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Bulletstorm (PC)

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Literally couple of words want say about some freshly made Bulletstormin RS version of. This enlightening! 'm just going to move Alexey battles - this it worked fantastically well thriller-V.O., to describe which utterly there is no sense, for all of this need to see and only. The world very colorful, even. The dark levels, games quite a bit, look not a whimper and one-sided, and are part of all the same colorful universe. In game heap weapons, which amenable to every conceivable a tune-up and under aid which you will make utterly oddities are, after all enemies, combined, can be "Fireball more, than 200 ways! Dont believe? And utterly in vain: You grab a running in writing after staying away enemy, energiticheskim a whip and reel it to itself, as only he approaching, allow him delicacies the boot, is so, and allow volley from piece super mutilated, shotgana, from such a pressure have bad guy relax by themselves a downside limbs and he flies its back on a giant cactus, Slarg! Fatality! And there's the blood in different hand. And such options on game great many. Bulletstorm- this anthem of pageantry going on here violence, embodied on the screen thanks to team Epic, near the such whopping things, as Unrealand Gears of War. And still in game there is "achievements" - this substitute for spoils on PlayStation 3.

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Ah and "massacre. For young chikotil)


You are here » Forum Polaksa » New vacuum igrukhi » Bulletstorm (PC)