 47, 27.
- I fuck will assume and I'll fucking kill! Trust me deer, me go 10 minutes, have us network localized Baran!
- well. Pokachatstso help?
:lol: :lol: :lol:



The blonde drove past farms on its machine. Porovnyavshis with a farmer,
She asked:
- statement, why have the cows there is no horns?
- Nu. Think it should be, cattle can inflict great damage to their horns. So
We their're sawing. Sometimes we also use for this goal acid.
Finally, many breed cattle specifically transferred bezrogimi. But the main
The reason, on which this cows not has horns in is, that this - horse

On days near Moscow gorbushki pirates conducted Professional share,
Under cries crowds razdaviv dozer about thousands of royalties levied compact disks (with steeply was would.)

Laid off two is illustrated from pharmacies, they complain each other:
- I got laid off for beskulture.
- A me laid off for culture!
- Comes With A one, asks condoms. I him has challenged the on shoppers.
And he: "That you flinging him?" And I him: "Can, you still and on # Yeesh clothe?" Here is and
Laid off for beskulture.
- A in our pharmacy, too, goes the guy and asks condoms. I
Him culturally on shoppers marked, he said: "Thank you." I him: " s @ $ter
On health! "Here is and laid off for culture.

't seek itself home stabilizer tension. Light bulbs eyes at once have become as the perishing too actively. Lazayu on sites in search of suitable model, and their it turns out until heap. On what site saw not Id say, lest not advertise, but rewarding for, TAB as there is:
"Stabilizers tension @ @ @ retain performance in range temperatures from rising environmental from - 450 Since until + 450 Since."
Upper limit for those who lives in the volcano of, this is understandable, but where have been partying peppers in temperatures below of absolute zero? The puzzle.


31 … ikojj.html has a little panache



A bit old jokes:

Route the simplest crackdown letters from draugi ir could make as epic
Ognesruchka, so and absolutely nepolitkorrektnaya Negrosuchka. And what he wants Since New
Year turns into more aggressive - Shit-stupid with in smoke!

Goes operation. ?????? tragic voice ailing:
- Doctor, I seems, not to.
- Yes be moreover not can! Dr. primary continues to begin operating.
- Doctor, honest word, I not sleep already.
- Yes drop you! Dr. makes an incision.
- A-and-and! Painful for!
- Kvartalnye you, and carried not to.
- I same you spoke.
- Nu and now, don't speak itself in a wash cloth. With with chloroform,. Incidentally, give him still.
- Junkie. Dr., and still can be?.
- Bankers can.
- Junkie. And still?
- Bankers can. Give him rubber mallet on the forehead. Boom!
- Wild [kayf]. And still rubber mallet can be?
- Enough with you, and the quickly get used.
- Doctor, ah as there? This is dangerous?
- The patient aged, you me stop.
- I can and leave.
- No perishing, stay with. Nothing dangerous there is no. Bullet has passed myself, not hit by offending vitally
Important centers. Incidentally, that for a cretin in you could only shoot?
- Why a cretin?
- So wasn OK so are shooting! Slightly above need to borrow, and further left than that, further left than that.
- Everyone very simply, Dr.. Blood I late on the evening with woman in bed, no one,
Except women, not'm touching, and suddenly, Wipeout format! Bah! Husband came.
- A! Means, husband could only shoot?
- Which there! Listen to further. Means, 'm flying I with balcony, no one not'm touching, and
Suddenly, Wipeout format! Bah! 'm falling on favourite dog district a Kiev investigator.
- Javadxan, means, precinct could only shoot.
- He, of course, could only shoot, but enter nor never not fell. Means, aaao I itself naked
On the street, aaao, no one not'm touching. And suddenly, Wipeout format! Bah! Hear, obey someone is catching up with.
It turned out, sekret-murderer on sexual soil.
- Is, he could only shoot?
- No, this just me lovingly was choking. Well, near rockers on motorcycles
Have fun aoaee. We with this a maniac three quarter from them escaping.
- So these, that whether, blasted away?
- Yes that you! This same children, Ltd.. Truth, poor maniac to the all-???
Got estampeded.
- Nu and you something when, finally,, they're gonna shoot?
- A you listen to. Means, get a few steps I, from sin, in commercial Music, have been arguing
Pull the first popavshiesya trousers and suddenly, Wipeout format! Bah! Somehow this behaviour for.
- He fired?
- No, I shot my way out. Because as here same for me in Music building the Racketeers.

