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Aion Legends [MMORPG]

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Aion Legends

Aion this virtual the world, where you, as and thousands of other players, create his hero and will be departing on the search
Rural in companies unclaimed friends or in the composition of the whole Legion.
This history struggle with fearsome balaurami and fierce standoff of a brighter ands dark worlds. The Saga about prowess and
Honor, friendship and hatred, about plucky heroes and endless battles, about tragedy whole planet.
Studying a frozen deserts Asmodei, green forests Eliosa and, the Flaming depth voidwalker await their heroes.
And let light Iona will tell you path!

So, couple words about how, that such Ayon in deeds (and not on or nutshell) and with than his eat.
Despite the, that is positioned this would mean online Press bailed, as something revolutionary and hitherto not witnessed (and
Wasn say framers otherwise about their detischakh, on fact, Ayon is some an alloy two the most
Popular predecessors Insured and Ruler 2.

Importantly, on that is done focus under nakhvalivanii Iona - this his schedule. Not played in Insured, not played in the ruler, and because
Say, that graphics here much steep or worse not can, lie to not d. Mournfully with hand I would said, that yes,
S gaming the world made talk, juicy, but say, that sake of this cost would 24 hours in clock gamat, I cannot. Notation in, as
Notation in. Incidentally made she on engine CryEngine 3.

As known, in RPG schedule by and large always teetered on far not the primary roles. Importantly in online
RPG - this itself mechanics game and diversity game shows opportunities. The only with than I can to compare - this with Ragnarkom.
So. Are starting as usually with create individual - on choice there is 4 basis class: Warrior, an assassin, prist and mage. Well itself
Office standard. Still, truth, offer choose race: Conditional support "good" and "bad", but no principled
Meaning this not has. Forth, on achieving 9 lv (and just their 50 lv) fulfilled quest on obtaining the second profy. Here
4 available class Anthony still in half, 760.46 get 8. Say, that this little - nothing not say. In the same
Ro classes (if borrow only OSNOVNYE) was 36!

Rightly move on. Principle dawdling individual is based on meeting numerous quests. There is no, can be of course go and
Lumping mobs until a blank, but on early stage of the game this not adopted. Canada easy and understood, become entangled in them cannot be -
Far go will reveal, whom kill and that bring -, too,. All enough simply.
Obtaining another lv not means smooth ,-sum game nothing - no distributions of anisotropic webmasters, no sophisticated-
Intelligent - nothing this there is no, system all makes itself. Only purpose levela - this limiting in choosing
Really kind and those same intelligent. To Bayes'll take it to the availability of combo-intelligent.

In general, all done to in Ayone could get settled any. For newcomers this well. Say, in HAGMAR mechanics in been
Harder and produmannee, and loath and to think there need to constantly. Here same there is no - all very and very simplified.

In than same then the zest of the? The zest of the in is, that on achieving a certain lv is a access in some the abyss, where converge
In combat 2 race, and begins open WCC from the Tribunal - mindless and LGM.

As spoke previously, one I in Ayon play not became would under any circumstances. In companies same interest little by little emerges.

Text or: Ah yes, still here can be fly and punch :D



Thank you for the review, quite pithy. And now, if not is difficult, tell us, as there with laggards, pay ,-of a high servers than I, that at all for people plays, that about uh and petov and exactly exile.



There is the official PLATNYY Russian server, where introduced if not all, then almost all, that there is and on Western OFAKh.
But, of course, taxable option games - for me not option at all :D

On this about, - the first and the largest Russian pirate the, uh, server. Rates classic for ofov - more
The, uh, server is in stage tests, and because lagaet and that most bad - steadily. Play without logautov minutes 30 - this i.e. American) for happiness.
Ah if same pay game as times-??? about an hour or so the other in day, then with so position affairs can be live.

Adminy patchat server slightly whether not every day, so that, Perhaps, in soon the situation with quality servaka ameliorated.

Online steadily in district 1,500-2000 players. Not can say, how this many / little for world Iona, because himself opened until only 2 locations -
Seats and mobs many, lack all. About quality players, too, say something difficult - in a whole adequate, swears with someone not accounted for. Truth,
Not discarded, that much of swearing or they is said that past ears, because system own and personal messages dirty. But and with this, if play in companies
Live, too, can be.

Text or: Yesterday received 10 lv and second profu, and together with it wings and opportunity fly. Prikolno)
Still very aren system combo-intelligent.


You are here » Forum Polaksa » Ragnarok. Online (MMORPG) » Aion Legends [MMORPG]