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Our favorite the kino

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And me district # 9 very grassroots, so long normal fiction being asked.



NOCHNOY flight

Thriller 2005 year

The main the indigenous heroine very fears fly on jets, but in spied a expectations meets with discrete young man and seems on this time flight should be not thus a terrible. But as you enter on board air liner, Lisa Reisert will face perhaps the biggest nightmare in his life.
The film from series of, where the main action razvorichivaetsya in a closed space. Nothing against such films not mean, the only, that game actors must be least on 4 from 5 key, because except as on same look in this time more have nowhere. Scheming interesting, but inevitable syndrome kheppienda several taints expectation denouement. Sat look this the film exclusively from for Killian's Murphy and in general he not readings are correct.



Location meeting change cannot be

Finally the looked for their Soviet classics. A host the stars are falling. Known film actors of the time: Vladimir example his canvas The Kiss, Vladimr Konkin, Natalia Fateyeva, Leonid Leonid Kuravlyov, Alexander Belyavsky, Yevgeny Evstegneev, Alexander Abdulov, Armen Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and many other. On current times the film looks naively and teatralno, however modern youth should have his although would one more time, yes watch. He utterly not last and already through several minutes viewing, pronikaeshsya atmosphere of the time. Me liked.



Agree. Simply the legendary Russian detective. How many'm, get enough of the not can. Constantly as in first dazzles. Here is this actors were before. Not what now. Cannot be not to mention about act, which have all on mouths of: "The thief should sit in jail." That you are you smiling at, as Paracha. "And others. Only from such grand films phrase and are memorised. And from modern I nothing and not were :)



hah: The most staunch each

Hah - it is a watchdog rare breed, got lost on station, where and met Parker - teachers music. On station take schenka refused and Parker decided to to leave hah have themselves on time, until not there will is a master. But, as this the case, man and dog've grown to care to each other. Every morning hah saw off his owner on station, and exactly in 5 the evening met his before entrance. But once Parker not returned. Hah continued walk on the same place as much as 10 years, where waited his owner. About him wrote in newspapers, people shared with money on food for hah - he was local attraction. He not found itself a new house, he entire his life waited his best friend.
The film simply damaging. Perfectly played Richard Gere. Very liked the good music and himself hah. Closer to finals unwittingly all just came flooding back tears.







For all places and not places online games emerged the film "gamer." Undocumented he about how, whatever can become online game years humour won through -dtsat and to what can lead experiments with nanotekhnologiyami. In general to describe here nothing to acquire, the film an interesting and watch his is worth.




Cheerful part of a scary movie-Musical about how all suddenly have become zombies. Woody Allen Harrelsonfrom souls, rasshibaya heads off and crushing bones these dumb-ass the dead ones away, vsyakkimiconnections. The film absolutely neglubokomyslennyy, but mountains black humor and zvorovogo cynicism, make his TV ideal fascinating pastime. Only are looking in dubbing (filmmaking) - made actors with television.



Curly Sue

Comedy 1991

Very cute, albeit naive the film. Plain a fairy tale on night for those who still believes in the Irish.
Scenario to based wrote a remarkable scenarist and the director John Hughes (Curly Sue until the latest the film in his it plays career), gave the world such excellent comedy, as One homes 1.2; Ox perishing this science; By plane, by train, ICE automobile; Uncle the LHC; Beethoven 1 and 2; 101 like a Dalmatian; as; They're aliens in America and many other. In fact from under his pen poured all major comedy 90-'s. I often their'm reconsidering, yes and what New year would cost without Home Alone?



Oops you rights, there is that the in comedies, there's 1990s was, when are beginning to show the streets, yellows taxi, color of have film even other what the. Recognized for soul Takes. Although with what. And about one homes constantly'm reconsidering precisely on a new year, for sentiments.



Yes, the film "Home Alone" became for us as "Cruel twist fate.."
Himself with relish his'm.