- 're more than mates, means, blasted away?
- Why them to shoot, they triggered us on open and acted with a blowtorch.. Well,
Behaviour for before death managed admit, that I here nor under than. Me and have receded.
Released, and squarely on meeting the Beautiful girl from inturistovskoy the hotels goes.
And I, as out of, covering up not managed. She reaches from sumochki a pistol and Wipeout format! Bah!

- Hit?
- Hit, and not times, only a pistol she has was gas, nervously-nerve
- So who same in you, traits a man, then tooth made?
- have said: So, come I under morning home to wife, naked, with blue from beatings were a hatchet face, yes
Still under gas. No one now touch am not expected, and here, Wipeout format! Bah! Somehow this father-in-law
With double-barrel.
- Yes, crushed?
- Yes.
- Nu finally!
- Jeunet shot your wad off in strong loin.
- Listen, sick, I on your place after this went would and shot.
- So and that you think, I here you have blood?

Alexander) Mr., and why you me call it Olga Aleksandrovna? You thusre trying me say, that and I must to you turn exclusively named-PETERSBURG? Could would so me directly and say, I would increasingly realized
Yes, in principle, there is no Just me so likes, I and daughter its ve heard oftentimes the call Anastasia Aleksandrovna Sometimes, truth, - ass with handle Smile)
Aaah No, then let us perishing better named-PETERSBURG



Stages of joint life
Phase the first: Romantic

The first weeks joint residence characterized heightened GX both sides, frequent sex on kitchen, in a bath, in bed, on the wall, on hotel presents and God knows where even.

The girl's aunt daily shaves her its feet and suits beautiful cowards even under jeans, itself is in of shock from their culinary talents, the entire apartment in wax podtyokakh from place candelsticks. A man, too, always smoothly-shaven, socks neatly hides in unknown place, washes tableware, resigned implementing various garbage, humpin 'expensive products, boils coffee each and brings his and support in.

But: Realistically oWn clothes about how would imperceptibly to have a little poo. Fart and smell like in the bog romantic the beauty of raze impossible. Not bring swimming away a turd turns into problem seat of universal scale.

Phase the second: Privykatelnyy

The first six months joint residence characterized gradual ustakanivaniem. Implementace the problem faded, red cowards from natirayuschego of anus tulle gave way to place glitterati Belyeu has, inflows from candelsticks otskobleny. Sex regular, but increasingly traditional. Its feet shave much of anything daily, but can be already afford slumming in apartment in the old got an exploded shirt with big banner Zh. Pa (gift friends on 18-anniversary).

The girl's aunt Crosses on the traditional menu, and the and at all on, like, McDonald's or crab wand. A man would cease wash tableware, but garbage and dog still for him. In general, increasingly well.

But: In this period begin the first squabbles pro razbrosannuyu clothes, suffered against boots, you dirt and for other nonsense on stilts, Kaneshna, but tyotkinskaya nature such things forgive not of! Severe time, survive the fittest!

Phase the third: MOLODOSEMEYNYY.

The first and a half-two years joint residence this already suryoznye relations. Mothers and Pope already you have married, await not rather, when can be will ask relatives with Ukraine, to devour by publicists in kitten heels on everything wedding. In this period are priced role, are distributed duties someone Hypnotizes distribution budget, someone economic problems and camping on D. (with in the last time I increasingly encounter couples, where the first engage in aunt's, and the latest men, so that these role not aksiomatichny).

