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Want to share their experiences. All the more, that is a master Forum has to them directly attitude. Above all, want remind, that I now am on the Caucasus. I very love its the brink! Love and proud of place, where was born, but over the past two weeks me an one thing a big-ass disappointment. Around the ravages "Alice: Tulip Returns" perishing very me like get its in their greedy, geymerskie paws,. Went I in a small Music compact disks (somewhere doubled less than have Shurik) not far from homes and so as I knew that this shop bastion piracy wanted to know can be whether order litsukhu. Until I with enthusiastic guise of office-the dude's, which holds this this Milky Way, that want, when want, can be whether, remains me he made her repeat it When-when she in cinema goes? After as until me has peaked, that he asks I felt pain in become, from what on it has fallen jaw. When foraging in Moscow I trained, that Shurik knows all, declare all Games, that, where, when, who. Hi, this after all his deal, his business, his bread. For me as for hot groupies American McGee ' s Alice at all incomprehensible AS!? Ah AS?! Man, Notes playing games, can its not know!
Somewhere with week later, already after official release, in Pyatigorsk itself has gone in big Music enjoy on mnogostradalnuyu Alice, when I wandered around past by, was surprised by Pankratov HERS, me licked consultant and with hubristic guise of (type that you you stupid chick can in this understand) asked, that I't seek. I asked there is have them IT absorbed (moyayaya preeeleest) he there is no such, I and you not know, will be whether she has dubbing dates back, ah and or although would saby , they (their already became two by the time) ChYo? Not we not know that this. I already particularly nor what not udivilos, but eye kind of got squirrely.
In short even I with his quite a narrow better targeted in Games know about life game world more than local prodovtsy-consultants, with the same success they could trade cosmetic properly or gliding scales. In short No prophets in homeland my
P.S. Polax You cool :cool: :flag:
P.P.S. So and not quite figured will whether Alice: Tulip Returns to transfer
P.P.P.S want my Xbox



Congratulations with blog and yes - I try to put be in rate novelties, the more, if this a potential hit. Game, as least will have saby in RSshnom version, and here is in version of for KhVOKha, think, that will a total Englisch. Only Sony starters respect dollar, in sowas, on after execution by transferring their eksklyuzivy, and here is "chopped-gentle" on example as "3, have shown, as them on us don't give a shit. At all believe not plus, attending sites type: … mp;act=idx

And in as a here pilly - literally today received KhVOKhovskuyu version of Hunted: The Demons Forge - in weekend will convey this disk Smokli, ah and there perishing, as nome back - sygranyosh) The, incidentally, from creators Fallout 3

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And you in what the form of his you pass the? In sense if on RS the Smokli me his can send



I same wrote - for Khvokh 360. But if need to on WordPad - can on a a license order.



Fu Hi,! Dumb Kees! There is no not need to let lies


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