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Mafia 2 (RS)

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I confess honestly - never was a fan GTAobraznykh games. Me they always seemed whatever the through dibs on complex, you complicated, yes and still and on machine touring need to on time, and race I, too, not favor. However after passage Infamous on Playstation 3, where for the groundwork was, too, filed city-a sandbox, only without the governed cars, I understood, that not so afraid of traits, as his them paint. Krotkiy official Russian release the Mafia 2, I zakatav sleeves youtube to the very the worse, namely losing, screwing up and spend precious life, but.
Mafia 2it turned out utterly stunning game. I even not know with what start, after all telling pro this game, you as if're describing largely unknown, but extremely an important episode from what any Mob saga, a la Sukhomlinsky father, the Klan Soprano or The latter Don, adjusted on 40-50’s year twentieth century. All here organically and okay skroeno - here you and drama and comedy, violence and love, friendship and betrayal, luster of luxurious lives and a nasty smells poverty - all around subservient to laws genre. Above on the streets the Empire State-Bay, prichine, as life this giant megapolis, goes, there is no - neck, run their course: Around and brought machines, passers hurry on their Affairs, work shops, restaurants, is changing weather, time days and even times year. Areas differ the outside guise of from each other - this not primitive mounting economic twin square boxes, here there is slums, coon neighborhoods,, expensive Villas, industrial zone and each part of maps, on which part to visit, on their is work of literature art.
Individual words want honoring with their cars. Cars in game will derive dozen 2-3 together with cargo transport, but realistically touring will have machines on 10-15 fringes. These the most old cars look simply mind-blowing - they as if from one set of collection rare machines, even to beat and break their pity, 're trying to drive machine say the and neatly. But if decide you want it later on a serious sports tuning (here this, too, can be), then your sport kar already accurately no one would overtake, if of course you can cope with breakneck pace - after improvements in underground garage, characteristics auto escalate in been, and there already not yawn!
Open you a small, but highly an important secret: In the Mafia 2fear need not sploshnaya. There is no, of course they not so are simple and under hour many of them no clothes hands not will you take, and with some will have intervene in incessant shooting and shelling, but would still the main force not for them. The most your evil and merciless enemy will. Policeman. Chipping an one, you obrushite on themselves the entire anger legislative criminal and punitive forces the Empire State-Bay. On place of slain policeman come running, / will visit two or three, but after, as you're and with them, your level of investigation will so is high, that hide from them (namely so and need to act), will be very not simply. They as bomb-sniffing on blood Wild Dogs, will hang on you tail, until not there you in tatters or not will being shortchanged. Of course a serious a gang member's not pristoilo to duck in cans again or telling the scene with dress-up, but and foolish to risk in open, too, not worth - recklessness here will brutally addressed by a determination.
Mafia 2- this the world in which is worth to visit. Благодаря титаническому труду компании 2K Czech и превосходной работе отечественных локализаторов (среди знакомых, что называется с детства голосов, были замечены, вездесущий Борис "Бонус" Репетур и замечательный Влад Копп (модель для сборки), озвучивший Витто Скалетта), мы имеем уникальную возможность окунуться в реальность настоящего стиля, серьезных мужчин, прикоснуться к наследию гангстерской эпохи и просто очень интересно провести время за этой ИГРОЙ, удалить которую, вот уже пол года после повторного прохождения, у меня просто не поднимается рука.



Incidentally say, the first mafia, too, was interesting plaything. I sake of it even trainer pose, to race pass on car, which was falling apart from any are emerging from their. And the plot and sense prokhodeniya - see the endgame. So that second mafia itself, too, put and little by little play, already Fund until homes and in flux sleep. In really the early in general. And game is worth already 2 weeks.


You are here » Forum Polaksa » New vacuum igrukhi » Mafia 2 (RS)