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Struggle with SMS extortion gangs.

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Ah all known sequence of viruses. Indices, the closing the entire screen was set up traits knows than + window for entry code unlock, which can be receive for SMS.
There is heap options, can be turn on free toll telephone, obtain code, can be. And traits his knows how many just can be. But we shall go universal by. Incidentally can for whom the will interesting since individual clauses, so as they help in principle from many "number of illnesses", computer.

1. At all the need to have on computer antivirus. You of course you can hurl in me a shoe at, but our choice Kaspersky. If free the Avira, but I him not very later. More often'm using batteries scanners, their desirable download times in week, and launch on tested the entire machines. Here is list of 'em right:

Kaspersky virus removal tools (a button with Russian flag)

Establish utility for USBGuard. Better borrow version of with ZverCD (assembly Windows). Establish necessarily! Because as prohibits avtozapuski. Nor one virus with actuators not end up. Offers kill entire contagion of immediately.

2. Verify your OS. Ione - panel governance - system. And if written that Windows XP SP1 or SP2 urgently renew! Can be of course automatically (has license, can be reinstall entire our with a new assembling (sometimes is easiest), either pump separately packs updates SP2 SP3, this you on site Microsoft and the search for you in aid. Let me draw your your attention, defend not an updated our BESPOLEZNO!

3. Swing, swing LiveCD. That this such? This disk CD or DVDs on which there is image Windows with marked drivers on all cases life. I.e. you go stab his in computer, bet in BIOS inherently with CD. Begins over vinda, with she not affects your tight disk, all over in the RAM chip. So as booting virtually is coupled with stop (image the universal, driver stipulates the each time anew) is happening all very slowly. But over net system, on that not of debt virusnyak (himself themselves on CD not will record). Usually together with it is delivered a huge number of utilities antiviruses. We same not simply packing, we need to system brush your.


Disk burn on layer disc with the help any Prozhigatelya, choose burn IMAGE ON DISC. Respectively specify the downloaded image.

Here is this view C with gathered bodice need to pump times in six months least. Keep under itself. That there there is:

Under boot with the high you take the young.

And) various options installations XP assembly from Zver (this the author such), this precisely fixation a new Windows, this is even not LiveCD, vinda is installing automatically, from it to millimeter prevents any pesky triggers and the pop up windows :) There same There are kits drivers. Sets WPI (distributions all programs on all cases life, established, transmission AVTOMATIChESKI), in which entering Office, Photoshop.
I.e. chose facility, are gone, and if not hang up timers, that periodically emerge, to can be was that the reverse, then through 30 minutes arrive at ready system with set by programs on all cases life. Yes even with pile those formalizing the

It comes) Alkid LiveCD, what need us. Click save and and load. Minutes 10.

In) What you attention on utilities mem interface test (test operativy), Victoria (test hard the high), Windows Key Ent. Disposal of password Windows! In including extensive administrator.

4. Are booted. Selecting programs - entity-relationship-attribute Commander - choice directory windows, and here need to vyrat directory Windows YOUR, with the which you worked at determined whether every day! After this utility will know where seek Register of. There same entity-relationship-attribute Commander-utilities selecting editor of registry.

Clean (will abandon his an empty) significance of the parameter AppInits organs is DLLs, 7,000 in HKEYs organs is LOCALs organs is MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows NT\ 98 Simplified Chineese\ Windows

Find branch HKEYs organs is LOCALs organs is MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows NT\ 98 Simplified Chineese\ Winlogon

If parameter Shell different from standard explorer.exe or file Explorer (rundll32.exe, then delete his and measure Sell shown significance explorer.exe

Verify parameter Userinit and each his significance equal C:\ WINDOWS\ system32\ userinit.exe, (with semicolon in late)

5. And now put USB with Laurent antiviral scanner and stop bearing tested all khardov (regular in assembling usually thwarted). If there is no time the folder windows and Program files.
Note on name viruses, that will tell you antivirus, write down their on a piece of paper. If not gonna fly treatment need to crawl on forums have. But this very rarely.

6. When this is the disk and peregruzhaem WordPad. Should help. Immediately after button absolutely unique organizing various authorial (ione-fulfill) msconfig selecting avtozagruzka. And knock down all that you need not. Only not turn off USBGuard.


PySY. Here is even disk Kaspersky for verification system, their the Lifestyle Cote dAzur, can, too, use to anyone.




A lot thank you our personal systemic administrator and simply good fellow is2, that answered it on call and increasingly, as on spirit, told and experience, that is called, announced his.


You are here » Forum Polaksa » Cautiously! Share experience » Struggle with SMS extortion gangs.