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Our favorite the kino

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We with wife watched this the film in cinema, us liked, and here is people around us, when would leave was displeased, why something all waited not such stories and something on like hit wars. In general if who anything but shy walk on stories or simply not likes their, then this movie them our Center.



I code the first time saw advertising movie, then thought, that this will be clone latter, but it turned out
Quite not so. Look his pleased, interestingly, head not's loading) A so I ev-ev not that I recall for
Recent years movie with similar it.



Ah here is and he - coveted the review began today Binh Duong Province Filma! :D .
That above all want say about this movies, so this the, that too many prejudice relations to him. Here here is is obtained one of two: Either shit, either with steeply (sometimes, truth, say: Look can be.). Nothing with this of course not on advices - public made its deal and here again one of two - either you love Comedy club, either there is no.
Himself I having looked the film, came to highly neodnoznachnomu a range of conclusions: With one hand - quite the average comedy, with poorly marked dialogues and jobs frankly cheap decorations; with other hand - the first always Russian the burlesque the film (in ??? talent, have us in country is experiencing total silence, only rarely pravda ancient memories of kharatyanovskikh New the Odeon and At Deribasovskaya the good weather.). With one hand - the film under auspices Comedy, could well house in themselves such characters, as: Timur Kashtan Batrutdinov, Alexander state forest or, to example the most Martirosyana. With other hand - Pozdnyakovich (well deal with main role and even tries to be Jim Kerry (what not succumb and revert Galustyana - absolutely it's veggie blockbuster with 'unfunny replicas of, which realistically-and place, that in with they Rush anywhere, or the a long, Creator and jug-eared frame - with him there is no at all nor one your desktops episode - simply mostly by a long a lox, plays role a sucker, freak, the (lasting and is) and simply desecrates their presence frame). With one hand - some travesty in movie frankly not left, not rigidities above all and simply only; with other hand - professional special effects and political-stars (Harvey, Turchinsky, stage, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.) make its surest and the right deal.
In general, outcome such - as nor fact, and judge this movies not simply - many factors and for and against. Personally me grassroots moment pro childhood chief hero the entire entirely, then, when their maintained pipe-hittin 'brings the, ah and another couple episodes. That neither talk less, and above, than posibility to set on this the film labeled, recollect, that this increasingly same the first swallow, among possible and deserves of leniency, after all and Goryachii heads and Airplane and MA It ghastly movies cannot be call absolutely technicality the, and their like and look again and again.



Judging by what you want review movie, look his in cinema all same not worth. As will emerge in networks can'll take a look on leisure. And money better spend on beer, for greater effect during viewing or still on anything.



On my view the film a goner, dilute the only to individuals until 13 years and arch-fans quiet. Nor onetravesty on our films, the lack of Aoyama, absolutely not in subject Jack Vorobyey and many what still. Often American films blame for obtuse jokes, but in this movie jokes absolutely below middle. In general the film, magnifying one man for themselves same.
In another times our managed advertise full-g and cut down money on naive audience as



Dimon, the film on a hangs with voskresenyaili with Monday, ah you Hi, giving



Well, that said. I simply in the last time little there has been stymied. So not in rate. For last week looked 8 series 3-his season "supernatural."
The only minus - series of not all associated. Poorly so look, sense loss. D wait ending the season or the beginning of a new, 8-oops a series of the film not over.



I - legend (I am legend)
Genre: The film-disaster, 2007

". In 2009 was obtained vaccine from cancer, later 3 year collateral effect vaccines infected
90% living on earth. In New York transplantation Dr. is leading work rescue humanity. "

The impression from movie quite dvoyakie. With one hand, the film well well made: A good
The plot, lots special effects, destroyed town, a worthy game chief hero. But with the other -
The film absolutely not justified expectations: Almost 2 / 3 just time we are seeing for lives in
An abandoned city of and highly the summer us mythologize about how, that same happened 3 year ago. And
Only in the final begins modicum what something semblance of action`a. In addition to everything Polaris movie
Lies quite quotidian.

In end can say the next: Given the, that in movie plays essentially only one person,
The best entitled was would "I - Will Smith"



The film with the participation two French nedokomikov of Eric and Ramsey (Two zero, Hell's skyscraper), initially is positioned, as comedy, however genre this nezamechatelnogo creation is where the between an movies and simply cheap drama with lungs, Ophelia black humor. Summary to based absolutely not uncovers essence movie, and contrary - arises pechatlenie, that promoters wrote pro quite the other the film and so as Change smakuet the film unambiguously an unsuccessful one, went on controlled lies, that is called, in salvation, hoping justify unchallenged the money. Looks all of this pity, budget clearly ridiculously flawed, and the plot futile and'm annoying.
Two friend, meet after several years enforced separation (one sat in a psych ward, for murder, which not committed, the other full a lox, but stubbornly passel of with local hooligans, hoping become steep). Returning i?eyoaeu discovers, that family his has challenged the, and the old each quite not wants support itself relations and then hero decides, too, become steep and to join gang membership.



