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Defenders of property rights take your efforts with veterans


Front-line soldiers will have pay for the right sing military songs. Russian copyright society airport including modern claims organizers biggest the choir veterans in Samara. It turns out, for a public enforcement property the writings ended money premium, even if the concert free. Veterans frustrated.
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Veterans not know, as them further sing. Them at all not very understandable, that happening. To deal, they visited subsidiary the Russian copyright society, wanted ask, when to veterans can be sing about the war. And until now hope, that they something wrong understood.

"We sing, to tell our grandchildren own distinction pathologies character. And we must pay? Yes wasn this not crime? " such Valentin Shubnikov, performer choral songs.

In Samara office copyright society show a picture of an moreover biggest. Veterans say, that sang as always about how, that not pitnu already 65 years. Then name songs from concert playbills of have become materials in fact, one here Allowances society.

"In respect enforcement songs on Russian language" Len my, flax "," From heroes past since the "and" Smuglyanka Moldovanka "was presented grievance against administration", explains Tatiana Fedoseenko, deputy director Volga branch the Russian copyright society.

Their Samara (Russia) colleagues support colleagues from Moscow. Explain: Above than exits on scene, need to was there, judging by my stomach.

"For doable enforcement these the writings administration cleanup must was obtain on this authorization, locking up license treaty with entitled Allowances society. This done not was ", argues Oleg Patrin, deputy CEO the Russian copyright society.

This claims not to chorus, say defenders of property rights, and to those, who concert by organized. Have each songs there is the authors, and they worked not for free. This rightly, but in this case it is unclear, especially those who 65 years ago shielded our homeland, and now goes, that from them defend songs.

And still in Samara to veterans gave advice: If without any sign organizations from above themselves use an and want to to do some singing for other, then do resolution.

"We give the concert for free, and should I beg resist the a little song? Perhaps, me, man, proven by years war a boy, beg someone this incorrect approach ", says Peter groshkov., Chairman production, public organizations" competent rear and veterans labor. "

Oscar Feltsman (disambiguation), who wrote music to "huge the sky", "Frontoviki, wear it of the Order", tries to find explanation production, history. Asks, can, this was sensationally for big money? There is no. The concert was free.

"If same this entirely public venue, then no money no one no one should not. We must only to veterans worship the and say: Thank you you for your life ", says composer, the Peoples artist Russia Oscar Feltsman (disambiguation).

In production and announced, that in known huge order should reconstitute Committee on culture. Because copyright this struggle with piracy, not with with veterans.

"This is nonsense! Unacceptably, to with those who bears palm fringed song people and sings songs Great Patriotic war, someone bought these your efforts. I believe, that here simplygrows weak. It came to full stupidity ", - says leader ne Gennady Zyuganov.

"I would advised leaders halls, where can undergo concerts, not borrow no money. Do on maximum all for free. We grateful to our the, victors, leadership. Need free their from any species payments copyright big paycheck ", - believes leader Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovskiy.

In Sakhalin representatives the Russian copyright society promised ask. Until still not late. Until 9 on May remained slightly more month.



The Internet-users, skachivayuschie of counterfeit computer films with such resources, as recently for his Torrence. Ru (welcome), themselves become parts of the figures products, told on press conference in environment chief of Office The GUVD on Moscow Nikolai Nazimok.
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The networks becomes very acute. Networks are dangerous those, that form network networks. By downloading films with resource, you themselves causes parts of the this products among other users , said Nizimok.

He also added, that in most countries is offered fight precisely with consumers such resources, not with their persuaded.

Previously otkryvayut organs told the about closing resource welcome , with the help which users could exchange files through the Internet, within investigations Criminal affairs in respect moskvicha, rasprostranyavshego with his help counterfeit shoe ring program Autodesk AutoCAD.

According to representative companies En-Center Andrei Vorobiov, this the first precedent on suspension activities fayloobmennogo site in Runet from-for violations property rights. Before, on his words of, company priostanavlivala activities Internet portals from-for violations legislation about spreading pornography or extremism. So was closed site Ingushetia. Ru.

Otkryvayut organs outlawed trades abroad on Moscow representatives criminal deal, easing on parts of 2 articles 146 CC trades abroad (illegal use facilities copyright rights, mastery in major size).

According to allegations, 26 January 2010 specialist Moscow for mucus thousands of rubles released on tight disk computer counterfeit shoe ring program Autodesk AutoCAD (the Russian version of), copyrights rights on that belong companies Autodesk. The cost of this programs, according to outlawed, exceeds 106 thousands of rubles.

In outlawed consider, that this program ``suspect disseminated through welcome. Also in office declared, that through this domain repeatedly waged the spread of vehicle of malicious programs and counterfeit copies the writings, that entails violation of property rights companies Autodesk AutoCAD , CJSC 1C and other legitimate owners in major and particularly major size.



Admit, the first news me has shaken. This same virtually stop up mouths people, which and remained the a bit. Which once over through horrors war. Of course they can and homes on recorded listening to, but concerts them perhaps all-same "feels better".
And the second news - ah here contentious quite-??? the situation. On real moment there in our country such a of law, which prohibits us download. And if nothing not download - network loses sense. Of course me as something don't care, I in for peer-already havent update nothing not downloading, and me in network turning a blind DS + + can scarcely slip right out, have us in networks even adminy not know, in what place server resides, and with foreign no one sees.



