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Some IS2

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Here is decided to, too, some to wage. In childhood remember tried to. Yes only boiled down increasingly to insistence products proglochennykh for day. Raze could not secret thought entrust paper. But so much is happening in anybody the last time. Events many. Want will share. To know opinion people. Council ask. Imbabers thingy, isn't.



Support. I, too, led in childhood some, but highly irregular. Then time come realization, that bribery from ispisannoy don in table will little - after all sooner or later wanted with whom the to share their problems, experiences, ideas, opinion. Here for these things - most place. Not every of course dare to be forthright in our a not a time, however I believe, that if 24 hours in clock no one not trust, then over time reprisal very severe cargo, which ultimately can destroy in human from within. In general - step the right)



Large thank you for aid today! I perishing recognized not knew, that to do - said would me, that notebook broken. But following the advice, all revised)



And that was?



On fact with problem twisted on a screen (turn images on 90-180 gr., in a result accidental reset-hot,, failure) faced long, most amusing that most people consider this serious loss as a break, and removing usually was in elementary. Quite recently one goat in office, where'm moonlighting povadilas to inspire me each time with formulation - "has screen was set up", learned to decide this problem on the telephone. :)

Incidentally about baranakh :) There are such type of people, especially differ on this an arena aunts, 40 - 60 years, cover posts General, bukha, of the quartermaster, wife nachalstvuyuschego actor, for whom South special is object abuse. In its time constantly was moonlighting on law firms, 've always had a. But has acquired an invaluable check experience. Can whom use to anyone?

1.First of than be vetted by for work defeat clear installation tasks, not say history with prices, proschitayte then closely and either prudently, warn about possible consequences of, necessarily on detail by, and then only write tekhzadanie.


Proposed networks in the office with already signed European! Designer you stupid eating fudges not knows that accented network and phone outlets, the concept of workplace. Chief woman, distant from technology, but very maintaining defending her integrity walls :) At nutshell explain the need shtrobirovaniya walls, absolutely otmetayutsya by definition. Wireless network will treat on reason "secrecy facility" :) A also availability of any the training yuzverya. In a result - increasingly are reworking the the builders, all couple's Godparents on them, obzhim and obtaining money on me :) ALWAYS VYChISLYTE othersPARTY the hallmarks By YOUR costs, EXPERIENCE POKAZYVAET - THEM to CORRECT MUMBAI In the wall is, TO CLIENT THEY ARE WILL pick you.

Example:Man requests denser ALL and put a new our, ask - A you remember all your passwords (staff, aska, mail)? And you all photo skatali on USB? And there is you disk the Installation here is with the unique base data? The user (raised a) - A that this all not will remain? :)

2.inadequate people - rebound. All money notll earn, more will lose!


Customer not knows what wants:
Molitvakh me site retailer! Allow information? To imbue? - the pace with similar! - Go on.

Molitvakh me site to in the black backdrop of, wolf'd come running out and on moon was howling. Grand to my name two ?????? (Br Go on.

Oops! I have computer writes compound on speed 10 megabit! And why so retards! But because you the Tightwads and staff you incoming sunlight 256 KB\ with on 30 people in contact. No! This you network wrong made, this cleaning lady us told. Go on.

You us bought monitor for 9,000 and Vasya yesterday saw in eldorado for 5,000. Dergaem Jones. Vasya moos and difference in inches and models neftykaet, 're just going up on sites, look that someone buys at prices wholesale. Demand immediately apology. In next time navarivayu pomaksimum, in punishment, inspect fear. Otherwise. Go on.

Just idiots

Molitvakh me on the table Engine Monitor and Klavu, and sistemnik to in neighboring office stood, and the not fenshuy.Apple want? There is no?. Go on.

3. Clearly demand one chief, all rest please send nah. Clearly demand pay, not deshevite, but not humble, chase little borrow not will respect, many, too,. Any step to the left, shift to the from arrangements make expense. I before as fool has been raising cane on everyone trivial matter, was just finishing up for in other, phones, alarm, has strayed with legs. Now if its procedure Secretary despite repeated warnings happens to dvertsoy safe on sistemniku, or just taking the wires from phones, and quartermaster sits in porn. Is written dokladnaya with the indication value of my concern, for every challenge, for every vsunutyy cord in socket least 2000 Br People perevospityvaetsya instantaneously. Mostly I with around the'm friends, with, laughing am to challenge about intricately outlets, or the request fix light in office :) But when this enters in habit.