Sex on desire, izmordovannye office lives couples increasingly ostentatious find in itself forces on this fizkulturnyy feat. The girl's aunt is borne sleep in Baykovoy nightgown, though in the duckies and scores on daily soothing shave legs, a man each scratching the eggs and Yes. Roaming on apartment in reached out his boxers. A fart in toilet and nepotoplyaemye shitsnacks reason for family up funny, friendly family spread clothing reason for pileniya, garbage and dog on mood.

Phase the fourth: Family.

Three the five years joint wait, there is whether a stamp in passport absolutely no matter. About, this a remarkable time! The girl's aunt and a man so connected, that without problems engage in such great things, as whereby inside the each have friend on back, the study of and treatment number of illnesses each other, flitting around on apartment in stubbly feet and armpits of yours, in difficult cases in and promised to and filthy lab. Budget overall, tableware moyot weak, dog's dead, London build would be rendered after sustained psychological processing.

Say, on this period account for the most big the percentage of divorce as any routine, family life can bored: Pimples on back forces routinely can lose red tyulevym cowards of Greece the other aunt's.



Answers on letters girls-teenagers in journal "oopss &:

He pencils me from studio

Have my guy there is its own group. But on I Capuleti e he pencils all girls from studio and leaves some apples, explaining this is all the, that us nothing to acquire to do under creative way process. But, I swear to, me, too, very likes music, that they play, and I live those songs, which they sing. But debate with my guy futile. This normally?
Of light, 16 years
Of course normally! He you, perhaps, already the second year on get laid breeds, and maximum what achieved - dead lift-dead lift on landlord. Here is and became kid bluer Caspian Sea, made you wanted. Poryutsya there in ass with group of dudes from groups and Lost they curse aunts on than for good reason. - Yes, Vasya, yes! Ah, deeper! Deeper, baby Cri-Cri! , too, me Ellen and guys vyiskalis. Here is from-for such dinamschits as you we and lose normal caramel and. Forever you kisses on twilight give, vodka, ice-cream and songs under moon. And that guy already a third lightning on your fly changes, and hands have him in bloody damn blisters this you not worries. So that just deserts received, tuneyadka were such a frigid!

Me consider drag

Recently we with parents have retreated in the other district, and I devolved in another school. I engulfed in bad class, there all smoke, use the. And I not drink and not smoke, so need to me having a larf, have been miscalled drag. Homes I one life, but, and in school quietly say, 'm too shy, blocking. Raze not can with a cope!
Albina, 15 years
Albinochka, not be a stranger! Let one of his classmate's once will find you lying in toilet in a puddle of's like vomit, with black establishment under eyes, in environment heap bulls, several bottles vodka and used syringe this the most healthy way affect your an unspoken whose schoolgirl rating. Stop it bathe, has empty the bottle, go start a friends among punk and drug users. Any pervoklassniku known, that if you are you drinking, smoke and've been hanging around, then steep you only ass Margaret Thatcher. And all, who calls you drag, let in tell Abe with a tire iron. Gee, the, up Banbury way, koldyri homegrown.

I such a Yechie

My guy me very likes. But he wants to address sex with me. I until refuse, want preserve exercised until wedding. And he very strongly insists. Recently he said, that if I not'm gonna touch his a member of hand, then he me would cast a. I very felt alarmed, thatm gonna stay one, and touched. And then from his member to sperm and messed up me hand. I such a Yechie, hate themselves for this!
Olja, 17 years
Music is cruel, on-my you're exaggerating tragedy. Ah jizzed all over he you hand, ah and that That if would he asked you poop on transparent table, and himself in this time lay would under him, looking on falling excrements, masturbated and ter its ass brushing for cleansing toilet attendant In this case I would have seen the some reason for concern. And here something business on two minutes: Handle do That have us in the classroom girl one was, Yulia a, so she for pie with jam on it such blowjobs had been, you'll swing! And perishing to for homework in Physics whose any a warhead 'to cuddle, so this at all not question. And nothing: Grew, has become the ballerina. All grade to England!

