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- News from speaking. Mayor cities Tyukhteta made still 2 step to global dominance: Bought Zhiguli and he painted bath.

What the foreigner lost might with tyasyachyu dollars.
Such a economic podema Belarus not experienced already 10 years.

To people not much a new disk Dima Bilana immediately after listening, he posted on it timetable nearest, line of, a protractor as well. And little calendar app on 2006 year.

- Vasha machine Mark in 30 degrees?
- Dont know. In 30 degrees she I have not is a.

- When Belarus it understands itself with Russia about supply oil, it pays only for international telephone conversation.

Send SMS with texts "You where?" On any Number in 4 hours night and get ridic rhyme on its mobile.

Jumping with parachute. The guy flies down, past him is said that the other and asks:
- Revold Entov like it or?
- No.
Is said that the other and, too, asks:
- Revold Entov like it or?
Ah the guy replies:
- No, not want. Listen, and where you their take?
- Yes have you behind a host backpack!

A mans logic - this when by chain successive C2 we can achieve some well a certain goal. And female - this when with the help ridiculous strains of wit we find the first... gave you decision and announce his sense our aspirations.

News with Olympics in the US:
Today were disqualified all Korean the Olympians, for what during the final race one of Korean runners askance looked on American athlete. The Chinese, with best of seconds, also were removed with formulation "raskhodovali oxygen with walkways rivals." Gold, as and expected all American experts, inherited team the US.

Doctor asks its the patient if:
- you why such a saddest?
- Yes here is, Dr., you promised that I'll lose weight, and fat will morph into a annually reprocessed and will come out of organism.
- Nu correctly, and that?
- So here is these annually reprocessed not poured, and Coloureds in whipping and now she as stone. And here still these children!
- what are the children?
- Yes students! Before they me on chair button put, and now walnuts cardiac!

- Over that was happy-aircraft Sidorov?
- Yes for what, having reached until central computer Pentagon and look at on monitor utterly secret specific findings, he stole only monitor.

If woman nothing not keeps managing - she is faring work a whore.
If a man nothing not keeps managing - he is faring work as a security guard.
- A why?
- Yes because in basis of and moreover and another lies one thing and the same - sleep for money.

Beer have a drink himself, vodka stripped with friend, and the bottle give a homeless man.

Arcadius Ukupnik accidentally fell on championship poodles and won his!

Life in Russia - this tragedy on scene and laughable in BUFFET.



I are observed ah you himself heard as?



Radio announcer reads news.
- Today W. W. Putin not was able Myslivny from his residence, camping on K. Obscure the cracker stuffed me in exhaust pipe his car.
- (voice Lukashenko) Little one of your chips.

Girl! ????? Frozen Cocktails!
- Oh, you care about my figure?
- No! You meats and my vodka!

In ties with success sophisticated magnet "Dum", prepare to exits on screens Space saga "Arkanoid Plus!", thriller "playing tetris", history about the "Diggere", want is "Prince Persia", and also historical-gunman "- Warcraft."

That makes Russian when his team wins direct World?
Disables PlayStation and is borne sleep.

What richest nation in world?
- Estonians.
- ?
- They not concerned spend salary.

Husband with wife go on machine and private problems. To drive past one villages, they suddenly see couple of pigs. Wife:
- your relatives?
- Javadxan, father-in-law with mother-in-law.

Sooner on the morning touring well - the streets empty, idiots sleep.

One girl tells girlfriend who:
- After the second the bottle vodka - cowards, as hand lifted.

And created God woman. Being broke a an ill-made, but quite amusing.

- with! Ah how many times you to speak, that my Vasya looks, as real a playboy, not pleb.

Kirbalmandynturbinkasy Barshidovich - so lovingly call his teachers inhabitants sela them luck!

- I recently married, and vskope in my House emerged goplastyy pozovoschekiy kapapyz - my father-in-law.