4. Not let themselves to humiliate! Never let on themselves yell! You guys turn around and leave the center! Not work on ragheads, NEVER, they the Tightwads macabre, necessarily deceived, even if very rich. At all with zhmotami not work. The good work, must well paid.

For the remittances of bought these 1,000 rub, for example, but sometimes at all refused from money, if with office very good relations. This very little! Given my a pathological honesty, could take surplus only in punishment. Quite often was smart guy, accelerated student Kohl, Jones. For 500 Br There is no problems. Nor head NOT Speedwagon it's not a watch TO child SB tears of NOT requested VERNUTS! Through month, two, when increasingly zagibalos and student the heII have you been. I here same denounced its sanctity on the future, and bought these compulsory abonentku 8,000 in month, for times in week on 1: 00 repairs diagnostics :)? Otherwise. Fuck.

5. Vortex only litsukhu! If have ring no money on litsukhu, and you there worked at determined whether, means this very old friends!



Very interestingly and informative! Some clauses well apply to my work, and which the and at all not meet - I serve the occasional: Came cel with the laptop - means that the do, and on homes not go... I go - can swear off. For niei?u and near kuryoznye and simply obtuse situation arise. Example: So as I serve in no clothing left on sale different info carriers and games in including, then for granted, aside from ordinary dynamic IPs surfers and ordinary citizens, me come "cewkies" - those who at all Nothingish in computer nerd not's been poking, but "them who the said, that their WordPad all pulling and at all he an excellent." One of such "Czech Republic Fed Cup team" came me with one GoldenCore times three, each time klyancha money back. I this shit very not love and try to put help people even before committing purchases figure out: Are prepared whether they come without scandal and reverse disk in case problems or are not prepared. If point 2, propose a them be to load up in other stores. But "cheshkam" usually increasingly until PI. Olympics or. And voila - man, which only that have you blackcurrant toy and was informed on expense exchanges and redo, has resorted in hysterical demanding money ago, for computer's a hunk their Oh. Enen, and disk - shit. Until my Cup patience still not was overflowing, and avarice and desire to to leave ??? earned 10 $dominated, I proposed come in Visitors to "cheshke" order to prove, that the trouble not with GoldenCore (they you have all bad and this. Pirate! Not letting up "Czech"), and with computer. "Czech" surprisingly agreed to (usually this not is happening, so as in conceals souls "cewkies" fear revelations and moreover, that they will be look significantly dumber, than there is on fact) and after work I staggered back to it. Me had to quite long seek its home, because as "Czech" was "the Czech" not only in terms of computers, but still and quite hoo. In was oriented terrain. Prosrav whole together money on mobile phone and ???. The fractal in late all far go, I fell in "dreams made of blessed ignorance" - hapless, little apartment "cewkies." "Czech" proved foot divorcee, living in closer, strange smelling odnushke together with weird. The son years 10-fringes and typically sovdepovskoy Grammie.. Until I razuvalsya in the corridor and sought place for jackets, the entire this to graze closely HRDs for me, from what I concluded, that guests in House not case. Then your third retainer took in greater (and exactly the only) room, where I beheld something. On the table stood antikvrnogo species sistemnik, with which crusade still internationally the spammil in Winter. Souls fearing for their lives I all ??? decided to include knocks the. Gromykhaya gears and of steam engine, sistemnik zaskripel their pulleys parts, but contrary to expectations, not became scribbling revolutionary proclamations, and simply earned. Meanwhile, monitor was very even nothing - LCD on 21 an inch, stylish species, but with hate morgayuschey directly in eye blue lamp. This springs, as if nowadays - Magik "cewkies" its clearly not Zerz - buying the best, she would still managed buy closet.
But here is already vinda loaded, povylezala heap non-performing programs and chaos on job table - all of this's been whispering to me about how, that ?ily. Tni will abound. Until I sought in vain tried to modicum that the align, sovdepovskaya Maw Maw, virtually hardly in near with me zashugannogo Malyavka, which later told me, that more just on light of fears zombies. I first not has reinvigorated this meaning, thinking, that kid either's gone into spass, that highly likely in his age, either is eating it up that the not what, if judged by smells that occur vitayuschim in apartment,, too, well has the right be. But when I, already as a a mean. Vshiy from monitor and his accursed blue light bulbs, accidentally met with kid eyes, then understood, that about zombies he clearly not be kidding. Premier ran a 100 I have pat on the back, I already began to think, who same of these two perverse risk-taking (Czech or sovdepovskaya aaaea) scares son for not learned lessons or at all simply so, when I have suddenly, with 20-oops attempts the one of non-business toys. I slightly neck off in toy, and here "Czech" experience about the nature arise abhorrent zombofobii. It turns out, canfamily, periodically visits body a divorce husband "cewkies", those not always in grinding halt after konditsiya. Exactly well, lack of understanding of relatively issues at the konditsiya and was grifted, once nice vorkovavshikh lovebirds, for different coasts of, but father family, even severing sacred ties Hymen (god), continued violate GOST on konditsiya and visit "cheshku" and tenacious little boy, which already forgot, as folder looks the movement and began on the sly to accept his for zombies. On that zombie raze not tried prove nor its zombyovost, nor rebut accept this.
And here is once rainy on the evening, when konditsiya again was disrupted by, but the remnants of brain, on will avoid unnecessary misunderstandings still controlled move functions, zombies ieue past Owl an over-familiar homes. There, far usually people fold their garbage, on first floor, on the street, belel side sistemnika made by comrades Trotsky. Accurately not known about than then podumalo bezvolnoe body, but khvatatelnyy reflex worked, as clock and later some 30 minutes, have zhmuschikhsya on its corners from of fear inhabitants abovementioned odnushki, on the table emerged white sistemnik. This gesture was polygraphic, as gift, demands least the investment, that under a imply purchase monitor, have, mouse, ed, wires - anyways, dissaving - hue, downright nonsense. Zombies not forgot to mention that this very a powerful computer and renounce all there hell is that not is launching, that is worth in it supertonkoy settings processor, that itself not travel-Russian language. Saying all of this, a creation of darkness are apparent some yearning, and sistemnik remained!
In the real life, "built revolution", somehow the strange ways had 90s, zapuskalo only, not the past verification on authenticity Windows brr, yes an EOD with brakes. On reason no the the primeval of fear, "Czech" continued to buy, structure, not introduced just toys, which here and there rolled on apartment, not allowed recognize, that WordPad this best return there, where his dragged, namely - in hell. For three hours sitting before these beast, you know, I managed to will pose just 10% what was nakupleno "the Czech" and peel the system from shit. Money borrow not became, for became me notorious and pity "cheshku."
Morality this fables such is, that alone got this, breed other, mnozha a the number of So! And of illiterate people. As spoke hero no the same time: Where my got a shotgun pointed?!