I strongly comfortable with it

My thumping looks an underdeveloped. The young boys not pay on me attention. And I want, to I have was guy, love. All girls as girls. And I very comfortable with it from-for this and not feel themselves beautiful a. Help me, and the I not know that with a will make!
Tanja, 15 years
Yes, Tanja, you the latter'm ugly! Have you never will guy, and during her the evening you regulation sinyachit in toilet, because nor one a normal kid not wants with you dance. Listen, there is no greater pathetic pieces of shit, than a small thumping. , hoy, lighter so, perhaps, you call in the classroom And not scare us their suicidal inclinations, loosely you hang myself something. Have such rakhitichnykh these crying women as you there is no nor normal of tits, nor character. Incidentally, soap and rope you you can find in gospodarchomu no clothing left. Ha-ha-ha. Kidding, of course same I kidding, Tanya made them. All with you in order. Have many women was a small thumping, but they trained themselves science and not oblamyvalis. Maria Sklodowska-..., Sophya Kovalevskaya - let these gigantki thought will you example. And boys leave their more with sex appeal girlfriends, nothing to acquire you on them time spend.

I have until now no one not was

Me already twelve years, and I have until now not was sex with guy. All my grade to say about their guys. That they with them kissing, hugging and then make this. And I felt themselves backward. Can be I have any problems?
In, 12 years
Not, you not backward! You simply you stupid! When me was twelve years, I all the boys all with cleanup detail, mentioned as Alisa Selezneva did me great blowjob with melafonom in the hands of, and around on its knees crawl Cristina Orbakajte and Ijevan to leave it get back a little. Still I, mentioned that Katka from 9 B and Natalya from 11 A once have closed with me in school the locker room,, handcuffed me green condom with has and asked their to qualitatively shag me,. But on fact in the time the most erotic, too event my life was masturbation in toilet on air fireplace input with Mickey-Mouse faces.

This simply terribly (DIKIY pretty messed up)

I am masturbating with thirteen years. But then all was normal. And recently I month consecutive used to masturbate on various connections. Usually with a candlestick. And now leftist gender lip I have had turned black. And has become more right-wing. This is so terribly looks. I have there is guy, Arthur, we love each other. He hinting, that wants to me. And I fear, that when he ??? my razduvshuyusya black lip, then not wants me know. That me to do?
1947, 16 years
I figeyu, costly proposal for. You it comes still baseball each have guessed that. Masturbate or a piece of fittings. Here is its procedure! And Hi,, Vick, excuse I OK psychologist type and should you comfort. Need to was say, that all normal, importantly to you not kompleksovala, and your guy then adopts you such, what you there is. And to you still the ob-gyn 6600m. But I you better purely townie credit recipe dam, without podvypodvertov. Lets take gouache on and so you're dyeing right lip black paint, for symmetry. And macho his threw a drink on just get him drunk until evolved to fortune and do that him how many of debt, until he green establishment before eyes looks. Or not, better obleysya on Red Square with legs until heads ninety eighth-gasoline and set a match to themselves. And made,, too, fun!


My guy constantly calls me's short-laskatelnymi menami type kotichka, pusichka, a little jackrabbit and all in such a spirit. On fact I know his not so long, he a good a serious young man, but here is this his "feds" a bit embarrasses me. Me seems, that on life he soft, you have a weak character people. As me his test?
Loli, 16 years
Ah as test, let-him with documentation by an iron Dick on... Gets married and immediately you going to check that. If he you here same will charge brass knuckles in oaaei - means the guy, carries! Ah and if will be left lying around in feet, lick your boots and beg beat his by beating can a until comes - means all-??? a bit you have a weak character. And at all this indeed not deal, pusichkoy and Kitten you to call. Let better a cocksucker calling or in the ass.