And than nurtures your dog?
- Yes yesterday was bitten by for your knee ??? ?? ? ? moreover Outlook.
- Why? After all now there is a new "Chappie" with taste knees ??? ?? ? ? moreover Outlook.

In Odessa died Isy. Relatives solve, as would cheap to inform about this sad crucial spoken native in Israel. Have come up with and sent Ministry Isy all. Through week comes engender cable: zhyttja.

The writing within male wearing a wedding rings: "This a rare woodpecker was caught and hitched in Moscow in 1995."

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson marijuana smokers.
Holmes, deeply puffing:
- A after all you should agree, Watson, strange you have name of - Dr..

Than differs a pheasant from bean?
-, mighty son first are shooting, then eat, and beans first eat, then are shooting.

The guy in mark:
- Entrust me pack (Thorazine).
- We not can you his sell: This very a strong soothing, it sells only prescription doctor.
- Nu and okay. Give then Pandora potassium manganate (- I these the Martians will blow up see!

On Millennium Kazan on rmarochnoy Tiananmen was is placed in the Marketplace just one chemical WC.
On alone cash Britain authored) calls he surpassed even the film "Turkish Gambit."

- Young man, as same you managed during of archaeological treasures excavations, for moreover, to penetrate in ancient burial of, coming scrap and zastupom doing frescoes and Luster on walls, in search of cultural treasures smash it to pieces on antiquers domestic vases and amphorae, with a sledgehammer coming am a valuable sarcophagus, dated the fourth tysyacheletiem until our era, rip apart spread there mummy And all sake of two copper coins, found you in sockets skull downsize Radomesa I?
- A made? Ten bucks the not excess!

- mother!
- Dear, you something said?
- I said only that your new boots, which you negligently has challenged the in the midst of hallway, from-for which I stumbled, fell, has a tooth, broken cupboard and has broken clock so here is, these boots very suited to that a pillbox hat, that offered you your mother!

Woman on admission standards have stomatologa male gender. Lies on got, his mouth in freeze of the, Dr. something studiously drilling n?w then. Here have earmark is beginning to be torn mobile.
After fifth telephone call doctor not enduring the, success grabs for up:
- plaque there are necessary 6500!
- alley! (To exist, male voice)
Doctor: - You who!
M. Propulsion: - husband is!
Doctor: - Listen, husband, I now. Maybe, you I shall finish, she splyunet and will call back!

He not wanted to go in garden. And then mother told, that cut off, with him head.
Are looking on video - "In garden without heads"!

- Young man, ah as same you so, sold their liver, kidneys, necessary the brain, two liter blood, 55% skin cover and rightist eye on pressing. But as same you now themselves something to live chase?
- A made? Ten bucks something they not excess.

Is returning reaction from schools. Father have him asks:
- Nu, that today on lesson painting did?
- You paint mother again.
- How, again?! You same on past and year before lessons mothers draw?
- Nu, not know - teacher goes and says: "Recreation quickly, mother your!"

- unfond of men, me in army are.
- How same so, have you same bed-wetting and flat feet?
- I dont said:" For Germans regulation. "

Yesterday in or trolleybus Ksenia Sobchak has found 285 rubles 73 pittance, secular a lioness commented on this is so: "And made, 10 bucks the not excess!"

Under a new year polupyanye bees do laid waste den sleeping bear, under this chanting threatening: Do you like Honey Honey, Oh, make love and Premier!

- What better, a bag of Fanta or beer?
- Of course beer, try for evening drinks five liters my Fanta!

- That before condom cost three pittance. And pie with jam on it the five.
- This is OK as on eight kopecks walk can be was!

After September 11, 2001 the world split into two camps - alone stigmatized American flags have themselves in offices, on is homes, buy t-shirts with stock image flag, other - these flags thwarted, ripping up and are burning. And only two old Jew - Abraham defeated American Raul Marquez and Grammy continue to engage their affair - sew American flags.



About the penny decided to cross 20 metres lively the express Ever since appeared expression of "Four Uns head on on that tiny place."

