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Couple words about outrage are punished and khamstve.

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At the request IS2, yes and simply because, that painfully, created the partition Forum, the knighted Professor any frustrating pobutovim situations on production, in trade and anything, where have been upheld rights consumers, where people face disabled-rep, disrespect and arbitrary. You obvesili on market, betrayed in no clothing left, khalatno accumulation in with member institutions and other managerial and social structures - write here increasingly, let us together seek decisions problems and ways impact on situation. However, if suddenly you have occurred what the positive circumstances from the same area -, too, write, not hesitate to, together our!



Sashas propose that a subject in section the world around - studied! Share experience. Let us write shops goods people, to not cracking up.. And here is the first message

On subject SEs. Razvenchayu Your misconceptions. SEs sending all nah, no products they from consumers not accept, can ? ? ? your statement (if will accept), and on the idea of must do level procurement, BUT. On practice you simply would send, or will press write together pieces of paper, and subscribe come through year. Say on own experience. There is of course option write in parallel in intently, president, but. You everywhere will keep bailing on, spend together time.

We denies on pro-littering stance, I say so because was in stores Czech Republic and Spain, because see in blatant perekleenye labels atop istekshego term strangest (example Perekrestok, the same, Sunny paradise, on an expensive our cheese bumper, under it the second, the writing: A crossroads Propulsion Five) shelf life has expired a month ago). Products zhutkovatogo quality, long overdue, rotten, plesnevye. Examples:

1. Nuts Arolla - bought in proprietary business packaging, purified, expensive, you and three days in mouth bitterness, there is impossible, palleggi sugar a bitter, and this says about the problems with liver. Immediately not figured out from-for what, through month has repeated, took refuge in Internet, and there . Hundreds of complaining precisely on these cardiac, bought in largest supermarkets. It turned out producer our Siberian, on fact China, with the other zipper heads'cars typically recognized with them as the to lift oil, not breaking integrity, in a result are formed 25 butter. People being hounded! And after all these nuts children give eat. On humanely tried to to talk to the with seller, was sent
2. Seventh continent, at all tin, t in Izmailovo because as near, buying very captiously, meat borrow at all cannot be, up a storm ontological cutting lapped filthy, one times bought sticks, not recognized, gray notes layer by layer, went through week, lie on same place, the entire product gray, made remark, promised deal, went on the evening lie her moles removed, demanded complaint box book, managera. Came a wog, matyukami and ID its veteranskoy :D frightened his until much, was removed malware likes with counters, BUT YOU WerE have seen resentment everything she said, of collective wig store today that! In my side of course!
And such stories I have heap! There is I have very serious lawyers, they I heard a scheme. To mess futile, their money return can be, even they further this not are thrusting. Futile.
Why there is no on them Fortunetelling? Yes because round corruption, scary and all-consuming, masters these Magazov dictate rules, millionaires, criminals. They make sell nekonditsiyu, wash sausage each with Feri (and as you think why she such a pink for weeks). This given through the prices! Incomes are spiking, people keep dying, such a there is no nor in one country world, yes and have us directors Magazov in 30 's blasted away. If there is desire to read pro reversals in online; it's, especially on example intersection, pyaterochki . Are astonished...! Witness films documentary. … k_545.html
Especially note on behavior head of intersection.
And now pro personnel stores, you perhaps turned attention that Russians virtually there is no, all more gastrobayterov, and that with them take, if they by themselves pigs. Under me in the same continent dropped on gender box and went cut them choked, made remark, the outcome scandal on half an hour of exercise. Familiar my with str. Manufacturing, work went tovarovedami in 5-chku, have become such same, ontological rot, ah that to do times work such a And so the entire country. Released seller such with work, went in a clinic, and there doctor drugs.. giving long overdue, rubber-stamp sham, teacher in school with his kiddies money shakes a, in repair service accounting his as a sucker level, and all for him the Scoundrels, and he for them, because as rot sells, poison.
To change need to people!



Another kantora with which better not to mess. Firm Nix Sells computer technique. Narvalsya on them enough long in 2007, but facilitated. What even kantora boasts their ANTIsaytom, where very interestingly gopnikov policy trade. And the most recent place in rankings an esteemed resource … azdel_id=1

Although kantora on market almost 20 years!

