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Sashas. Here is modicum kill not know. I have under every output adventure. Soon write all in diary :)



Ah made you there? Any place with us 3 January in Japanese Brasserie?



Guys bought itself SSD disk. Type such a. … =89538::::

The price for 60 GB of course hike, but this FLESh, speed records reading sky-high, no objects moving parts of, easy, so cozy. will definitely stay. Only AML profile! Put adjacent (entire Imaging Computer System not makes sense), and the most often used things, all. Else on the other disk. Such a increase productivity I not saw from the usual aprgeyta never. Vinda over instantaneously, all programs are opening very quickly. My beloved tanks fly :) Anyone reflecting recommend! Simply insist! Not regret.

Bought itself phone
Samsung S5660 … returnurl=

More precisely this smartphone. Touch-screen. The first the impression:

Called the 2.1 he's fast too with pile un, in including giveaway. Stole some itself unlimited MTS doctor for 200 rub in month (GPRS). Such [kayf]. On phone there is all and weather and news, photo videos. Toys're awash, especially. Race with governance from the tilt the most smartphone. There is even saw full Throttle, fully a ported, need to establish will. Entering on androit Pe, there you immediately all applications, can be look only free, there same otyvy, with many on Russian, prices in rubles. I until only giveaway drugged, with game luxury. There is all social networks. Is books very decent. Set maps, flipped his, here same shows where you one, you press bars and here is you near all shows :) Swell. Here same downloaded itself online timetable nearest from of Yandex, very conveniently. All words not to hand. Can be homes will be switched on wi-fi and then can be windsurf, too with beshennoy speed.

Accumulator under full overstretched (play constantly) - one day.
Set of text - on tachskrine need to get used. Although there are mulka, a new Core text, drive finger at on virtual the keyboard on perceiving, he himself puts word, already was accustomed aren.

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Mailitis my! I with the android already with February go... I go - I like. Although igrushechek under my the phone number of a find normal almost nereal - wishy-washy on precent, but in the rest of the all simply remarkable. You perhaps wanted to come with SSD GoldenCore cram down, type such?



I there has supplemented



F-fuck. People pardon that gone missing! Will talk what with me was.

In late August me popped the same virusnyak, that has many. The entire in spit and glue and cough provolyalsya almost two weeks. If in the early was nothing, then then it is a timely September. Mlyayayaya
All summer my mobile remained essentially silent as guerrillas. In offices which look after the, came only for wage. All works. Here as's burst, huh. I stupidly timed it. The third in 10.00 I saw 25 unanswered clustered. F-fuck.. This simply least. In this year acute the episode kritinizma, schizophrenia and of monthly have users and did coincided exactly with 1 September. You not think, all continued to and continues to work, simply people will deteriorate and this not treated. Ranging with stupidly nailing systemic the high gigabytes pictures with vacation and subsequent th "Wu me computer retards", ending outspoken mockery of a "I have in vorde the seedling is misaligned, come and can correct, this your a duty." In a result, in each office received asset, brought together in together, and just messed up so that ears vyali, warned, that pattern me on mobile on such pabulum, end thus language;, that infertility as least guaranteeing, and change orientation only collateral effect. Not d bore, but in this year that the frightening is happening in this terms of.
Tried to extricate to you, need to was continue to cast until things on liberal scattering, first explicit a host day in kontre, and is free. Released to machine in 5 morning. And here under its feet catches a small a grey Kitten, wet, thin , little mouth opens and a peep even not heard. Mlyayayayayaya. I have wife only independent kittenish, on child chessboard, on dacha, black, as neri, a long-haired, and nekormlennogo. And summer cottage mother-in-law, and there even cat and dog. Is full display. In apartment not option, then not splickety to other animals, blows will, passed, know. Decided to quickly to the vet, on shingles real test, good on neighboring the street. 24 hours a day. Dropped by, hear me gassing on, hear me gassing on, for shit, opens aaaea cleaning lady, made type breezing in, Kitten?, the fuck need, we want his :) And this in a paid clinic :) Lano, Haute-Corse we're waking doctor, laboratory assistants, aptekarshu. Depriving there is no, fleas there is no. But Kitten ill. Type intestinal infection, this without analyses on eye :) physician lazily "Vozitsya chase? Need treat. " Me it looked he ready his dismiss was in recycling bin basket. Bioinformational abilities, well you went in those involved in human, and not on sausage bread plant? F-fuck. You money pay, there is chance save living creature, and you. In short medicate. Antibiotic, be, the entire bullshit. Do couple of injections of, else on the evening, lost hour, food with the cat on work, would stand in traffic jams, the entire in soaps. At work all are dangerous, let be warm and fuzzy, say infection have him, all as pulled blew away out there :) the evening of not keep up home, 'm calling blizhayuschuyu veterinarku in higher educational establishment "Junior", and understand that here at all all zapuschenno. Replies a grub, is beginning to with the first my phrase yell "Go there where toured." I him explain, me only a little stick here put, and at all ready pay for legal and listen to view another a nobbler. F-fuck. Ah there at all Nimrod, designed as screaming its, type showed a in izmaylovo. I so neatly gathered, office? Dean of Medicine. Ah say asshole you as during. Client lost, and otyzvy in online; it's earned. Suck it now. Had to urgently to go back, questioning taking injections. Wife not lampooned, child a small, Kitten there is, all can people get infected. Sit couple of days in apartment, give taking injections, quarantine. Despite to father on liberal scattering, have him, too, two cats, Kitten and dog, all-chosen. As times past you drove :) Sam: I thought going to drop off the kittenish and to you, arrive, and'm frizzing with a bad sore throat. With steeply yes? Kondishen is so apparently driving. Not was accustomed even after shakhi.

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Oops, yes not sweat it you so - created no one not arrived. Me in one day have three rights and I one until Monday was sticking on dacha, although could to go on your big day to Vova in Saturday.



Ah not know directly perishing so whether and defied. I try to roll up in on polnochki))



Who Needs your polnochki need? Modicum would telephoned on next day - after all I said, that wait d.



Poorly, that not issued respect. When so still meet. But children - this all same sacred. Not casting more on Seregu!




Standard and Poor ', that not issued respect

If you this is so disturbing, that same you the first the Leapt?



That means Leapt? I leader was coming to come. Let not on entire weekend.

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Not important, that you leader was coming - it is important, that made. None of you me not telephoned in Saturday, although knew, that I there.


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