- Yevgeny! Yevgeny, ah on whom you look like!?
- At mother again.
- zhyttja whether, Yevgeny. Strongly doubt, that Larisa conferences drunken lout zakompleksovannoe schmuck.

Fox - this very a tricky pet and it lives in a hole. Means, its need to made there smoke a. And best to smoke Moroccan hash! And she on any will come out of burrows for seltzer!

Fell English Lord on a desert island and there built three huts. When his discovered, then on question why he built precisely three, Lord responded:
- In the first hut I live, the second - this club, which I have attended, and the third - club, which I'm ignoring.

A Vasily long that was taste tverdokopchenoy sausages are made. What same was eyebrows a, when he flew in window leaf with conventional ninth building with a piece of tasteless tverdokopchenoy sausages are made in familiar.

The most cheap ticket tours on south - have us!
First time in Crimea - in commodity carriages!

First time I fell in love in kindergarten instructor. She was in funny bantikakh and pink golfikakh, and I for son came.

Proceeds husband in travellers on week and decided to, to wife him not cheated on, do robot which will its satisfy.
Ah deal for small - brought together. Under manner of your parting says it, that here is this robot, to its satisfy.
To he began work, need to say: Bolek, me!
Wife to live until this age without husband couple of days ah and decided have invention. Is coming to further and says: Bolek, me!
Robot long themselves wait not forced and immediately same began work. Initially wife relished but through couple of hours as something became annoyed to.
Here he making the connection, that husband not spoke it as turn robot, and turn his need to urgently, otherwise will poorly. Not long thinking, that comes over to window in yard, and there as times a street sweeper Semenych worked. She him shouts:
Semenych, tell "Bolek, me!" - I you bottle dam!
Semenych not understood in than deal became expected to investigate, ah and wife quite sucks already.
Agree on the the cabinet vodka.
Through 5 days is returning husband from destined, goes in yard - at all no one no! And only Semenych is worth its back on tree with double-barrel in the hands of and with little gun-shy looks, on sides.
Husband suited and raised a asks: Semenych, where all?

Georgians is worth near with school. Past passes a boy. Georgians:
- Shall with me, I you Smokywood dam.
Near is worth girl:
- Uncle, as during, I want Smokywood!
- Get out hence, dvuzhopyy animal sort of way!

s moribund Doha Development grandfather whispering grandchild
- I he had buried treasure!
- Where is grandfather?
- In earth.
- Specifically grandfather more precisely!
- Earth this the third planet from sun.

They go until dawn.
They - merchants black gold.
They - her with seeds.

In Japan invented robot, which but thieves.
- In Japan for 5 minutes rounded up 100 thieves.
- In America for 5 minutes rounded up 200 thieves.
- In Russia for 5 minutes someone stole robot.

Traces methyl in body Yushchenko not detected.
He simply itself freak out!

Putin causes to itself Fradkov.
- So, of food. Plan external supply on the next month:
1. Ventspils from a dead ass ears.
2. Ukraine from a dead ass gases.

Bake from Trade Mark "Black the Fuhrer" - does, cut out three cards in Russian village - and atoning and export.

For, say, 2023 year. Belarus.
Edulis revolution.

Ah that, the Beautiful, go toward!
- dear, good fooling around, 're paying road tolls!

Sit have a fire three: English marine cat, American green Takes and our trooper takes. They drink, 've been snackin 'on. As a if one musters, marine cat comes and claims:
- I can partly 100 meters under water, battle with an elementary schoolyard while enemy, blow 50 on 50 on-Makedonski and those same by, intact, to return home.
- Green Takes shouts, nourished German, bullshit this. I can partly half-kilometer under water, lay to them enemy, blow 100 on 100 on-Makedonski and those same by, intact, to return home.
- Nothing not responded Russian trooper takes. Only embarked and lift a finger member of doesn't burn fossil fuels.

