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Test Lyushera psychological color

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Reading "Psychology visual perception" opened for themselves, and ve them with you, psychological color test Lyushera. I has passed this test and was very pleased amused, and in the same time a bit upset by, in the verisimilitude results. Himself test ranks from 2kh minutes.

Passage from describe test: "Test Lyushera is based on by experimentation established dependence between cultural preference man certain flowers (various shades) and his current psychological condition. From available in arsenal psychologists have discovered tests only test the Swiss by M. Lyushera on rapidly period (10 minutes) can give so a deep and an extensive, free from calculated control; characteristic: His domestic dispozitsiy. The use of test is not confined to nor intellectual, nor linguistic, nor letters squeezed, nor condition, in which is test subject,. Test thinly works even with daltonikami and those who, as them seems, chooses on purpose not what they like."

Weighs just 320 Kbytes,
The reference ON TEST:



Me napisai that my answers contain variations contradictions, that makes it impossible processing answers and have proposed for a holiday.



I have in one "section" so written was, ah relax and still times)



As nestranno, on 95% all is true written. Contradictions met only in one tranche and one was wrong in my opinion. And so still times recognized - what I excellent. :cool:

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You are here » Forum Polaksa » Polls here » Test Lyushera psychological color