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Our favorite the kino

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In environment a turn in quite means unusual (though many movie-goers, to lasting themselves I not classify, are familiar with this receipts long) cinema, which is called "35 per mm" (35 millimeters). Are only hours away this movies-a place on showing the more than-less, let-khausnykh tapes and utterly accurately not Hypnotizes the portrayal cash register movies. Also in millimeters virtually constantly puts of thematic weeks rescinding movies (as European, so and global). To still one popular especially cinema belong their "nightly non-foot", which puts of on certain encourage actors or directors. For night on value of 1 session viewers look 3-4 movie.
Specifically we are trapped on week French movies, and himself the film was called "" Gigolo. " To describe separately the plot shall not pass, because the film on me special the impression not produced.

In general, if someone is content from what are currently running overwhelmingly Moscow cinemas and wants to see something an unusual / a novel / copyright, then in "35 mm" go is worth. Yes, not fact, that will get with first times on any masterpiece, but time will spend with interest and food for reflection arrive at certainly.

Itself movie theater a small (again comparing with "normal sinemoy"), but cozy. There is 2 the room: Big and small. We were in small. The latest a series of made from interconnecting armchairs, missing in coach. At prices policy quite adequate (especially if given, that mass demand "35 mm" not suffers). The same sofa on sessions until 17-00 is worth 300r (and for 150r on human now little, far will you go in such time).
Such here is affairs.

Site cinema:

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Yes - this unambiguously interestingly. I seen the their planned - Pimelia should be good the film, I read on him mini-the review. And at all personally me, let house and copyright movies not likes. There is of course couple-Triad things, but this rather exception. For me movies this is not only entertainment, but and in what the least work, and camping on To most looks mainstream, represented the and I in general the, too, nothing against him not mean.



Around the bad fanaticism - I personally utterly not understand and I'm wondering, why many people under grammars ", let-house" here same, Fright on themselves kind of )-philosophers and are beginning, as the nightingales sing about how, what this great and the mighty Arch Footbal. I, of course, not be backtracking this way, let-Hausa (and even however movies call themselves not can and not call), but on me, so even, let-house, as and everything else,t share on things adequate and things not very adequate. And here is so here is ogulno them admire. Ah, this stereotype.

In general, all of this I to what on opportunities look need different movies, and "different" have us show little where))



Yesterday a turn in still one very respectable (in all relations) cinema. This time this was Cinema on Red Presnja, that resides direct contrast to zoo park.

In cinema 9 halls, the main of which is hall # 1. For as he those, that in it is one of largest screens in Moscow - 23kh10 meters. Also in this spied a there is 2 series of interconnecting kreselov-sofas. Minus consists only in is, that because this hall is central, then in it are currently running only the most cash films. And and success at in 3D. This, as you realize, not the best way is bad for prices :D

Although on fact prices more than adequate. Say until 16-00 can be fall into any hall not more expensive 250r. Evening sessions in average 350r. For output days and for such a level (and movie theater on fact very decently looks) this normally. Ah, we had to for session 19-00, for 1 hall, for 3D and for sofas give 400r.
Hall on fact a giant (if anything I in such before not was). Keyless cushy, advertising almost there is no, screen was set up impressive. The only - not availability of only the very 3D. All-??? on this level development this technology - this only reason rake up the moss lot more money. Ah yes get with him))

So, we watched.

Chronicles of Narnia: Interesting Zari

Id say honestly, me was don't care on that go :D
In the system my values of Narnia - this roughly such a same absurdity, as, say, Harry Potter. First part of Chronicles I have learned to memorise, as such a child and quite boring like a cross between a all the same Harry with the Lord of the of the Rings. So on second part of special hopes not had such high. For that in end was am rewarded. There is no, on fact, Vanquisher Zarifar more dynamic and even zakhvatyvayusch, than part of the first. Yes, all the same a fairy tale. Yes, all those same children. Yes, many shake things (now here are visible similarity with Piratami Caribbean, with implemented Dust and similar bands - not), but zevoty not causes. There is even several very classrooms and yumornykh moments. Separately noted would excellent individual - Mouse!) We on him umilyalis the entire session)
In general, the film on 1 times - well itself nothing.

PS: Only now. Maybe, you until me has peaked, that this it turns out 3 the film, not 2) Nu here is see, I OK say, that all they on one thing face :D



At treason


Our amped-up STSniki, continue to sack anyone Furnace and here is upon us turn, type feature-length film , actors from transfer of "6 cadres", type comedy. "On treason" - this is a classic option comedy provisions, where all each other nedoponimayut, raze not can to meet, a There eyes, vereschat and antics on - Too hard more, games here without small ten. Game actors ah quite a weak, dialogues such same - me like movies turn through 10 minutes after starters, but watched not one - so watched right this a soft-spoken horror until the end of. Was couple of times a little bit of a ridiculous and all, and Polaris at all resembles on unsuccessful improvisation. Comrades - not are looking this and not buy. Even not download - it moreover not worth!



What something shit, judging by the trailer property right now.



I spit on your graves

Khostelopodobnaya drama 2010

History about crime and punishing. South punishing. The film very tight - a nervous disposition, serdechnikam, routinely and hamil? women, TV strictly is contra-indicated. In Russia (if not they have lied to of course) will go version of without censorship. I watched on English with subtitles, respiration the atmosphere this and without moreover the depressive movie, was enhanced in many thousandfold. On my view, difference this paintings from such it pytayutsya horror movies (where all stupidly budo alongside kendo, being slaughtered andre producing renounce all nepotrebschinu, not in good their fears, and, in good the most process), in is, that happening well realistically and vision revenge victims precisely in indicated context, looks very benefits.



Smiled about this movie quite long, but as the immediately decided, that not d his look, camping on K. Very an impressionable and damn skittish



Only that joy " svremenniyat" more precisely finished watching it I, and Smokli passed out somewhere under the end of the, that with him a workaholic take?! With higher described opinion I perhaps not would argue - this part of me liked less than the first two, but would still liked, very. About analogies with "" Koltsami "and" Potterami "-" Narnia "starred on book, which was written before these two, not to mention" Pirates ", so, that is obtained this they on it similar, not contrary (sorry for Obcom)



The viewer would still not, when minds are set, after all Rings Potter or Adopting Potets, on screens poured before. Yes and admit the first Narnia perishing quite weak in terms of installation the film and traveled perhaps only expense of his comparisons with the Lord of the, those that in fundamentallylies book, yes and of notorious special effects (perishing very there brand are good). Personally I after 1-oops parts of long used to spit and continuation of look not became, but here here is say, that 3-I like even nothing, so in term despite watch their together with 2-oops. Incidentally a similar ass with thought of compass - of screaming was, and in deeds movies , too, nor there nor here, even political-stars affairs not correcting and a series of safely died on 1-oops parts of. But brand there, too, very beautiful were.



All Hi! Want to share another movie, which me recently was connected watch and me liked!

Honest word, guys, was rolling around on the couch thing from laughter. History tells about a twenty, which strolling with his Chinese girlfriend - admirer (after all he plays in group) once met the contestant, from which him wanted obtain increasingly.
The film cesspits on yumoristicheskomu comics and elements cartoons in itself contains, from what becomes even reads a.

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Dirty dances

A few days ago looked Dirty dances 1987 with Patrick Swayze. Watched first time and frankly,
In advance knew, that the film like. Difficult to this that the still add, because, as movies this
Already long became classic out and tell about marriage or about how there nice dance, me seems plus -
All who saw this and so know, and who still there is no - witness necessarily Dirty dances, you like.




, ...


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