- What the difference between - Windows and woman?
- Any - the same ability to of a thing to spring ton useless information and ask on three times reassert the obvious.

- Prime, and Prime! Here is say: Selling the coldness, selling the coldness. And there is such the notion of, as pig-bellied the coldness?
- Yes, Piglet, there is, only it is called jellied chicken .

Aleksander Gardonu ??? was lucky, that his not called Anton.

Nevertheless woman commanded in direction station. Its heart of cried for, it not like leave hence, after all here lives its daughter and grandchildren. And when she attend in next time she not knew. Near commanded daughter and clutched its under hand. It, too, was boom of. A small well, grandson strongly, he would... press to my grandmother's become. He, too, not wanted to, to she was leaving. And around the entire this companies with affected bags jumped out of one joyous s son.

- Lieutenant, you someday change your Trees socks?
- Only on vodka-with!

Son is coming to father and requests have him money.
- A you know, that in your years Abraham Lincoln - Can zapabatyval cebe on life?
- ', Pope. And still I know, that in your years Abraham Lincoln was ppezidentom the US.

- In live transfer of birth to a litter of. Year 1965. In family have were Borisovna Pugachyova remarkable date: It was born husband.

Decided to the guy throw to drink vodka. Goes on the street, sees a favorite Music alcoholic drinks, and says himself itself: Intend to make I itself task, in Music'll come by, and buy nothing not d. - I chatted with. Sees its favourite vodka, and thinks: Making this complicated, Jefferson task - buying, carry home but not'm pouring. - Ive bought.
Has brought home, put on the table, and thinks: Now'll pour, and to drink not d.
- poured. Looks and thinks: In his mouth pick up volumes K, but not Dry. - sipped some democratic instinct,. Swallowed.
- When force will! Not wanted to same, and stimulant!

A prison. Comes supervisor in cell and says:
- Today Easter and every gets on the egg.
- reportedly:
- Ur!
- That this stick!

Once in the Chancellery undertook tested personal affairs staff. Special attention received tested qualities character. For this Mueller coined its own system.
In cabinet penetrated Holtoff lied.
- Holtoff lied, sir Have a-the number of until a hundred. - said Mueller.
- Got it.
- What is?
- 53.
- Don't count on can be! I am confident, that you make come 35, but simply are afraid say!
- not, I wished for 53.
- This is accurately? Accurately not 35?
- Yes. This accurately, Obergruppenfuhrer.
- you are free, - said Mueller, and released "Holtoff lied - character persistent, the Nordic."
Went it's Eismann.
- it's Eismann, sir Have a the number of from two numbers and tell me.
- 48.
- not, 84.
- Why 84? I same wished for 48?
- A I'm ordering, to you make come 84!
- well well, 84.
- you are free. - On this this time Mueller released: "It's Eismann - character shaky, the approaching to nordicheskomu."
In the door there was a knock, and penetrated Stirlitz.
-Zagadayte the number of from a free access until 100.
- 77.
- A why not. And, this again you. Stirlitz with their banter.

If your child constantly on all sulking, buy him Trombone. Have child talent.

The first September, the first class. Programmer says: - Children, you came in school. Here need sit quietly, and if something want ask, raise your hand. Reaction pulling hand. - You something like it or ask, reaction? - No, simply is allowing, as works system.

The artist Ivanov refused from western habits offer fotografiruemym to speak "aeacoaaoe-and-and-from." By experience he knows, that smile is obtained much more natural, if fotografiruemye say "this-oscars, pal-are assholes."

Walking L with author Lars Amend based. Power--a period retired major Rzhevsky. - Dont worry about, she not Campaign, not bites. - Nothing, - replies Rzhevsky, - this deal remedied, - and is rubbing helpfulness tsigarkoy in yo 'face. -.

The secretary must know and well fulfill three team: "Sit", "Down on the ground" and "Fax!"

"Late, son?" Asked a contact in. With cleaning lady zaryovannogo your baby and lovingly slapped him his cloth on slap



The medicine first are called for and then use the, and beer first use the, and then are called for.

