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Easter eggs in films and Games.

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And imbabers with the outset:

1. Watched "Fortune for Privideniyami", drew attention that chief of a scoundrel (official) and policeman in pokey, huh, played respectively actors from "Die Hard", Reporter (;), policeman.
2. "Maverick", the hero (Gibson), faced the robber, which type learns, with words -No-parent, not can be. Absolves mask with him, and there chief his previous on "at grave arms", moment prikolno somehow integrated.
3. Here is just uploaded video with the high magazine Mir Fantastiki, I have their full of the d putting if not they'll shut. … b6dcf5f973



And quite fresh easter egg from a glorious movie "Of Paris fondly." Hero Travolta, in several a comedy form, tells your partner with your pro its negative attitude to pacify and serious relations with women. Meanwhile, in the background, several dimly, but nevertheless markedly, show, as Kelly Preston (the real wife Travolta) purely, sitting with children on Eiffel tower. Show its in kadr together with John Travolta.
Propose a all admirers Clinic (receives more superficial treatment, not skating), putting lovely Easter eggs. Their there on every a series of a whole basket of bold enough. And here is one of my favorite: When place the Chief of Medicine becomes vacantei, on reason departure Dr. Kelso, then on his place comes Taylor Madox. And here is in conversation Taylor with Dr. J., she he's been spreading the his in fluff and by, ending chided cliche: "And that this still for course not surname - Cox?" Was trained as an actress, sygravshuyu Taylor Madox, name is Kourtney Cox.

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You are here » Forum Polaksa » Beloved sites and forums have » Easter eggs in films and Games.