Is identically, and I time from time am by at work. Bukhgaltersham their the in Excel as representing just fix the point, then considered sobi correctly, monitors already themselves peretykayut.



Sashas wrote nice :) A boy pity :(



Appreciate article.



Let and belatedly, but all ??? - as our iPad bought)



Wrote here hit piece, only not let on that you know my behalf of and second inductors, I there incognito.



Brilliant! To read interestingly and people, 'm in debate insurance is. Yes, need to periodically that the similar (in scope and on substance) write, that would not degenerate.



Very informative. I, as man working in this sphere, with many would argue. Very many problematic situations in universities. Have us, for example, except just other things (not all, that perechislyalos, but much) adopted with hand borrow people on greater salary, and those who verified time - leave in the throes. Injustice everywhere.



That a new and where gone missing at all?



At work guys hope. I am fixing your house liberal scattering. Have been arguing) to skin its institution on of money, which they me must, but from-for bureaucracy not pay out. Exactly scouring on 200km for day :) Because not're sane,.



Have Antonchika today day birth. 30 years him today. He disconnected phone and from all is encoded. I him left message in the fighting, ah and here simply I wish to court you all goods and curiously useful units.



Of our protection, with the past, Anton))



Anton - you when Starcraft 2 you'll pick them up? He already mold soon starts easily absorbed as, and then perhaps will give roots.



I'm gonna join you))



Antooon, you where? In Sadovoye Koltso when there a? I you to disk drive with game a small bonus prepared the - perhaps should will please.


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