If a man opens the door machines wife, means this or a new machine, or a new wife.

For flew into my and awaits Li'I!

Ah stimulant liter, ah two, ah three, but get drunk something why?

- Also well! - said s son, IRC stumbling in dog and going straight in mother-in-law.

- reaction, not Jews are the boy on anybody a shovel, and the get sweaty enough and ppostudishsya.

Sick behaved poorly, for that and was EURO 2012 final the second time.



The Revolutionary the situation in family - the chiefs not can, then disaffected at the bottom not want.

Moisten your its feet - going to refuse tos throats. Moisten yours throats - refusal of its feet.

I with enforcement men in bed notve spent!

T in troops' barracks. No one no! Ask: Where all? Silent.

A pessimist - this man, which guy was playing 10 in vest, optimist prefers crying to in decolletage.

The Englishman moves away and not says goodbye, and Jew says goodbye and not moves away.

- I dont always was tpudno go directly home woman - first from-for poditeley, your day now from-for wife.

- Yesterday GAIshnik Arbitration fined. And importantly found to what Hotel: On pillow security a pillowcase nasty.

- In any cases hugging men?!
- When they gays or the Blue.

Flew geese-swans, and power--a period them sparrows-penguins and the nightingales-ostriches.



- Where is same you my little kitten, and? Ah where same you, and?
Wife with cuisine:
- I here, my cute!
Husband in the answer:
- Shut up, its procedure! I a cat't seek!

On open a new mines on tradition defied a cat. She and the girl who keyed the first three ton coal!

- Mom, can be I'll wear, it's a bra?
- Well me already eighteen.
-No-parent, instructor.

Night. Husband and wife sleep in bed. (Important detail - husband works gaishnikom). Suddenly husband in dream:
- KAMAZ, Kohl! Kohl, pull over. Yes pull over same his! Kohl. Pull over.
Wife, the third, tide is turning to gaishniku-husband and affectionately call whispering:
- Hush-silent. Empty is faring, empty.

The guy in, suit pressure, hay's mowing. Past passes woman, and says:
- Man, you that one takes?
The guy replies:
- Hay is strategic cargo mowing the lawn.
- A why in, suit pressure,?
The guy:
- by Petter Neksa love.
- Spit you on these difficulties, went better move from there love!
The guy, thinking:
- Ok, went, only in hammock. And - standing still. (This incidentally joke nicely I knew still years 10 ago.)

Coffee "Nescafe" made from enough, carefully selected have blacks,.

In of kindergarten courtyard garden the kindergarten teacher asks have children:
- What is most evil pet?
All children are:
- Wolf, lion, a cheetah.
And reaction says:
- Krokolev, have him ahead head a crocodile, and obey head lion.
The kindergarten teacher asks:
- A as same he poops?
- That so he such and furious.
Wanted to contact with beautiful a, and the kind why something grabbed for head and with shout from me escaped.
Pity, that I was strongly drunken, and the overtaken would its and explained would, why I have such very swollen face and where I found box.

Is leading the Savior their pupils on water Galilleyskogo Lake. Morning, pets market sing, the grace. All students go for Jew called Jesus, barely namochiv bands sandals, one apostle Peter, poor, poor chap, gradually immersed in water: On knee was, on belt, on thumping. Not weathered Peter, rode out swim, overtaken of the Savior and asks:
- my God, for that me retribution this would mean, .fat I begun to doubt in year?!
Boy left all alone He on him Jesus and do:
- A you would, Peter, behaved would, as all, on stones, and not vyezhivalsya.

Unprecedented advertising theater companies coca-Cola - in each 7 psychological treatment - ``better out - vodka!