If will want - and network your foot. Naively to believe, that times to you through there is no not enter, you cease thus engage the spread of those. I have when provider was followed, immediately the first affair canceled hubs are and domestic a local network in a whole. DS + + became not need. To torrents and fayloobmenniki - the only salvation for many. But there is in this and their pros - peoples routing in shops, and that means, that and I have buyers eighty percent. Although, judging by-wu Dummies, people, maximum on that lack mind, this download movies through hub.



Yes I not doubt that will want foot. I moreover that they are so insured themselves from curiously hail storms with hand organs, that if and foot network, then not foot although would workers networks, as this case.



Ah this still not fact. In our pretty shitty reality and not such happens. Domestic organs: Today them on't care, and tomorrow in intently cause.



Interesting video.



So this that - jet crash-lands lay? That the as the of hectic all shown.



Yes. Breath a little louder do. There remain heard, Poles thought that this moslems finished off by :) At fact the cops in air blasted away



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Ox. Ennaya news! That still there in your spammerskom paradise happening?



Yes, Chinese scientists created a new kind of aircraft

" . In China designed progresivnyy nizkoletayuschiy jet. This is a new construction received nickname Wing-In-@-@ Ground. Jet uses all pressing technology in procedure flight. On small increases from a distance from land jet consume a shooting the cushion. Limited geographical region work is, naturally,, too, and in the US. Such table-top Laser Welder later Perhaps in forces replace casualty planes. "

Ah if Chinese planes will such a same quality, as their machines and cell phones, then fly on them will only terroritsy bombers, which in general the't give a flying fuck: Reaches Earth jet or not.

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Moscow falls in crater volcano

"Moscow continues to stray under land. Dire forecast Moscow diggerov: Capital rests on hundreds those of the accumulated for 900 years active effluents moskvitov. They decompose and emit gas methane, which helps city prosedat all below and below. Rumored to, 7 hills, on which is based Moscow this crater giant of a volcano, zatukhshego around 3 million Years ago. "
If to believe, the aside from usnuvshego many million years ago volcano, us (an) is worth beware revenge dinosaurs from castles and Mesozoic period, invasions by of locusts and other executions Egyptian, and so same just calendar Maya, according to which already in next year the universal apocalypse. Not worth neglect and of alien assault - Long in Jupiter - Zeus case especially tricky one, yes and strangers use with predators no one until still not revisit it. Specialists recommend start yield regular victims, get addicted to that on drugs, do you,, to accept pagans or to join in sects leaders. Yes arrives with you Cthulhu. Ah or the article on Darth Vader on thin the end of the.



I slush.



Yes not question - rince your)



All of this it seems on many research, prosperously myselfjust a British or other foreign scientists. Usually have them as the optimists remarks. I, of course, not can rebut this, but me seems, that until us this not threatens to, although arguments quite-??? convincing. We shall-will see.



Couple-Triad failures here and there, due to American builders, convinced you in is, that us threatens to fail in the mouth of an ancient volcano? And pro any scientists you talking about: In article the entire this ruckus has rested on assumptions no the of a crazed Digger. Where same us know, that this frame at all far the-synchs - can he sits a strung-out before the telly, life-support glue and him prevents pieces mereschatsya. Sat Esquire Drink Database, watched cable TV, - Absolutely with package on anybody, goes on balcony, and there from the hatch on the ground bench of volcanic kherachit! Far under - here is this Alexander: Moscow is worth on the volcano of! And on peckerhead, that about this nor in one library the big info there is no - volcano the is real! Ram. lmagine that: Our ancestors - privulkannye pygmies! The most big volcano in Europe, erupts 24 hours in clock, bench of with by ash altitude with Ostankinskuyu tower, near created no one lives, birds there is no, grass there is no, but here emerge our ancestors and are just breaking their megavigvamy directly the people volcano! Pechenigy and Varyags say: You made sick? Burn same to fuckin '- - Hello! But have our ancestors there is a killer idea anymore - they awaiting, when volcano ceases and are just breaking squarely on his place, that? Moscow! Immediately same become addicted birch, proteins, woodpeckers, all spin it's constantly updating assortment, jump around through's and wear lokhovskie tesyomki on hair and play on dudochkakh. Me seems on this same principle (with glue before the telly), half of our laws takes into, ah and the very a implements affect here is such cheap plan.



Sasha exhale.



As me pokaalos, he simply stated facts. And pro years under city I not the first time hear. Hardly this volcano, but progress soil is manifest. Moreover, on place Moscow were Commission in the swamplands, and, therefore, peat, which after combustion disappears, turning it in years. This, too, cannot be ruled out.

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In night with 2 th on 3s July will mark very a serious battle between our former compatriot Vladimir Klikcho and Englishman David Haye, about 01 :0 0 and will depicts in direct live host at "Russia 2." This longstanding rivals, powerhouses, both very interesting boxers. All tickets (about 60 tys seats) on battle (will mark in Germany, in Hamburg) were sold still for month before events, that says about the implausible interest global public to this corporates of. All you might want to watch battle and to share impressions - such not every day case. If whom interestingly - d to root for Vladimir. Lets wish him luck!

Interesting video: Victory and destruction Vladimir Klitschko

Ridiculous video with Valuevym from April month

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