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Ro not online, banns, tachskrinovaya.

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Comrades! Already 3 days felt some feel feelings. With one hand joy from communication with favorite game, affordable modicum and not in Sexvideochat, but in any place, far would not stopped by, camping on K. Established she on nintende DS. With other hand several a swirling the plot, soprovozhdayuschiysya permanent dialogues, the unfortunately on English, which I were too lazy teach entire life. But the first sense of until stronger, so sit and as a psycho play. Ah nostalgia, nothing not can with a do about it. If who wants - can to share file))



I so understand, speech goes about version of for Nintendo DS, in which gopnikov pro the thief or that the in this spirit. Serezha, you would modicum 01.05.2001 its post normally: Nor pictures, nor video - I grapple understood about than you at all write.



ah perhaps easier immediately video. I oh-so-long tried to deal with governance and slightly was not sent igrukhu in retreated. However OK has understood, now have been arguing recall, far same I spare stylus snykal. Not conveniently play corner appropriate battery compartment insert for mikrosd maps :D and even should tell, that if would on cheap laptop of yours was would Touch-screen, I would Perhaps again play began would in online version of. Prikolno on enemy finger at click and not the cursor))

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Soon on iPhone ands disaster


You are here » Forum Polaksa » Ragnarok. Online (MMORPG) » Ro not online, banns, tachskrinovaya.