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Since 2012 the world Kims on a new calendar?:

" . The World Association DENIZ department with 2012 offers to move on a new kind of calendar. As same wants this Association change our calendar? On that she wants his replace? This Association offers a new kind of YUYuYUMEOYS, displayed in its project Y2K - to every year had 365 days. Most amusing - every year, starting with Sundays drama will have second Saturday. "



What in Brad



The most amusing - every year, starting with Sundays drama will have second Saturday. "

This me all reminds calendar Yanks use. Have them same week begins with Sundays drama. Here is and in the calendar we have reached the Americanization of (



Since 8 March will open clauses disposal machines within programs on subsidize purchases new cars

" . Clauses disposal old automasinas within programs subsidy purchases new cars will open with 8 March current year. On meeting with Prime Minister trades abroad Vladimir Putin in Monday, the head of the both Ministries has provided over trades abroad Viktor "told the head governments about measures to probing a new programs, according to which owners cars, produced in 1999, And previously, will be able surrender its old machine in junk and under this receive subsidy for purchases a new car, originating on territory trades abroad. "

I coined chip: Claim to razdristannyy in the ass Zhigul for 10 hiljada rubles, 're loaning his in junk, soils subsidy (rumored to, where the about 50 hiljada rubles) and lets take itself in credit what any Ford Focus or Hyundai Akcent Russian production, on the preferential rate.



Have one thing BUT. In property it must not less year! This compulsory condition.



Can be done rukopisnuyu power of attorney and increasingly will type of have mandated.



", the Communists Petersburg" require arrest James Camerons

Quote: Film Ministry Camerons Avatar we believe not ideological a diversion, as write some media, and elementary outright theft, raskhischeniem intellectual socialist property - content books and films Soviet based RPG based, - is expressed a member of Slantsevskiy of RK KPLO Dmitri Frolov. - In any country such deeds fall under criminalize article. We demand from outlawed trades abroad initiate contract international warrant on arrest Cameron, which discovered by Bustamante all heroes, ideas, at all entire life on Pandora and gave its a homicidal the cyborg-desantniku. Not only in the first same Russian airport, but and in any country world, member in Interpol, Cameron should be has been captured!.

Ah yes, themselves same under the USSR gnobili based RPG based and the Avantgardists, as dissenters, and now he suddenly have become expose a people.



150 years with birthday Chekhov

" . Public the scale of the and a planetary scope differentiate the celebrations to 150-birthday with birthday Chekhov. Today in the center of the attention Ekaterinburg city, where was born writer, and where had flown President Dmitri Medvedev. Continue to celebrate PROCEDURES date and in Moscow, that Anton Pavlovych liked more all cities on light of. Petersburg, Kursk, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Yalta, Krasnodar - across the country go spirit programs, exhibition, festivals, popular organised every. To without the marathon joined the 36 countries. Representatives many of them today in Russia - world theatrical figures accompany Dmitri Medvedev in his trip on a small homeland Chekhov. "

Personally me Chekhov highly on psyche, I on his believing the work in tekhnare wrote, and at all for souls very well revere. All with day birth Chekhov! :flag:



Group Romanian military and 2000 tons humanitarian weight were mistakenly relegated not on Haiti, but on Tahiti, that triggered explosion istericheskogo laughter on paradise to the island in French Polynesia.

From-for ensure there misstep military agency Romania sent its battalion Representative utterly in another direction, although their point appointments was island Haiti, where necessary was to hand to injured from disastrous earthquake 2000 tons food, medicines and another humanitarian weight.

Meanwhile, Minister Defense Romania enough nervously reacted on this stigmatizing case. I same say, that not to do spectacle from all this. I.e. name means very, very many. Haiti, Tahiti, Maiti, Papiti. Yes get with them with all, sound something equally! , has exclaimed the head of the military departments Gabriel Oprya.



Here is debiloidy! :rofl: No would recognize, that nourished German, so and so - like in Romania geography at all no one knows, and that henceforth we're quick learners. Instead he still and good time. Quality!

is2 wrote:

What there is name means very, very many. Haiti, Tahiti, Maiti, Papiti. Yes hell with them with all, sound something equally! , has exclaimed the head of the military departments Gabriel Oprya.

And made - sent would in each in otryadu, suddenly - although would one having would until specified goal.



This still times proves, that for people sit in government!

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18 February 2010 company "Ryu-Center" ( without warnings, and no either acknowledgment was reversed by delegation domain TORRENTS.RU. On information from "Ryu-Center for" "Delegation (disambiguation) domain during suspended on the basis autocephalous Investigation Office on Chertanovskomu the district of Public Prosecutor Propulsion Moscow from 16.02.2010g. "

In "Ryu-Center" directed an appropriate request, however, highly likely, that elucidation circumstances will take some time, during which worded welcome will not available.

In ties with this we forced to were in short notice change a domain name on the


A Committee under Prosecutor trades abroad on Moscow has suspended delegation domains largest Russian torrent-2007 - the welcome in ties with would Criminal affairs on fact illegal use facilities copyright rights (part of 2 articles 146 CC trades abroad). About this states in statement, published on official site outlawed trades abroad. Domain welcome ceased work day in Thursday, 18 February.

According to allegations, 26 January 2010 specialist Moscow "released on tight disk EVM" Plugin against Russian version of programs AutoCAD companies Autodesk. For this he received paycheck in size 1.5 thousands of rubles. In statement outlawed marks, that the cost of licensed version of programs accounts for more 106 thousands of rubles.