Look we with Head the film "we from future." Id say directly, only positive emotions. Such films not was long and those more in Russian execution. And ridiculous and profoundly sad and pro love and pro war. Fantsticheskim way 4 young dude's are trapped in past directly in 1942 year, is faring war with all stemming. In general is worth watch.
Derzhitsya not are placed

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Ranges the Devil
All, who watched producing El laberinto del fauno and was them those impressed, is dedicated to.



Lions for lambs
Political thriller, with the participation more than eminent stars, wishing tell us about values morality and morality, about debt and love to its country, about politics, about filthy Games, which she is leading and about ordinary young with, on shoulders which is borne a not a burden - to fight.
If honestly and frankly: The film utterly not impressed - jobs bored, jobs Sappier. Goes, good, he brief and looks easily, but absolutely not injects, albeit tries to bear what the global ideas, with goal do appropriate conclusions.
Watched I his exclusively sake of Toma Cruise (one of my favorite actors), so as in the past year with him released only one this the film, to word, not a very successful. There is no, with budget have movie increasingly normal, simply Lions for lambs - no.



]of Invasion of

Amusing movies. Very a dynamic, jobs also terrifies, the country to the last minutes in tensions. The entire the film not leaves a sense of, coming in the final, happy s sights, but this utterly not taints the film.
A separate word Id say about Nicole Kidman - its game dazzles. What a talented actress of modernity and simply the Beautiful woman - over the past years eight Sundance in a large his-ucts, if not in isThe, then in conspicuous and the proverbial films accurately: Other, little Stepford wife, Cold mountain, the Interpreter, Golden compass - this far not full list. Partner based Daniel Craig in recent few years,, too, is experiencing creative rise - a worthy replacing can brosnin in Bondiade and of course same, oiiiyiooue higher Golden compass. A good measure composition.
If who not watched still of Invasion of - recommend! Not for good reason time will spend) - the official site movie.

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The Border

Write, that is called, on hot. Fine wedding - directly immediately after viewing. For

Starters - a small a preamble. When doing so creation in , people,

Having reviewed "Frontier", in most his, became yell: Nourished German, "Resorts" - dose of bullshit, and

Here is "The Border" - here is this the film, here is this claimants heightened passions and IMoje tin, as she there is.

Me, as man, with all of these old piece of junk Vagus, became interestingly, that same

This for the film the on fact (given and the, that selling DVD with him, I, too, became

Yell: Hostel - sucks, and here is The Border - this our increasingly, and under this even not never his not

Let, I will talk you a bit about marriage; five assholes, one of whom

Young lady, flee the riven street unrest France, yes and not simply

So be going, and be going with the treasure! From whom, under any circumstances and importantly -

How --something to them this most taking bounty into account, for shit not explains,

Apparently this such a a fringe detail, that, me seems, can be was would created

Entire this priskazku miss. Ah in general be going they, itself be going, and here have a young ladies

Are hurting in result of an armed clash brother (he, to word, one of these five assholes). Ah there

Begin within with they a dunny gangs divisions and Optimisation bzdezh, on subject,bad luck whether

Its brother in your way to the hospital or notbad luck, lest he their dead policemen not slid. Ultimately

It turned out, that to do can be was as anywhere, so as brother eyoshnyy it, applies it to

Flippers directly in a meeting the corridor. Four (as now already all known)

Assholes, why the split into couples (apparently for what would in their worded can be

Was say: - professorship I couple of these assholes) and go in side Dutch borders (

On two different machines). Naturally 1-comes the couple is mired in the most - Fucked-up the Motel,

In which it is difficult created enter the all Obamas White light of, even if you three times asshole (

On such hotels in such films, usually slightly whether not written - Esquire Drink Database - keep going all the way

Past, or spi in machine or spi in the forest, on the tree, privyazhis you fuck to bitch, that it comes

Not anyone to fall off --here not caoiae! Get the fuck out eck out of there idiot!). In is sweet corn

Hotel, two first jackoff, first participate in what the galimoy last with

Two the most bespontovymi some chicks on light of, and then, bypassing the minor

Perepetii in marriage, receive pussies (one of them even drones are firing on fingers -

Yes and correctly - nekhuya their click everywhere, where not need to), but before these concerned

Call 2-oops paired assholes, (one of whom - young lady) and to inform, where they.

2-comes the couple assholes, nor about than not unwittingly (about than same they can to suspect - they

Same mudakiiii, is fought on obtuse bazaars local the Nazis-ganibalov, in personified by two

The most bespontovykh chicks on light of and fat casera freak, the, which, then whether faggot, then whether gay

- I accurately not understood. There still what the polizei, strongly a similar on Jan

Arlazorova, but him gave on the fucking nose and got poked couple of times in the back scissors, so, that he

Particularly not vozbukhal, popustilsya and on what the moment created sebsya from there (apparently

Como chingas director its impossible were a hatchet face).
Meanwhile 1-comes the couple assholes, escaped from persecutors on machine,

Starters vikhlyat and in late all fell in what the mine. Fall was

A terrible, but heroes created not have suffered, albeit fell on roof down (one truth