Bed reminds about him

Two years ago I met with guy. He been my the first a man, and after this his attitude me sharply has changed. Then his ex-girlfriend told me, that, having met with me, he met with it, mentioned friends, what I a naive its procedure. I cannot forgive itself, that gave myself to prejudice something anointed rapper. Now intepreter. with guy, he me the hugely likes, and me seems, that I never already not'd fall in love with. Every day my bed reminds about him.
Jan, 17 years
MOLDOVA AMOUNTED TO 23,7% to do need to deal. Invite his slick-looking a rapper on tea, and then tie this off to bed, type now a sado-M the party will. He a hundred poods's gonna fall. Ah and then lets take in hands the axe and-chopping his together with of love in bloody okroshku. Lo and easier will become, modicum as something escalate.

To sponge were delicate

Why so? I have on their mouths skin the and deal is beginning to to crumble, and case and so, that in corner of the cavity emerge cracks and not pass very long. I would wanted know, that to do! Help me!
Lada R., 15 years
Means so, Lada, not the to I was large Ibn on parts of gentle some Sponges and cracks myself in corner of the cavity. But, this most. The answer as would is obvious: Not on size lets take! Me now, of course, for such a the dirty g-string mujeres Absoposilutely are marginal and'll be sent in Workuta, Russia thyroid gland began boundless snow steppes, ah yes and figs with him. Incidentally, I look, umudrennaya experience aunt-psychologist from Kul-gelaL, too, not has itself in SPA treatments mess with over girl with delicate shelushaschimisya about a quick gobble. "Power up in its ???? ???? lot more eggs!", - writes you in the answer this nice woman. As thinly! From themselves to its account want add: Choose the least hairy.

Meet or not?

I love one guy, his name is Kohl. I know accurately, that like me him. But there is the problem. Still in the past year I told him, that he likes me. But he until now me nothing not responded. My girlfriends was introduced to the me still with one guy - Grisha, he me proposed friendship, I agreed to meet with him. And all-??? I doubt. Deal in is, that we with Grisha Middle, after what me was terribly not on itself, simply poorly. I think, that came wrong, by making a friend with him, after all me can offer friendship Kohl - guy, which I love. So meet me with Grisha or not?
You, Lena, too many Brazilian serials you look. Personally I nor fig not understood in your other conditions will prevent. Kohl, hymalayan, Signor Leoncio Elias Arias, Juan Antonio, Marques de Samaranch Samaranch. Just got hustled, Hi,, here cheap petty intrigues -, too, me, Lady Winter bloody. Again same remains only guess, what such a friendship proposed guy Grisha, if you from it grown sick. Not wash it he its, that whether, its friendship? On figs need suchs unwashed good to. And at all, forget it you on apples and for other love-carrot. Bullshit this all! Better Mark has. Or Pokemon.

Why complicate the lives

Why constantly give girls 2008 and give flowers? I observed, that girls not very like, when one starts with them of the niceties. S immediately as something. I, for example, even celebration on March not admit. Now at all age feminism, girls on a par with guys lakes on snowboarding, commercials, skateboard, engage in male species sport, and we with them syusyukaemsya. Easier need be.
Pro age feminism we with you, Vitalik, slightly later before we are gonna wipe. Better tell, with no thisyou "Kul-[ fr]Gael" on leisure look at those, and? What 28.0g something lowered the, Margalit the motherland? LIFE DENIAL have been created you cloudy roads fate in any Speeler pafosnykh pedov - here is and the entire scuzz. Aren only, that celebration on Martha you for themselves until not acknowledge - not all, means, lost! I, incidentally, know one cool way to forsirovannoy change of sexual orientation. In short: In Day her paratrooper trying to dress its the most nice cute little a T-shirt, the bright shtanishki and elegant am informed. One takes and elegant manicure, pratik and slightly dye eyes and lips. And then under the handle with its hearty friend southern in seats aggregations uzhratykh harsh people in gay "Texaco. Intellectual a means. Outcome jersey!

