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Defense Grid - The Awakening (RS)

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Only that, literally couple of minutes ago, has passed superb, a remarkable and simply great toy Defense Grid - The Awakening! Any papers me cost find normal labor version of, but after long institutions like my tenacity was virtue rewarded.
Defense Grid - The Awakening- this a new direction in strategic and tactical Games. Every level of begins with, that you comes some pristine map combat action, where in mid-or with the edge of or immediately in several sides, are storage sites with energy areas of (in game their call core), which need to guard the. Then on map are beginning flows in waves of opponents-alien. Waves can be very many (usually until 30 fringes) and in each wave of can prove, as one the team, but a strong, so and several, but on slabzhe. Goal of the game - using geography terrain, build battlegroups tools thus, that would opponents not learned with maps energy core. Sometimes account for build entire corridors, that would I?e?aeuou received maximum damage from each built gun. Your battlegroups towers opponents to attack not can and their can be still improve, adding breech, expanding and of course same firepower might. So same need to take account, that certain enemies can inflict damage only certain gun. Again needs follow credit (this local money) - on them you buy new towers and moderniziruete old. Loans, as is not difficult imagine, you will for destruction alien. So that - increasingly simply and understandable. But this only on first glance.
That pleased, so this the, that when you will pass a as a beloved game (this I Defense Grid, not forgotten?), can be will pereproyti every level of in utterly friend regime, earning new reward and lens.
Death malicious given to newcomers!

P.S. In videotape shown progress last levels. Esquire Drink Database very cleverly is nurturing chain from towers and virtually perfectly passes game. On his host can be watch progress all levels. Personally me this couple of times very helped. Dude's, as I understood, name is SilverMagics. Thank you!




Defense Grid - The Awakening - this a new direction in strategic and tactical Games

On fact this direction very many years, remember even in club played in 2000, special maps to StarCraft where need to was stir combat units, and on halls a load Zerg



Me's no one else except the damned "towers" from this series of nothing not your visitors, yes and until sought himself Defense Grid - such igrukhi offered play exclusively in exemplified. If know similar toys - share names, d their try.



tower defence- so is called this subgenre strategies. Who any knows toys from this series of?


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New vacuum igrukhi Mar 27 2017

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