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Mortal combat legacy

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Hello, friends.
I all-??? decided to do a separate subject on this spotted. Shurik already in topic and, Perhaps, already looked all series of (their until 9). The the second season and judging by trailer will good. For rest, if will find a bit time, putting series of here. Much time this you have not will take, and pleasure arrive at. At least I received and await the continuation of.

The first and the second episodes movie pro Sonya and Jax.

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The third pro Jhony your desktops.

The fourth and fifth - pro for Melina and Kitana..

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Sixth - pro in his image., seventh and the eighth - pro Sab Zero and of Scorpio.



The ninth - pro Sayreksa and the. On youtube until only an English version of, but in contact there are already read more. Until putting Angl. Version of.

And a small glance on further episodes.

Liu Kang and Kung lao eps 1 and 2

Rain eps 3

Kenshi eps 4

Reptile eps 5

Lin Kuei storyline eps 6 and 7

Noob Sailbot eps 8

Ermac eps 9



Ah, that can say - brilliant! Krovi in a whole have, although not quite understandable, why was to do so short series of, where half of time moves away on subtitles. Still in such ekranizatsiyakh me always've been wracking my such here is fact: Why cannot be normally conduct casting and pick a actors, indeed similar, on their computer prototypes? That Street Fighter aircraft (in old low straight were couple heroes similar and Wang Damme, rest can be was merged together Kylie that refer), Mortal Combat Destruction (here at all what the a flock different clowns, although all same half of resembles), Resident of evil (this at all my-ailing theme - the entire krovi - as and the spit in face admirers s gaming series of. Milku after this movies became realistically be me not liking) and examples mass. So in a whole is a good show a, on three with plus.



With this I, too, agree. Series of indeed a bit too small. On trailers films similar. About heroes, long vtyagivalsya. Under viewing some time account for to realize, who of them who. Some series of at all not impressed by the (pro your desktops, for example).



Очень прикольная адаптация...


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