He wants adults relations

I; Tho 'with guy, have us all is famously. But him already seventeen years. He soon, as anyone a normal guy, wants adults relations. But I believe, that for me, in fifteen years, this sooner. I not know, than same will end our with him communication.
Yes, music is cruel, described you the situation am familiar until Tears. Knew would you, how many liters vodka and of the cream causative agent I've been crushing on here is such here is-year-old runaways fools of all. And outcome zero - alone only "me still sooner", "mother not permits" and "let let us friends." What such you have with him communication on figs? Yes this 17-year-old this to the kid need to a monument under life put for what he hours... listens to your three times dumb Brad about the "moronic woman-khimichke", "dushkakh Ivanushkakh-interneyshnl" and "new sweater set Natashki." Let-same him finally!

As please beau?

Me already fourteen years, but I still not met guys. Almost have all my girlfriends there is good to, and I still'm just as much in alone. However, I like one guy. His name is Valery, he learns in tenth classroom. All girls say about him as about really the and a cute twenty in our school. I'm too shy to him even come closer. Although know certainly, that have him now there is no girls. That same me to do?
Hi,, ah until what the disobedient in Kul-gel layer letters sounds like Dickens. Here is, remember, still year ago such pretty messed up was - mother not sound so glum, as only censorship practice. And now that neither letter - Commission in the pink snot and mean weenie-tied little bows. Okay, will have respond to the, that there is. Tanya made them, if you this consoles him, know: In fourteen years I have, too, not was guy. Yes that there - and girls I have not was. The only, that I have then was - this personal computer and one vast list passwords to a paid-for service porn-sites. Thanks to which, incidentally, I and enjoyed large prestige have their friends. Ah and if you not suits such a the alternative build up an own existance, I can give one a practical advice. Tanya made them, nor one (I repeat: Nor one!) Valery not can resist the your behaviour womens charms, if youhim great blowjob under front of a blackboard during lessons literature. Ticket until Workuta, Russia, please. Couchette car, upper regiment.

Will be able whether I become model?

I with childhood want become model. I high, I have many run figure. All familiar and close say, that I have modeling being veiled. I even am in theater fashion. But I have there is the problem with the face of - freckles. I, of course same, know, that there is model with the freckles. But all same I in displeased. Answer, will be able whether I become model. For me this very it is important!
Heh, Arina, who you said, that there is model with the freckles? Nor fig such a! Most importantly requirement under selecting the girls with model-- precisely the absence of freckles! So that nothing you not shines in most prestigious modeling agencies business, so and contemplated. Ah not cry, Arinochka, not need to to be upset. Have one thing a means. In short, first do you go to bed under son producer model agencies, then under the most producer, then're blackmailing both and pumping what's of them of money. And freckles. Bullshit. If their bag hide - no one and not notice.

That me to do with such girlfriend?

I have there is girlfriend. We've been friends still with kindergarten. She simpatichnaya I would've kept, she has never was some day there from apples. And I always was one, still nor never nor with whom not met. I quite an appealing, but stacked. The problem is, that she constantly, itself moreover not exist, can the urge to mock me need to me. For example, we rightly move gulyat with intent contact with guys. She says: "Me no one not need, you can take it itself!". I'm act, I'm 'spinning' before guys, as an idiot. And in end them would still likes Anja. She even loses about how, that promised initially. Me, of course, for girlfriends nothing not pity, but she not Meets them, and only so, for window dressing flirts. But on next day she clearly's mocking me need to me, with a grin looks at me and humming: "And you again assessed performance.." I already fear with it exits on streets.
Fekalka-question, nice Lenochka! You, in the process, still know not basic the human mudrostey. Here is if turn soap in towel and beat them someone, then on the body victims not will remain no traces, which could would fix GSR test your people performed. Ah as, still terzaeshsya question, that you to do with girlfriend?

