'' Medal of Honor 2010 againstCall of Duty: Black Ops(PC)


Two the main FPS 2010 - 21st year. Want compare their precisely in manner rivalry, not caricaturing no key, and simply, on ZhITEYSKI, to tell about their asked and infliction, Philadelphian in the process passage both toys.
Both anodyne on RS and the first with what want start - this of course governance. And in MOH and in the COD :B O it virtually an ideal. Characters trek, antics, are shooting, manage technique precisely so, as this wants gamer. Exactly in previous parts of the COD it precisely deceptive and was, convenient and responsive, in early same MOH almost, too, most, but fan of this.
With perspective graphics, on my strictly personal glance, the COD :B O looks more realistic and brighter. In '' Medal of Honnor the all time brownish, gray, and in Call of Duty, coterie tropical of paints, replacing as ascetic urban scenery, Cold a white plain and dismal underground bunkers. Comfortable the contrast only stronger draws to screen, then as Velikogo sometimes simply exhausting its monotonnostyu. However with positions drawing and models surrounding world, both game look on 5 with plus.
Both toys rotten packed with atmosphere good Hollywood blockbuster: Throughout heros story line, sitting in anticipation epic kulminatsi, good and there and here she present, truth have each its grains and this another plus, doing game different from. In Black Ops actions occur during the Cold War - hero hold for Russian spy, the plot constantly lurches player around the globe, showing time from time fleshbeki from the past. In '' Medal of Honnor you worldwide.Would in modern conflicts: Afghanistan, Iraq. Pleased surprised sniper mission and race on ATVs on the hills.
Both game exhilarating to, both are good, but here is Call of Duty: Black Ops me liked more - colorful, long, more interesting and more complicated, but this already deal taste.


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