Propose a you report of the time:

Immediately say something inaccurate, that alwaysproduct in Ultra. But, in ties with unforeseen events, turned in Nix. Until this Grand Canal from sistemnik, and even scraps. Embarrassed the immediately the quality of delivery, when bringing sistemnik, under a pile price commodities, under themselves sistemnikom, in the usual a baggy filled lay in the RAM) Slava god she earned. Here on days through Internet Music ordered two tough the high on 750 GB Seagate, with was am confident that order SATA. In sight Shiller wrong because as brought IDE, but yes god with him. IDE so IDE. Decided to try reverse, although this was'm impartial.. Question this implemented on the telephone exactly one hour, because as on the cheque teetered date 30.06 and received delivering only in Monday, second. Me have provided interpretation with the on seller of, then in department guarantees, then gave department delivery and said, that hard time delivering "at all not our kantora." And increasingly ??? come . Joy of the began in branch guarantees, young man took out from packaging hard (I their even not taking it out) captiously minutes 10 examined, and said that. Both a hard cut return and guarantees not are subject! So as have traces physical damage! Under this showing on metal stripes in street corner a long millimeters 2, and at the second prokovyryav the fingernail of the (under me) White sticker Seagate (the kind which on the whole hard with his characteristics) on 2 mm, showed on it and announced, too, mechanical failure of I taken aback. Nor in one kontre cities Moscow with me such a not was never. Removed any happened, but such a there is no. Further better, treat yourself to oldest an eager seller, I understood that this is even flowers on and. You big boy slow pererugivalsya with whom the on the telephone, the frequency matnye expression, communication our lost permanent swings of seller of on hall, and his psycho-babble on the telephone. Declared he - me that harvest me nothing to acquire, that need to turn in Court, that here me no one will help. Under this each time hinting that I what the buyer, and here a serious kantora, and nothing to acquire distract people on pabulum.
I cannot you advising people, but I accurately know that in Nix I more not do. And deal even not in is that I lost money. Although for example in the same Ultra for 5 years work (in including and on opt.) I have such a not was. Deal in is that such "chumps", this most soft word that I picked up by, I met only perhaps in state affairs. The only man which normally themselves lead, not undercutting received, although nothing help not was able, this staffer warranty Office Bugaev A. P.

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Yesterday went to with wife founded for buy. Ah, so as near from normal stores only Perekrestok, went there. Ah in general the all, as usually, and here wanted me "Ratatouille" (this that the type lecho, only sweeter than and ingredients more). 'm a match to the shelf with all of these and good and'm seek, as suddenly me on eyes enclosed I got a jar, on which written "Mushrooms with karofelem." Want its take and to consider and here same odergivayu hand - from already ajar seals, on bank account and squarely on shelf and neighboring products follows some pristine substance with explicit traces rot. And what from all this goes had! Truth if only come closer - on distance half a meter is harder not one senses utterly. I neatly have been told that a jar, that would sellers noticed its and was removed with eye artificial demarcation point or interface. Today, I decided to to visit our its new "friend" - "Mushroom and. Potato head." As and expected, all have them in order - alive and wholesome, camping ons rotting away, strictly on the same site, on dust.
Eck out of there morality - read date generate and shelf life product and ALWAYS take a check.



Most interesting that they constantly covering past shelves, browsing product, sometimes pass impossible how many trolleys puts the, and scavenge for. Crusade have them regulation not sack nothing without orders



At all network Perekrestok, over the last year-two dropped bar quality - below have nowhere. And under this they vluplivayut budget in advertising (and me sometime, this heavily money), and here is were inspect work stores mind have rubles that why the lacks. Me seems, that partly in this is to blame Piaterochka, bought network Perekrestok and itself with reputation quite raspi. Dyayskoy counter to leading lights, and partly still and the, that in stores work alone Gastarbeiter. There is literally couple-Triad Slavic faces on cash offices and in administration - the rest all: Ali, Abu, there, saytan, zumrat and camping on P. Have them same as: Over them and there with a whip - they work, turn your back on - immediately are beginning on its obezyanem, 2009 ratchet up between themselves and work on side. Until this Ali-baba on vzveshivalku be appropriate - have him already turn, as under SSSRe for bananas. And before administration at all neposilnye tasks are worth - they need to follow their outfits, nails and different hairstyles. On him at all can be Trendiness fashion determine. I incidentally ``I've been as the standing, in waiting lists, for trajectory for displacement administratorshi, so here is she is moving, on next scheme: the door podsobnogo exposure - till - the door podsobnogo exposure. In spied a their not saw nor never. Immediately in sight - man sits on're salaried. I believe, that in trade at all such a be should not - give paying and minimal the salary and have human at work immediately emerges goal.