In one office accounting, consisting of 4-'s dam. Strapon these Westerners sysadmin.
In retaliation he has done the next: On one computer, okay "deleted" button, "Start", and at the other "painted" second button,, in the same time, when accounting all composition courtesy of letting lunch.
The end of the the workday. Ringing throngs of heads of. The climpity:
- Wu me-button "Start" vanished.
Sisadmin as replies:
- cocksucker's confiscated!
Of heads of. The climpity:
- Who stole?
- Wu whom two - is the and stole.



Gophers - the most cautious animals. They become on rear paws, and look 1912: Not neck whether fox? Not flies whether "? Not crawling whether the snake? And the most supervisory of them receive bumper-on.

Child offender the latch is: "Flushed-and-and-and st, and flushed-and-and-thermometre, and who our Pope?" "Football player." "And who such football player?" "There is, son, such a profession - homeland embarrass."

- the Pope, Pope, I more never do with you on sledging or toward.
- Enough your whining, vezi let!

- the Pope, and a gorilla from cells not are waved?
- my, Nouchka, this only casava.

He was ordinary the cat, lay on furnace and ate sour cream. But army, the rest of and before him. Are looking on video "Ivory in boots."

Woman, in principle, as and expensive mobile. -frills many, and function only one.

Sit two girls on the roof, one the bad, another the good and spit on heads passers-by. The bad engulfed three times, and the good - five. Here is so good defeated evil.

Solar, the weather has,, neck a hedgehog joyous on the forest on back apple, he neck one enjoys, simply such a umilennpaya the - a hedgehog with were an apple on back. And here is he neck, neck and here runs out on poljanku, and there girl berries collects, such a a nasty little girl, years 7-8, in rozovenkom a little dress,, ah, too, the such a, simply recognized as from childhood fairy tales, all well simply right on, nothing bad not predveschaetsya, and a hedgehog that comes over to being and starts its feet snort (ah case such, so simply sake of interest). And here girl's flipping out, lack hedgehogs for paws, and starts his with the entire dope about a stump to beat, then about knee was, in general kicks as only can in its 7-8 years, then over head dangles and throws in a ditch, and there sits the guy - the entire bruised, eye not in sight, all zaplylo, Ujio... sinyuschi, lips, too,, nose times five was broken, and he asks have a hedgehog:
- the Girl. On the meadow saw?
A hedgehog grapple vorochaya language replies:
- Javadxan
- Tell freak myself?!
In school teacher:
- Children, that such tempted to?
- This is bananas, oranges, - says one.
- some gum, sweets, - says the other.
- This is ass 17-year-old girls, - says reaction with the first to South.
- Won-from class! And to tomorrow in school with father!
On next day reaction comes in school without father and drive for last desk. Teacher asks, why not came father and why reaction sat for of last front of a blackboard.
- the Pope said, that if for teachers ass 17-year-old not tempted to, means he when and should from him held on away.

Goes lesson.
A new teacher reaches several colorful eggs, causes to board Little Fritzie and asks:
- A boy, once on this the egg name birds.
- Dont know.
- Nu and this egg, from what birds?
- Dont know.
- Sit down a boy. Give you 2. As your surname?
Reaction absolves cowards and says:
- area on the balls. :lol:

- Dear, where you was?
- In toilet!
- But bond hot dry and quite not reeks.

Is faring drunken the guy on a dark and go along reinstate, but on meeting him the Young girl. And here is passes she past Outlook, and he lack its and puts to this video cancer, and she him replies:
- Perhaps me tights to lift?
The guy:
- Dont, I so to climb over this.

Traces methyl in body Yushchenko not detected.
He simply itself freak out!



- Why 50% women simulate orgasm?
- They think, that us, men, this worries!

A parent found in portfolio son full set of for a sado-M. Vecherom- family advice. Father:
- Nu, I so understand, claimed futile.

For moderate paid the angry staffer militias will visit on the evening your handle a wild child and will claim his, will pose in a corner or eat.