19 February in Moscow began scale operation on Tsaritsynskom radiorynke on detect implementation figures products. Market have cordoned off fighters riot militia, tested trade points spend collaborators Office on struggle with economic crimes.



Yet another critical show bullshit. So two years ago figachili Luzhniki and on all television stations talked about "unprecedented Atalanta anti-piracy shares", that kontrafaktu dealt a devastating blow, and anything! - Tej - people, which then the cops of Pskov - all work until now. I there virtually all know, and many say, about pokazatelnosti this process. And about torrent. Ru - no one their not shut down. Work on address ClFIRlP in retailing regime. Simply domain suspended their.



Egypt threatens to global disaster

" . In the near future Delta rivers Neill can disappear from-for global warming. Such conclusions make Egyptian scientists and are calling for take the urgent steps. About this reports

According to research specialists, over the past 100 years level of Mediterranean appreciated on 20 see In a result was produces as and been irradiated sunlight light much of in sowing land in the delta rivers. From-for this already lost hundreds of hectares fertile land.

If not accept no measures, already through 15 years Mediterranean surge on 30 centimeters and it floods about 200 square kilometers sushi in the delta Nile, that will lead to emergence of first climate refugees , and this more a half-million people."



Leonardo Di Caprio intends to to leave the world movies

" . However need not to be upset! This decision has a temporary character. As told Leo, his words mean only the, that in closest year he not will to accept proposals about filming of.

In the last time many many significant personalities (actors came to such a same solving. So that in any time soon we will hardly be able enjoying the films with the participation Hugh Hrant, Nicolas your desktops, after the Baldwin and even let Jolie!

According to materials with, cause of departure for Di Caprio became very hard schedule past months. The actor without vacation worked on an info platforms Martin Scorsese's and Christopher cautions and now is dreaming only about one not work while,. Cosmogonies vacation he plans to devote reflection. And, apparently, personal life: Not so long appeared leaks about is, that Di Caprio, finally, made proposal its young girl, model Bar of Raphaeile, and intends to marry. "



About Olympics



Hi,, very profoundly sad, but absolutely truthfully. Although perhaps, in terms of Culture and Art, we still not in full ass. Have of our state the ample historic and cultural legacy, and times about this still who the cares and remembers, then therefore there is still gunpowder in donkydonk.



But you compete as belong to our monuments or for example to traditions and as abroad.



Information for hours.

category: Moscow City Duma has increased penalties for the wrong parking in 5-10 times

The Moscow urban denounced on meeting in environment passed legislative initiative about increase in 5-10 times fines for parking cars on sidewalks, stops minibus vehicles and stops, earmarked for invalids, is handing correspondent RIA News.

Now document should to sign Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov, which in January 2010 and was outlived raising fines.

Document assumes changing in Code trades abroad about administrative wrongdoing are, and forth will directed on the table Duma.

Initially we offered increase a fine for parking in places stop vehicles, a pedestrian transition, and also on sidewalks, if this prevents movement invalids, to 5 thousands of rubles, however to the second reading was been decided establish sanction for these violations in 3 thousands of rubles. A fine for parking in places, earmarked for invalids, also will total 3 thousands of rubles , told journalists in environment chief Department social protection population Moscow Vladimir Petrosyan.

Much detail:



False message Georgia television disturbing viewers in South Ossetia
Georgia. 13 March. Interfax - Story, released in Saturday in spots Georgia station's "orphaned", in which journalists presented his vision of scenario "Russian intervention", delivered several nasty minutes residents South Ossetia, smotrevshim this program.

Many viewers this phony Newsweek forced nervous; people've been trading calls, trying to discover each have friend, that is happening, is handing correspondent "Interfax" from Georgia.

Meanwhile, notes correspondent, we learnt in situation, all have calmed down. Panic in South Ossetia telesyuzhet not summoned.

Leadership South Ossetia highlights, that in republics all quietly. : Georgian Ossetian President Eduard and political called provocation the plot Georgia station's.

In of Ministry of Defence of South Ossetia also have highlighted, that in Republic all quietly. "The situation fully is under control, military personnel ministries Defense bear service in the usual regime, and no alarmed signals not widely reported", - said "heartfelt" in Ministry.

Belsoyuzdruk "orphaned" in Saturday on the evening placed control in spots phony "a special Newsweek about a possible development events in Georgia in case Russian intervention."

In it has been reported that "today on the morning in Georgia was carried terrorist attack against head of South Ossetia Eduard and political, after what Russian troops overran in Georgia."

Forth stated: "Government and President Mikhail Saakashvili were evacuated."

Through several minutes Belsoyuzdruk reported about demise M. Saakashvili and create People governments led by Nino Burjanadze.

Program lasted half an hour of exercise, and after messages "about terrible bombardments airports and nautical ports Georgia" Belsoyuzdruk, finally, reported, that this was "a special Newsweek about a possible development events."

Zenoviy Georgia, son which serves in army, died from heart attack after false telesyuzheta Georgian cameramen "orphaned" about the "Russian invasion." The commercial summoned panic in many cities this countries.

"Many people turned in" together "for emergency aid", - declared journalists representative services "the ER aid." On his information, in Saturday measures have record numbers of challenges, mostly, became poorly children and the elderly people.

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