Carriers of the

Thriller, drama 2009

America dead. A mortal virus leveled virtually all people and only a handful miracle of survivors of, try to modicum as the cling to life. Drugs there is no, electricity there is no, gasoline and provisions on weight gold. Brian and Danny - brothers, and together with them two girls, go landlocked, in the old a forgotten unerringly, in which every year, together with parents implemented summer. The road yet to a difficult, many what will happen, people otimos masks, exposing the chargers its animal nature and no one with certainty not will tell, that same there awaits for turn.



People watched the film seller? Tell its opinion please?



is2 wrote:

"the watched the film seller? Tell its opinion please?

Read about him report on Kinomanii - say dose of bullshit. In general the there is no special doubt on this expense, after all in movie one of major roles plays Will Farell (the Forgotten the world, your brothers, Ricky a gentleman called Bobby King roads, razors permanently grafted glory and camping on D.).



Planet 51

Look with family suschestvennoy Planet 51. Very about to and comical, hydraulic his well. Perhaps the most cool suschestvennoy over the last year. All look)



I his already month and a half ago watched. Me, too, grassroots. Comical))



Zhanr: Horrors, drama
Year issuing: 1990

One of the best films on King. And although none of movies-opusov, not uncovers even 50 fringes percent his books, IT IS LESSER - is worth closer all to that line. In childhood was damnably frightening look.



King Ralph

Zhanr: Comedy
Year issuing: 1991

A good, are a good, cheerful, naive the film. Perfectly plays Peter Oh Toole - real the aristocrat, remarkable plays John Goodman - real a masher).



Very a good the film. Me he very likes. Another the film, where shown the impossibility find marriage, even if they ideal.



how all occurs actually 1,2,3 / Poltergeist

Zhanr: This, horrors
Date exit: 1982 / 1986 / 1988

" . They here Put they seem seem illusive, playing in peak-a-boo in distinctive Country House Frilingov. But then becomes truly frightening! Clouds threatens to fucking, again trees decry, and little girl. Ah Carol Anne Frieling're being sucked down. In the Doctor's spectral hollowness. And until her family struggles with with a string nightmares and tries to save girl, next door, somewhere near settling something "
Taken the unusual and very qualitative, on those times the film. Say so - not tone scares, but in tensions holds. Unfortunately, as this often happens, the most better proved 1-comes the part of, the sequels same go on waning - the second part of still nothing so (though the endings's a total was dribble), and the third, yes forgive the me the creators of Poltergeysta 3 - at all Furnace: From actors has remained only Heather Oh Rourke and Ministry a volva. Nevertheless, if love old thing and Spielbergs (precisely he expended hand to creating 1-oops parts of) - movie pretty much for you)



the Black zipper

All you certainly heard pro this the film. And I here is not only heard, but still and looked. The plot in general the simple: Guy from a poor family shok in girl, which turns the with his lecture us about our--hank my mate. And here still, Sat down beside gives on your big day razdristannuyu Volga. Kid, name is Dima, decides produce on girl impression and starts work have no the the ghd - delivering flowers. On than? Correctly - on the very, without five minutes, of collapsed Volzhane. Meanwhile, what the not a nice, but quite the rich as during searching for this the most Volga, for in it established some generator - fetus secret sovkovykh D. In what the moment path Dima and henchmen this uncle now intersect and Dimon moves away from chase in. The sky. So begins a long and a daunting path from zashugannogo boy Dima, until powerful of the Dark electric storm - thunderstorms the entire local prideless punks and ordinary gangsters (judging by based - he there such just one).
During viewing, from heads not went Spiderman, with his saddest history love and-superkhiro. So or otherwise - the Black zipper the most real set of cliche, formed on Russian popular, but a modern own manner. With each ship all in order, not complain more. Advertising, too, normally - yota, a mento, Moscow a Komsomol, iPhone would - our increasingly! The ugly reperskiy the soundtrack, too, there is. The only normal song, exactly about the most ChM have left on final subtitles, when drunken the viewer, puking... popcorn, searching for the second sleeve have its jackets. Measure composition, familiar us on is a daily / to the Night dozoram, virtually without changes has removed in ChM, only without Chadov (that not can not inspiring) and Dad's daughter of - she still then perhaps not was born.
A movie of course, closing, naklishevannyy released, but me grassroots. The scene, when Dimon flies over winter Moscow, look bad on one devouring. - Site movie

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