Known writer Dick Derumov wrote continuation of famous stories "Meri Poppins" - "Johnny Penis." In creative plans author to continue subject in-thirds book. Workplace of name future masterpiece "Poppins and Penis"

Theater, goes celebrated in. In spied a dark and total silence, only actors play.
And here from first ranks the cry:
- Doctor, in spied a there is Dr.?
With the mezzanine respond:
- Yes, I Dr.!
- Colleague, that for hell us show!

Went terminator in bath, drops soap, bends down for him.
Suddenly message system: "Detected new device." :lol:

And you exalted before session?!

Maintained brings the student and diagnosis documents lodge an.
- Ta-and-and-Hanseatica, not are working, means.
- Yes, not are working.
- Ta-but-but-Hanseatica, guide your footsteps if public prozhiraem, means.
- Yes, prozhiraem.
- Ta-and-and-Hanseatica, students we, means.
- No, sorry, student only I.

- Rapik, and your Pope where works?
- At dairy combine.
- He that, chief of of workshop?
- No.
- A that makes?
- In place cheese stinks.

A new option car "Oka" will be allocated with two efficiency exhaust chimneys.
Now, if your a favorite car polomaetsya, you can 07.00am - 03.00am daily his home, as a wheelbarrow.

Program "Taxis" on TNT. Antistatic two dude's in machine. A leading tide is turning:
- Hello, this program "Taxis", where you need not to pay money, and money pay you for the right answers. Me name is
Alexey, you as name is?
- Hello. Druz.
- A I Maxim racism. Until Vladivostok please.



Regulation software USE OF RABOChEGO ARRIVAL

1. Never get off from cabinet without backed securities in the hands of.
People, having paper, produce impression hard-working workers on path on important meets. People with empty-handed look so, as if they go in force canteen or 15. Except this, try borrow lot more any any backed securities home, to create impression, that you worked at determined whether and there.

2. Go quickly.
Staffer, lazily flaniruyuschiy on corridor, clearly searching for adventures on its ass. Move should very quickly, at times shifting to easiest lynx. These you not only performance themselves as extremely energetic worker intensive, every second worker time, but and give themselves from small envoy did: After all for order to to stump you, he will have first you catch up with!

3. Computers provide impression employment.
Man, monster with serious the face of have on a screen computer, has very is a clever kind of. Under this you can to read personal-, sit in chat or putting center. If behind this sport you catch boss, explain, that you pick up new programs and save companies the cost of trainings.
4. Guys hope on the table.
Only tertiary blessed can have net the table. For all rest this sign, that they nothing not make. Designate them for specific packs documents a thicker around the table. With hand last years documents look so same, as and current: Is important precisely volume of. Designate them for specific documents lot more in different of a bunch of. If you have been waiting for someone, you can cram it up ensured this man document in middle heap and search his there, when this man will emerge.

5. Answering machine.
Never take up, if you have answering machine. People not rings ask pro your health - they rings, to force you something da DO THIS AT. So not goes. Tap messages on Optimal time from time, and if someone left you message with a potential an increase in work - call back him during hiatus, when his accurately there is no on place, and leave message on his Optimal.

6. Artificial demarcation point or interface has the sweetness in relations with superiors!
Contrary, always try look, irritably this creates have boss impression, that you have) according. Spying on the face of with him should not go chronically preoccupied with expression of.

7. Leave the center with work late.
Always try withdraw with work later before, especially when boss still not is gone. In this time can be to tackle the purpose of or the reading magazines, on which you have not remains time. Going home, necessarily pass past cabinet boss. Please send him important electronic messages in-business hours time (22 :1 0, 7 :0 5), and also in weekend and spirit days.

8. YeII out louder!
Vociferous collaborators produce impression decisive, confident in itself leaders - thus in case what can be entrust the collective.

9. Top up the vocabulary supply.
Read computer magazines and select obscure
Words. Freely use their in speech under conversation with superiors. Hold: Him not necessarily you understand, but sound this will be impressive.

10. Keep 2 jacket.
If you worked at determined whether in a large office, always leave spare jacket on back slit a chair. This produces impression moreover, that you somewhere here and moved on a minute. The second jacket put on, when you walk around or decide personal problems in workplace of time.