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And here say that and Paterson siding with in team anything like an X5-Retail. So that soon and there all will so same fun.



With products I became very cautious. Necessarily'm shelf life, (has taught. Although would still it is difficult assess, that in packaging. Until me came close rumors, that oftentimes the stickers with the maturity strangest perekleivayut. Here is and think, think now, that claim to (



About stickers - this a hundred pudovo! I have wife with products worked - their not times were forced timeline perekleivat. And this in elite no clothing left in TsUMe, far celebrities be to load up come. She says, on its the eyes of, then whether fish, then whether still what the, realistically actions sold and was packed. And Ministry money over this stink backed off, anyways - a soft-spoken horror. Even the high cost of goods from marriage and punk you not will save, only simply attention to the timing strangest.



Yesterday me have been clipped. On the road. Deal was late on the evening, not far from South-western. What the towards on old and in the ass tonirovannoy bekhe rearranged themselves through three series of, bluntly I have under its nose, without curiously included the blinkers. I of course same prikhu. Are unaware, but so as the road was almost wastes, overtaken their and clipped in retaliation. Leaving a place, I saw, as, the floodgates windows and two unhappy with 5 faces in your brains that the talked in my side. I opened window and how many facilitated musculaire hands showed from the entire souls fuck. Not for good reason or leadership Karetnyy used to say: On bmv ezdiyut alone motherfuckers, in his mouth their everything-twing. In general, all, who so ezdiet and offends people on roads - my



Me, too, this bugs. But their nerves more expensive, so I try to put keep themselves in the hands of and enjoy the rule Bajaus D.



I believe, that this should be precisely here, camping on K. Such can devise only have us.

AvtoVaz gets still 28 billion

Until the end of April Volzhsky auto plant gets from state another public credit. This time in size 28 billion Br According to head of flight representatives Sergei a Korean, these money also set on expense companies already 30 April.
Interestingly, that this sum stands out until in as a loans. However in the future, to address Council directors Europe resulting from unintended acceleration and assembly shareholders, these billions of can be breached in the charter capital Europe resulting from unintended acceleration. Under this share shareholders a plant will diffuse they will have contribute additional funds in the charter capital. This not concerns only one shareholder Renault-Nissan. He still will possess 25% shares Europe resulting from unintended acceleration , even despite increase authorized capital.
P.S. On the results of first quarter 2010 is expected, that a loss Europe resulting from unintended acceleration will total order 3.4-4 billion Br On recognition leadership enterprises, AvtoVaz not managed to in the early 2010 fulfill scheduled previously business plan, however, growth sales machines in the early Spring allows hope that soon AvtoVaz stops yield losses.

Simply tin. How many there money not vbukhivali, all that effort for nothing. There black loophole. And the government again comes on same past. That for idiots. Was would so ludicrous, if would not was so profoundly sad ((



They not idiots - simply this is one of options did fraud, widely "our state still with Soviet since the. The, that AvtoVaz dead, as dead - this already have long known all and to everyone. Issue machines, morally and technically antiquated still 20 years ago, could would what any zadokhlaya country Third World, but in our country fools doing so there is rate, because as accented situation and pohlesche. Man modicum such examples, as pension (this same issued mockery of participants Insured and the first post-war generation) and prices in Russia and Moscow in particular on real estate. Have us in state extremely ta ll level of inflation, corrupt power and no respect to population. Oil-breaks, slightly whether not quarterly is growing in price kommunalka, road tolls on public vehicles soon will more expensive, than get on taxi. They not idiots - they being and Humbugs with levers of power in the hands of.



About rudest thing on the road. As this was 1940.

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During the rule of Stalin this was in order things. So that be surprised not account for.

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Stalin not rules, and presided over. Musketry, to be sure hard measure, but here is if would in our time couple of such examples, and suddenly - not only rigour drivers will rise, but and confectionery starts manifest itself to each other. Simply now some sort the Age of consensual impunity and's mayhem, and law no one not chtyot.






Moscow - not Russia. Moscow more resembles autonomous republic.



Berlin's a good point, my so Padawan.


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