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Our favorite the kino

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Peerless Pal Mr. Fox

Very a good suschestvennoy, pro, savvy fox and his friends. Doing so spectacle quite not child fun: He raises problems relationships people with wild nature, showing such images only animals with all their affairs, the woes and enough and as in all of this fits role rights. Cartoon cesspits on book a Roald S. E. Dahl's (he gave world such art, as "Charlie and chocolate factory of" and "Gremlins, ooh"), written still in 1970 year and I suspect, that a paper option this history, significantly more interesting. Nevertheless suschestvennoy quite good. Jokes and command plot twist very exhilarating to. Not what would sitting and are you laughing at, and not what would quite directly not Registan, and simply you look and well before. Time.



Look today with wife Prince Persia. Very even interesting a fairy tale, packed somehow the their tragizmom and very good decorations. Gilenkholl played is famously - accurately no one except him on role would not licked: And booking and being veiled, all as need to. Things and schedule of course on order weaker than in Pirates Hixkaryana sea, but would still highly that's good. Not moonlighting thing, unambiguously. And however s gaming the world under movies skillfully, if there is no game, and the film well up phenomenon.



Zombie named the clear.
Recently looked this remarkable the film. Truth on our televisions,, like- on advertising, but Registan could not. History is that in some point after drinking-bouts, sprees recognize on the occasion separation with a the clear, seller in no clothing left electronics, discovers, that almost all residents his cities behave quite strange, with discovers this only later several hours contiguity with these the most residents - zombies. Ah and naturally decides, that need to save those who him roads. A movie have they`ve, not you stupid a hoot! All right comedy, any with surplus. Raises mood.

Unfortunately trailer there is at least only on English.



of the Sign

Looked ??? last kinoopus with forever I Nicholas Cage in the main role. Movies you forever, but in tensions quite not holds. See whether, 're a PR company several tried too hard with an advertisement and posted on poster slightly whether not major mystery of the entire paintings - land, plagued flames. To this reason, man, modicum not many escapade itself has ever happened, have the dexterity, that conundrum with ago, with bring Cage here is carried, as with delayed vaucherom, have several more global the scale of the, than us first try to want to sell to. Crusade this the very case, when the thirst for elite, wins common sense. Or same all deal in professionalism, which there is no. However, time wasted on TV, me quite not a pity - movies on, that it would worthwhile.



Began look with skepticism. Ah pleased surprised. A worthy fiction. Many of course ridiculous things and not dockings. Many Stamps. But Angliyskiy proved a noble and steep, and this aren :) Generally derive impression from movie. Recommend.

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Yesterday watched the film "The Devil Wears." This the first the film from "Night chronicles." How many their will until is unknown, but having looked his d wait next films from this series of. The film simply chic, other think and optimistically. Except this, constantly sitting in tensions. Advise watch.

A new work creators "Karantina" brothers Daudli. On will anxious for blood a bilakoro forces group unfamiliar between themselves people gets stuck in would.



Looked I predators. Good such movies in a spirit of the most first part of. Least guff, maximum affairs, cheerful Verve and a dynamic the plot. Surprised and in what the least poraduvav comrade from: After role in movie the Piano Man, play in fact the bearer Schwartz - this boldly, especially, if regulation conform to and look held in. And still Taktarov brilliant - the typical trooper takes have) Creators movie kontsovochkoy us unequivocally hinted, that can be and prodolzhenitse under desire your PR project?.

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Resident of evil 4: Life after death

"As well, that in franchise returned Paul Anderson", stated as the on populist Internet a time. my opinion - better would and not hidden, was photographing would further their Three musketeers. There is no, of course all we remember about his past merit-in the form of Mortal Kombata (1995),; Business horizon (1997) and of course same first Resident Evil (2002), but what now wears name Resident of evil 4 - this simply a nuisance what the. I where the have read, that the authors and actors movie so spirited of fifth part of game, that decided do its movies "close to original." I have request opinion, that they only to 4-oops parts of learned, that based movies on game and decided trump it before gamer: We type in topic, not And inhalate from, increasingly will chicky-dunky. As and the film Tekken absolutely not pro Tekken, so and the film Resident of evil quite not pro Resident Evil. He rather pro Left 4 Dead, especially scene on the roof. The film simply Holy, take although would the beginning of - 13 minutes, ranging from entrance credits, Milka shoots, shoots and. Shoots. You look and okhrenevaesh - ah made for redumbnant. The. Then more less some excuse is beginning to from collapse exits, but not mellow to garner traction, again is lapsing in what the kaleydoskom senile with absurd mixture and twang - kontsovochka to gain "and we liked and one-fifth of arrive after 18.00, hater." And again - budget have movie 56 million $. Better would from Gaucher Kucenko voted, that would he roll stopped.



All want uh, check it out. But until still not downloaded. Thinking, that not worth?



Is worth, that would in another times confirm, that I rights.