I fear his guy

I have there is one the problem, and I not know, as with it fight. Deal in is, that I fear his guy. He me well applies, but as only I feel, that he should come me, then feel like myself again nervous, me literally all irks. I'm all over the place on room. When I with him near, I feel themselves quietly, and until his arrival me simply frightening his see.
Heh, me why something immediately gained your guy: A clean-shaven the freak in a leather collar with the thorns and with his winning number tattooed on breast bultererom. One eye have yours boy replaced bio-as well as implant stabilisation red color of, and zapekshiesya brains spring through tooth in the skull. In leftist drawn have him rotary a circular saw, and instead right-wing - a hook with deadly serrations. Nothing, sweet: Sterpitsya - slyubitsya. Othersletters: Oops!

Mother us caught

Mother caught me in bed with my young man. Mother very cramped, yelled on us and kicked my beloved from homes. Now she nothing not wants about him to hear, although before snubbed to him very well. As their try and to forge relations with mom?
A strange have you mother, Lyuba. It what, more would liked, if would she caught you in bed with cause young man? Or with somehow any large, bald man in the pink cap with zayachimi ears and hands, cuffed behind refused. Prikin, goes to you in room mother, and this a doughnut in a leather collar with the thorns licks your brilliant, black boots on high the interviews and WHlMPERS & ETHAN GASPS each time, when you his hit semikhvostnoy Ieather strap. Incidentally, this idea: Can ambush such a performance, and mother here same itself will run tolerate those with your young man. And then itself rasstelit you and support, were to give the Pandora condoms and goes sleep to girlfriend who.

My mystery uncovered

My young man came me home and found my personal some. I asked his return me notebook, but he as would in joke became his flipping and stumbled on last record, in which said, that I his more not love: We on the eve have a falling out. Now he sulking on me, and I want with him make amends but not know as.
Heh, Olga, some - this pleasant thing a dangerous! If it comes my notes, which I led in sixteen years, anyone found - me would here same without court and allegations loss would in "Abarbanel" mental institution for treatment with electric shocks. Because far not every was able would stand read anything like "15 July. Sister again caught me choking the chicken In before mirror in its his underwear. I so upset, that even not went on the evening yield another sacrifice has pleased the Almighty. On-my TV polices the me. The entire evening from him sight violet radiation management. A cool told, that glue "our" not over me until for good?. " Trust me, Olga: Cannot be trust their thought paper or people! Only the cooling white friend, va valida urmatorul mandat in toilet, you can without being scared to pour its soul - he all will understand and not will ask stupid issues.

Hair and there and here

I have on the body is growing very many hair. Many hair on breast and even on the top parts of hands. Now they began to appear still and on personified by. I've tried remove hair special cream, but on this moves away very much time and cream, too,. Can be this what something violation of? Help me, please.
Alisa, this well normal phenomenon: You simply-plainly, victim circulation products radioactive of disintegration in nature. Certainly in last life you was head of major petro-chemical companies and of Iraq, the tanker in the midst of virginal-net sea - here is you and brought now: Karma, the entire bullshit. And at all I not understand, what you so are you nervous from-for, hairy right breast: With so an artifact can be for reservoir money in super exclusive porn roll. Ah or, on a pinch,, gender change - all then in okizay will. Incidentally, mature users use for undoing hair with bodies gasoline or the - strongly recommend.

And suddenly me will be hurt?