Natural way - shat his pants). Trying to get out of mines friends

Climb up in what the kloachnoe based treatment and through him fall on an

Factory of the, where their already to death kherachit very bold Esquire Drink Database and, hangs her in

But 2-comes the couple assholes not wants fall behind in kretinizme from 1-oops and their tricking

Trap on, too, most venture, type there they will be able to meet with

Their droogs. They of course same their would face, but meeting and I don't expect promises be

Warm, after all on some dumb-ass factory opponents other, angry motherfuckers.
Friends my, The Border - this such a a particular kind of fuck is this, on TV which

Pity spend its time. This one of the most fucks films, when either scenario

Me (I think this markedly on his-wu nezenzury in describing - pardon perishing, but other

Words simply no one volunteered). Look his sake of laughter, too, not worth - the film

Sickening and the ugly, plus that sounds like the stupidest scenario (decisively not understand,

As Luc besson signs under such crap - this same blow to career simply

), yes and some excuse not fresh - such a shit viewers seen enough still since the

Only did House thousands of corpses (Rob Zombie in as a director need to was

Do Thousand the first this is - the film simply a turd) and Texas Board massacre

Chainsaw (there same in skilled). At all, if perishing and sack the treshak, then learn to look more modicum have

Works by - Carpenter or Romero. Have them it modicum and old thing, yes would still classic.



Two days ago looked classics, since the our fathers "entrepreneurial among of strangers, someone else's among their." Impression the next - I was am amazed! The astonishing actors (Kaydanovskiy, Shakurov, Porokhovschikov, Mikhalkov, Kalyagin and of course same star this movie - Yuri Bogatyryov), strongest advance patriotic spirit and simply brace music! This is one first have works Nikita Mikhalkova and need to say, despite universal recognition around the the USSR (the film watched more 2 million man, movies filmed in 1974), thus does not happen thing is kind of weak and on the early not too the understandable, that at all happening. However the film I recommend to watching absolutely all - this indeed masterpiece! If whom the will need a music from movie - don.



10 Negrityat

Continue to subject old Russian movies, and together, 'm making up for catch up.
Book Agatha Kristi not read (not read from it at all nothing - many watched), however geroi me very liked. Is famously filmed: Good sun with limiting brightness, decorations, coverage, with it all in order, dialogues interesting, fantastic game actors. Preserved until the end of scheming - only in the final crops up murderer! Recommend all, who not watched or watched, but long.




Training day

Not most fresh, but quite site movies. In major roles exhilarating to Ethan Hawk (Uma Thurman Wallpapers, 30 on 13-Interwiev the assistant), Denzel Washington (Deja Vu, Philadelphia, The Government Fear, Anger), and in episodes started shining Peter Greene (in all films plays villains - Aizkraukles Pulp, Mask, The Plain sponsor), Tom Berenger (diaries of 1,2,3) and Eva Mendez (perhaps only here its can be see fully naked - 's (CTNA 2, your 2: Once in Mexico, Ghostly racer does, Method Hitch: Rules drawing).
The plot tell not d - he pro bastards policemen. Such, which worse bandits, for even have bandits here there is conscience and some pristine honor. All actions occur in one day, when the beginner a patrolman transfer in department on struggle with drug. In this day, nezamarannomu and fair right. The kid will have see so much all, that will have to rethink entire its a person's life.
The film quite a strong - all look.





Mad bull

The film a biography known in 40s and 50s years boxer Jake's Lamotty. Interesting geroi srezhessirovannaya Martin Scorsese's (Gang of New York, Taxi driver, you didn't buy them, Casino.). In the main role has appeared brilliant the actor of modernity Robert DeNiro. The film cesspits in black and Obamas White tone and undocumented about rise and falling known boxer. History being dramatic,, chovek events, actors play very nice, and helped sack the film himself by Jake LaMotta. Scorsese's as always on perform well!





the Forbidden dreams made

Interesting and very colorful a fairy tale on subject "Sun Wukong -Tsar monkeys." The most czar in movie virtually there is no, yes and the plot not have become handle category: History of China mythology (personally me this it looked not quite fair, after all I the graffical read! However understand respiration so in late all have made), but in a whole the film this not taints (only strongly facilitated) and looks on one devouring. Not am confident, truth, that movies wanted to reconsider still when any - the film all same prostovatyy. And all same, not every day witnessed in one picture Jet Lee and Jackie Chan!






of streets

Many films pro "task already)", where the creators of try to play on kontrastakh: Type, all policemen! ', but there is all vital because among them couple nekorrumpirovannykh righteous persons, so love and honor Department police your cities. A new the film with her wholesome extraordinary circumstances roughly such. There is in it and bad and good, there is love slightly slightly, many called the shots and firmly spoken by words. Still there are good actors, such, as Hugh Lauri (Jeeves and-old, Doctor made), Chris Evans (Fantastic Four 1.2, The first Joe's not a children's movies), Forest Whitaker (the Hound the specter of: Path the Samurai's banter, Play room of fear, Platoon and still a whole heap films). And more nothing and there is no. But watch one more time all ??? is worth))





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