Heroes Back in future

And you knew that there starred Elijah Wood? The hero-a Hobbit from removed the of the Rings? I in of shock :)

Incidentally Mk. J. Fox received Parkinson's disease from-for trauma in-thirds parts of, there where his be, so broke a that be on truly, not placed the, had to actor siphon off.

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Knight days

Year issuing 2010
Decent action movie would, comedy

Roughly one times in year, a remarkable the actor Tom Cruz, chooses itself role, that would please their admirers
And together and money podzarabotat. Its, virtually faultless reputation, quality and interesting things actor,
He've made a living years and this there is is sheer truth: Not can say poorly nor about one his role, so as looking for his
Career already long and await the his new films with look forward. However in this year that that matter not so and difficult say, that became
Ravages. Movies Knight days - an absolute closet with rightly low reytngom. With it a total the trouble: To mid-movie
He becomes thus a deadbeat anymore and quite an effort, that becomes ashamed for team mounting - did cannot be was paste together
Pieces of Film so, that would not got lost sense? And can precisely the director not saw full paintings and these the most pieces of
Simply not were has. In general shopping, I very upset by the fact, that one of my favorite actors got mussed
In ??? shitness. Very trust on the, that Integrated Mission an impossible 4 not will slit, and Tom Cruz fully recover quickly
After a fucking Knight of days.



Um. Fully disagree. The film very grassroots. Clearly parody. Roarin 'from souls. ..., much more not observed, all very dynamic. The plot, too, the burlesque. Immediately Id say Tom Cruz me at all not likes, as and a series of Integrated Mission not is feasible, here is there the full of the somewhat and frank we have had. Ah as govoritya on taste of and color. I even I'll reconsider. His on days.



Yes there is no there no travesty - he simply itself such low-rep, here is and perhaps airshed expense of "type Dramatic irony." Mission an impossible, there is by far classic global reasonable with a good rating (all parts of roughly 7 / 10) and transcendent smotribelnostyu (in sense interestingly look). Second mission I watched times five, not less and think, 'll take a look still. Agree - things in movie often unrealistic, but this looks! And in knight in shining armor have hero Cruise increasingly time been utter carte virtual carte blanche and to invite to take his Clarke Kent - such he witty, that stop his can only portsukha kryptonite in ass and the not fact. Pro role Cameron Diaz (in times of Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program I was in it simply in love with) at all I'll shut up - such bullshit game I from it at all not expected. And looks she here worse Cruise, good the 48, and Cameron below him on 10 years. These their stupid mucking about on world, in general Hi, - absolute balderdash, even to describe this movies unpleasantly. And as same, your Anton, gossamer intelligent nature, could please this would mean seems tacky - mind not'll do my.



You whom clever called? You made real shit. Even the shot-caller in Lenin said that "intelligentsia this not the brain, and shit, piss." :hobo: :D

On fact me NOT likes mission not is feasible, and don't give a I on ratings. Perishing if movies from this class so this James Born and all his series of :) :love: (Dont be confused with Bond, which incidentally not'm processing it all). That there unrealistic, you simple burying not understand, I as the old aircraft, 's a super affiliate see all rotten. Poet however me "knight days" as parody. Gladly would saw in roles involved, or Central. Not. Dreams

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is2 wrote:

the old aircraft, 's a super affiliate

This you themselves superagentom fancy, when under should be dusty tables in the boardrooms by. Read? And insert on mobile phone the spy music, type surveillance for you, and you type such the old husky special all fucked over - under table hid) And ear piece even only one in tell Abe you insert, as if you there who the coordinates :D Born, too, more than a fairy tale still the kind, especially the latter poluklyukvennaya a series of. You, as follower Marxism-Leninism, this should be with mladykh nails unacceptably. But on ratings you my dear for good reason people spit - there vote such same people, as you, with their-totalitarian complexes and decisions.



Sasha we with you must play in role-game. Such a fantasy simply should not disappearing. :playful:

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This psychology - is worth Jiggin 'a little bit of a whose the strength and here is already on Forum emerge new messages) Nu - who on performed well ?



foot- raid detained

, More the film 2010

Only that graduated look this a handsome, damaging and in all relations a remarkable cartoon! What animation, what the detail, what a wonderful music - at all any closest transcendent extent be appropriate this, not afraid to say, masterpiece multiplication! The legend raid detained - this there is Adopting rings in miniature, only here there is no people and Orcs, and there are many. Pyoryshek. Yes, yes - after all suschestvennoy pro rather different, this their world, with their myths, customs, the woes and of course same adventures. Not want expense impression from viewing, so the plot refold throughout the shall not pass. Id say only, that foot- 4-comes the work Zach's Snyder's - talented director, Moscow world 300 Spartans, the Men of Letters and Dawn dead men, podnyavshaya bar quality on unprecedented level of Heights!



Cartoon good. Me, too, grassroots. But, even not know why, cartoon "Rapunzel" grassroots more.


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