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Casual game

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In this topic speech goes about simple (though sometimes among kazualok meet quite fundamental projects) office toys, which certainly already long settled in your computer, at home whether, at work, in camp trunk notebook or on mobile phone. This such game, process in which not requires a long ????. Their can be quickly to complete, can be easily start with of the same seats, they easily are available and not demanding to resources your computer or mobile devices. All known such kazualki, as Zuma, She cried more salmon, Luxor, playing tetris (yes, perhaps he well is mired under such definition of), tank M 1990, 7 miracles and many, many other. Tell about their loved ones kazualkakh, simply exchange opinion, write their reviews.

Here is mini-or even micro digest on with cartoon toys for Nintendo DS(however these same game there is on computer and even on cell phones). Speech shed about Games from series of "four in a series of." Goal of the game move on vertically and horizontally different geometric shapes, impermeability their in chain from 3-'s until usually 7-1930 figures. Than more figures will in a range of, the more likelihood obtain what any bonus or simply earn lot more points, for obtain another life.

7 Wondersor 7 miracles, the most popular and perhaps the most the Beautiful from all representatives this genre on NDS. Many run animation, excellent color of and even there is some pristine story line. Interesting levels, heap bonus - 7 miracles should try every! Not so long, to word, withdrew the second part of, which quite not worse.

Jewel Matchhas all chances become the longest game from series of "4 in a series of" - in it 150 levels with gradually magnifying complexity. Canvassed she not so is beautiful, as 7 Wonders and not has such same-in bonus, but in it plays many run relaksiruyuschaya music and sometimes very tricky're twisted levels.

And finally Jewel Quest Expeditions. The most interesting conundrum from all in terms of Aoyama and the most boring in terms of graphics and gameplay in a whole.



I will present another an exciting game from this genre. In its time I very Ideology has bought into. Very interesting plaything and quite not napryagayuschaya. Well kills time. Music game, of course, not shine by, but this not reduces its estimates. For game obstragirueshsya from all, only Intermittently into it, which all further and further you tightens. I has passed its enough quickly and not times. Quite not got. Recommend.

In game Treasures an you is given opportunity decipher a great secrecy, that failed to decipher the most great scientists. The road to ancient civilization Aztecs was lost, and now you need to find its. On road you will beat secrets precious of stones and flashy and not comprehensible patterns. Moving blue on MMO , and stigmatizing their so, to obrazovyvalas line with STICKERS chips, you will open new mystery. Blue can be pay as on vertically, so and on horizontally. Open blue would give you many bonus, which will help withdraw from more challenging situations. Go rather on the search rural, and you unkind and actively all mystery.



A compelling a series of casual games from categories "three in a series of" Puzzle Quest1 & 2. Ingenious framers united in in every immediately several genres: RPG, quest and of course same kazualku to gain 7 miracles. In the first parts of game you are travelling on world Varlordov, USSR with nechestyu, allied themselves, trolls, wolves, spiders and with still quite big pile raznosherstykh supostatov. Enclose alliances, intense mystery, participate in palace Tim, and open an itself devoted friends, get a lock of captured, build its the and finally - or unsure download demo his individual! Any corner giant maps can become battlefields battlefield for you and your enemies - after all everywhere hide infinite treasures and ominous trap!
The second part of Puzzle Quest looks significantly detailed. You already need not passing on several times on one and the same road, fight with again and again to opportunities enemies - here abound quests, thanks to which, process becomes even more cerebral. The hero (as and before you can choose itself class perosnazha) helps residents cities Verlonen, eliminating monsters and aiding aid weak. Say is limited 50 levels, but believe me - this levela you so simply not achieve! Schedule has become more beautiful, battles more interesting, and mantra sballansirovanney! Yes - Puzzle Quest the best fenteziynaya kazualka on RS!



being gods. Fate Ariadne's

Yet another plaything from series of "three in a series of" (perishing very they me on psyche). Alavarovskaya designing, beckons above all its krasochnostyu - and truth, plaything Lies very flamboyant. Pictures of the juicy, and here is animation could would be a little bit of a better idea. In "which Destiny Ariadne's" a whole heap levels, given which, will have discovered regime of the puzzle, where utterly without time, in its so say, pleasure, you can to collect big pictures of the in several stages. In a whole very good project, but there is in it a series of the nuance, which me not marked to Italian tastes: On the virtually there is no bonus, helping in game, game itself the easy, but deters have on a screen thanks to large-wu levels, that of course same several exhausting. And the most chief on my view minus - too quickly goes time on levels and not outperform everyone pleasantly to clear field. And so, not sophisticated person in kazualkakh of this kind, game seem not worse Treasure an, with than its exactly and the congratulations!

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Angry Birds

Who not knows of Evil the birds? On-my already not remained such a human, which although would times, not tried launch istoshno screaming clump X in the evil and savvy accounting pigs green of. Sounds of course, as Brad amazingly subtle, but game, under its seemingly absurdity and simplicity, tightens with first seconds, yes so, that when come in themselves, discovering it's, that has passed already gender game, as least. Each a bird possesses specific abilities: Red are good in as a simple artillery, the Blue can thrown on several parts, white workers eggs, as bomb, black themselves bomb, and yellows are impetuous, as if torpedoes. Large-in locations aren diversity and choices as decisions mini-puzzles: Alone logics, in other can be defeat, only, firing "from shit." There is have Angry Birdsthat the from old Wormsand even more old guns, since the 486s and this well, after all example taking precisely with games, mean supporting sanctions that subsequently world masterpieces.

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For owners iPhones or another apple caused to,, will soon here is this game. About than she - yes figs his knows, importantly the commercial they`ve!



Still one yourself a nice, funky theme for won - Pigs civil Trees! Comical up mult, some funny heroes and like even for decent gameplay!


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