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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PC)

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Weeks 2-3 ago has passed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2a on your nerd box. The impression from game remained, sorry for koryavoe word - dvoyakie.
With one hand have deal slightly whether not with the most the main brendovym Monolit "from first faces." As usually: Convenient governance, the good graphics, under not too high ???? ????, heap weapons, a good gameplay. Likely, well made online version of (not played, but heard that praise).
With other hand, sickening and offensive (for Russians and at all for thinking people) the plot. This political schizophrenia, burp Cold War - such a sense of, that now on yard middle of the 80-'s. Rambo 3, Reagan, vidaki and Cucurrucu. Again bad Russians want trying to horn in on svobodolyubivuyu democratic country, kill peaceful population, destroy Campidoglio and provincial Tents, type Jersey and Newport. And why framers decided, that in the second mission, we all wanted participate in murder of peaceful Russian citizens, from faces terrorists?! Okay would action razvorachivalos in the universe Postal, where should, merely a IocaI phenomenon and nothing not motivated violence, there is a cornerstone of the playing process, niei?u and near stage black yumorkom.
Can be many to talk about patriotism, about great heritage, about centuries of history his people, which this "product" disavows struggling forces, I same want say about such quotidian and understandable things, as respect. So here is have Activisionhis to us there is no. A favorite Western and the American being welcomed - this distortion historical facts in their favor. Under this utterly not buttressed by facts. Cheap move, not true whether? This game, well can be regard, as some antirossiyskuyu propaganda, vaguer on a rising and without moreover already nothing not soobrazhayuschee generation our country.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2- this very the Beautiful, flamboyant wrapper, will do) nasty-smelling boleznetvornuyu substance, opozdavshuyu years on 20 with counting. Me game not liked.



I thought that one so think. I already wrote pro this game. Never this game would not was able withdraw with so same levels pro airport New York City for example, NEVER. Game decried would on all conduits based and have shown would even on our television, Western-friendly Poznery, Mikhalkov and the entire the rest shalupon discussed the would as make available game on children. And here Snapilicious, goes his toy, in which you give pulemetik and urine inhabitants, women. Ah yes. This same HSIIDC, people second varieties, their so often kill, in movies, books. As the not pity, yes what their spare no the? Mostly the Scoundrels, with officials oligofrenov (shunted attention on actors same of Russian? Ah except rare exceptions), either obtuse polugeroi, Gibnuschie in the early. Ah when in power was Yeltsin, infirm of purpose drunkie... over which roarin 'the entire westward, then even in movies can be was to withdraw stupid neddy Ivan in hat trapper hat until the end of movie (Armageddon). Ah under power Putins here again began. Amerikosam need enemy, would need orders on weapons, you fat-ass pendos should rattle checkbox for and demand guard the his real estate! Scheme too cliche and is understandable. Encircle our country mini-" states ", led by corner in" politicians ", to escalate tensions (conflict with Georgia simply classic genre), and within his countries of well-written textbooks history + a permanent gnoblenie our culture. Here is outcome, us simply not perceive otherwise as freaks, brutal And BESPOShADNYMI. Actively are sponsored by funds (Sores and others, lead active propaganda within our country, witness how many polupidorov on our cubicles, which consider themselves "intellectuals", and simply actively is reviled our culture, history, people.
Advise, VERY SOVETUYu, read books "myths Oh RUSSIA" (Throwing exile on librusek there information about the author, and references to two books in txt, modicum Esquire Drink Database and MP, books very appealed

And level of in game vlyapan as the records, not in subject, recognized as under Made to Order. If honestly game I not has passed, after that level revulsion to game, honestly. Play in the COD :W Hey there there our heroes.



Recently and I have emerged this plaything (exactly Polaks me its and had brought) a bit debated subject their warnings about how that game can offend feelings same, ah and as something treated this pofigisticheski. Recently has flown I have thought that as all affairs finish the with institution committed and with repair (roughly to mid-summer), 'll sit on weekends at night, I'll play. But creating your reviews, think that better, I'll play in any harmless kvestik, not want negative of sludge. In general soon a new year, can he will bring what interesting things.



About pofigistiki, yes, you rights Earrings. The first of course impression was: Wow you! Nor fig itself! Yes and as the initially especially once the the atmosphere not was a sort. Awareness all this shit time come significantly later, when it became amply manifest itself antirossiyskoe direction Aoyama. Through entire game, white plies there: Russians's gonna get billeted in the US, grip over and destroy our cities, kill peaceful population, rebound occupies, this invasion. All of this it seems on describe from homegrown outlandish novels about how evil I?e?aeuou did fly in to us. Recognized Hi, "War air" remove. America not can to live quietly - it needs enemies. This the most hostile in world nation - first got knocked out Indians, then fightin 'over a between themselves, then the Japanese, then Vietnamese, Saddam Hussein, Yugoslavia, September 11,, ah and naturally Russ clear - enemy Number 1 Forever. Ah yes, they same after all saved still the world from threats fascist expansion.
However, on my subjective glance, this only policy. In the real life attitude to Russia ordinary American citizens in fundamentally can differ. Simply who the are they biting on propaganda, and who the lives their mind. Very now similar the situation on Ukraine and in Georgia. But they pro us, thank God, toys until not make.
-- - here is here, incidentally, can be watch American advocacy posters military years.



Something me this all reminds Kosova! Only in as a Iraqi army - "NKI")


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