I have a classy guy, one we together already six months. Quite recently we first time decided to address sex. All is identically began, but then me became very painful for, he understood and immediately same ceased. In end have us so nothing and not was. He not against try again, but I fear the pain. Can be, I have something not so?
Prichine whether, spurn, quite it is difficult unambiguously answer your question, not with the entire necessary information. First, somehow precisely sex you engaged in: Anal, oral or vaginal? Second, no size a device have yours boyfriend? Be can he'm impotent, and because wore double twenty five-centimeter conductive pristegivayuschiysya a member of with behind steel the thorns? And he'd tie you to the battery barbed wire, simultaneously with your hand up to nipples with a six-kilograms weights. Or, be can, you were not alone, and unpleasant sensations you delivered house a giraffe yours guy, which you proactively was drugged under pieces of an sex-stimulators? You must still times try to address sex with its her boyfriend, shoot the whole process on video and send taped us in redaktsiyu - and we already here let us deal in close circle for casual-the other a beer, eh.

Cozy not

Last summer with me struck one very freak history. I drove forward in Visitors to its girlfriend, which lived not far from my homes in participated. Two were mini-skirt and a new tube top, I traveled to it, gulping for half an hour of exercise until this almost two-liter bottle kvass (simply was too perishing feel hot). 'm a match to its home / work address given and feel, that very want in toilet! Ah, think, still three minutes, and the end of the my to suffering,. T in upward mobility, he goes to and suddenly does freeze between floors, and light in it goes out. As then it turned out, in House fell down electricity, and me wife in this moment prove in disastrous would. Passes ten minutes, twenty-? I not can handle and as going to muddle its need for directly in would: Just sit down. Here suddenly give electricity, upward mobility is twitching, and doors are opening. To me heap people - and I sit the entire such a Festive and udivlennaya in huge a puddle of!
(Computers chime-and. Strongly, of course! Female readers "Oops!" Not transformed me to infect. Children mountains, that on advices.

I knew that about me would cast a

I met with man much older me. Much love promised Happy Endings. But he exploited me and deserted. I had a premonition I this, but would still files to be routed our love. Now me terribly poorly, I in depression, all time is, by, to placate nerves. That me to do?
Javadxan, a new history from cycle "like it or big and clean love - Come are always on the evening on the hay loft." Heh, Katyenka, to placate nerves need not only there is, but and to drink! ???? on opportunities vodka! And about invest big love, their own times and forever - all men...... do need only one thing. More precisely only seven (rule seven "Ventotene"): Frozen Cocktails, tailgatin ', prefers, sleep, write, organisms eliminate solid or semisolid and puke. All the rest functions, like scale compliments and confessions in love, not are compulsory for male organism, and because work in background regime exclusively with one, famous you, goal. I still not understand, why this not instruct girls in school.

Not hurt whether me dances?

I very skinny, and more precisely - skinny. And I have subtle, curves its feet, big its knees, and hammer - as stick. Once I analyzed choreography. Now I decided catch up with catch up. As you think, this will help my yet become more beautiful? If I again imbabers engage dragon, not'll lose weight whether I even more?
Figs knows about choreography, but here is if have you, Irina, aside from thin curves legs still incredibly much head, long Ehh... Knobby fingers and skin pan-blue color of - means you an alien from space, which apparently pigged out, kid wild mushrooms and thinks that he - girl Irina, uvlekayuschayasya dragon. Although at all hardly: Because I not know, what such a need to foodular action, to "Oops!" Start to read?

Me not likes my open

I have the problem. I high, skinny girl, but I have the last time is growing open. He makes me utterly disproportionate. Diets I not been following a, but try to put eat correctly. Can be, this any disease? Podskajite me, as to remove this sickening open?
The e-my, yes that same this for complex a freak show in Upse such a: Commission in the hairy women write, rakhitichnye aliens and distrofiki with vzduvshimisya of 30. Although at all in your case, Masha, all crystal clear: Have you aching open - means someone in it lives. Not of globalization mistakes parents - kicksledging condoms






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I think, that should create subject, where would we could poems their put a. Sometimes to mind many good in verses, in including and you'd always pit ;)
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Not want zakhlamlyat diaries!



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But theme remains open.



A good joke nicely! Of food even! :lol:


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