11. Complain to the travian!
Where would you nor were - on manufacturing meeting, in the smoking room, in kafeshnike, on a picnic, arranged for staff, never qualified opportunities complain on as well and heavy traces of urgent affairs, expecting immediate decisions. Not't forget this important small beer! Day without complaints - the missing day!

12. 's supreme there in the stratosphere
Such comes not be easy, but by regular training facilities these well can be mastering the. Rubber fulfilled in Epygi got. Sit MediaPark or. Leftist hand with tree under elbow right. In right-wing you hold document - one-two page. Document closes your face. And no one sees, that you reached long ago sweet are asleep.

13. Konspektiruyte!
Will a good tone, if during speech chief you it, grant notebook and start something there quickly burn. Not't forget time from time according to shake their heads at. Burn same best poems Mayakovsky, because they implements affect in landscaping and with large number of vosklitsatelnykh signs.



This of course not to anegdotam applies. Anyways in small theater with marching band who make under castle in the basement with one window (photo of course horrible thing quality) filmed on "Erikson" T630! "




Large is pleased start pressing hard on its and she black not will. I. Head on the right skew need to))




Expensive, where you was?
- I was on a run.
- pics, but shirt hot dry and quite not reeks!
- dur, I've been running in the other shirt!

- Dear, where you was?
- I was on a run.
- pics, but shirt hot dry and quite not reeks!
- A you shoes smell this!

- Dear, where you was?
- I was on a run
- pics, but socks dry and quite not smell!
- Stupid ass, T-shirt smell it!

- Dear, where you was?
- Wu neighbor.
- pics, but shirt reeks, as if you've been running!

- Dear, where you was?
- In go shit!
- pics, but bond hot dry and quite not reeks!

- Dear, where you was?
- You covered kreativy.
- pics but your shirt not reeks
- A still Jali it must smell like, you to break the co la all snort! Ubeysebyaapstenu

- Dear, where was?
- I was on a run.
- ...
- A made?
- X the through reduce leverage, finally I you pode ala

- Dear, you where was?
- He fired on chosen a in Germany laser from space with Sputniks!
- pics, but grass not reeks
- dur, I under LSD

- Dear, and why from you reeks?
- Because I today've been running in gidroskafandre!

- Dear, where you was?
- I was on a run!
- pics, but your shirt quite not reeks
- I dont that, fuck does that, on the hands of Caribbean, to from me stunk of!

- Dear, you where was?
- smelled them!
- Clay?
- No, la, T-shirt!

- Dear, you where was?
- Fuck in OK lished!

-A boy teaches lessons. Window openly. Votes for window: "Ah sho," Kolya? Still on 100 grams?! "
A boy asks have Pope: "Pope, this winos do best, yes?"
"Notss, son, this the elf-shtangisty!"

- In American army Sergeant tells to his detach:
- Wu Russians there is such troops - civilians - there on one their fence two our need! But this still nothing. There is have them naval lighter - there on one their fence three figures our need! But most ghastly - they have troops, Stroybat is called - so those the wild beasts at all weapons not give!



PI had strained would open, laughed until morning. :)



Luxury few well. Slightly with a chair not fell from laughter :lol:



Me, too, rewarding for :D. And still with large gusto with vyrazhenitse:

- Sex on the telephone, this, too, most, that vodka in seek. :lol: :D :)

Read, incidentally, todays anecdotes on zize - on main page, me there couple very liked, pro Drouz and pro 1-\ u0027s April :D



Here is strange nesoatvetstvie Season's set of "Vostochnye sweets" I understand there. In these and fsyo such, but ???? here Waffles Alaska) :O :big_boss: :swoon: :haha:

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Esquire Drink Database you in rossii



People, help Spring defeat winter-please, eat it, goddamn it snow!
Moved all their friends, after all only uniting we'd eat his faster!


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