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Global news

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Let us same let us to discuss here events global, public and personal scale.

And the first news: Japanese called governed Northern Territories sank "illegally an occupied" Russia
. "" Approval Japanese government document, recreating the above Sysprep wording, not can be seen otherwise as unacceptable, - said in statement foreign ministry Russia. - Russian side, in including at the highest level, repeatedly warned about kontrproduktivnosti such action for bilateral dialogue on Climate peace treaty, including aspect of border razmezhevaniya. "

From-for problems southern Kurile Russia and Japan until now officially are in able war. "



On our borders will always be seen them. The Japs fully under states. Yes and at all ranging with since the Ivan Grozny when we poured on the world scene (Grozny the first led "with state Actors Europe, incidentally sought to Anglitskoy-queen) all "prosvyaschennye" state treasures around us as hungry gut. Hate even. War with Georgia all has shown, wailed. All, when understood that wrong, even not apologized to. And more us should concerned about China, because as on non-CIS the east us little, and the Chinks there already all forests doubly.



This very notorious and in the same time - inevitably. Disunity Russia, on my view, there is the biggest our the problem. ???? government often suspicious passively describes its view, relatively many external incidents. The same Ukraine, the same Georgia - under the USSR such situations were would simply is impossible. It is time impose censorship on antirossiyskuyu propaganda.



The Japanese long already have a tooth on us for Northern Territories sank. Raze not forgive the itself, that forced to were give their after the end of the war. Now, if mVy not want their give, then will win their in other, spy, ways. For example, smoothly to move, initially on near underlying territory, in including and there. The Chinese so and make. In of cross-border cities already every 5, if not 3., wee chinky. Here is that frightening. Proteins - in other words - hidden capture territory!



" . Popular the American actress Nicole Kidman reported, that she ceases to career in movies, and, likely, not intends to continue to its. According to samoyKidman, it can and is determined focus on its family. Such message actress made in its latest interview.
Kidman declared, that she has no former have a crush relatively work, moreover, she herself not expected, that husband and child will become those causes, which will mean for it in life all. Actress equivocate, that on nature .lyublyu she very creative man, however until she wanted guide their energies precisely in Family direction.
Cannot be not be noted, that over the last time all films, where plays major role once the most managerial highly paid actress Hollywood, Flunk in Minibuses for Hire. "



I think this public. Then will "last role." The casual Oscar. Triumph normality returning. Why to declare exit from movies? Simply not old for that and all forget. Why to declare?

And so all the media, they be flocking borrow interview and d hinder engage family, itself itself contradicts

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Undoubtedly in this there is something rational grain). Not the format actress, that would so simply take and leave. Let better still times with Saipa meant is going to sing)



With 9 December users Windows XP (ikspishechka) together with update would gain module WGA (disambiguation) notifications, which will alert their about using pirating version of system. In world this program acts already six months. Is expected, that have all users WGA (disambiguation) notifications will appear through several months.
Under identifying figures Windows its functionality not will be limited to. System only will regularly accordingly about this user. She also will change von worker the table on black and, although his can be will change, von will gum diseases: Periodontitis every hour.
According to representatives Microsoft, fixation WGA (disambiguation) notifications will undergo only under decision-license agreement. Moreover, in the process verification of legality copies Windows on computer not produced collection personal information, in including - contact data. Marks, that goal a new initiatives is not punishment users, gun inadvertently use version of Windows, and their informing the and aid in decision-informed decisions about purchase legal Windows



And this with that a Squealer soon statue with service. The fuck need whom its a license to buy. And at all IFRA (publishing) already long invented precisely and works, such have learned its circumvent the, apparently yet another version of more encouraging their producers, giving in them confidence in is that they ??? will be able sell all copies Windows those who it enjoys and without them. Its and three years ago circumvent the have learned and now will learn. And perishing those who different species animals yuzaet so and at all about this not have to worry. So I believe.



This is only one version of from Advantage costs was in elementary. For example: … emove.html
And at all you advice lop automatic renewal Windows. Windu need to renew tselikovymi SP1,2,3



UN disparaged the demolition of monuments fighters with Nazism:
" . Genassambleya UN on initiative Russia passed project resolutions, which condemns destruction and desecration of the monuments fighters with fascism and to glorify Nazism. According to resolutions, transaction such attacks should be announced a crime and paid for by by law. In support issued 127 countries, 54 - deterred. Against voted one country. The US. "



And but and understandable. Its same history they have no, means can be all do other. Vandals!



And I want tell about perform crucial - "fell."

brace will happen fairly late on the evening on territory trades abroad

Most marked astronomical event last month outgoing year winter solstice or, on folk, kolovorot will happen today fairly late on the evening on territory Russia.




Prince William on one night became a bum:
" . Scion British throne Prince William spent night have one of London's bridges together with homeless. Slept grandson of Queen Elizabeth II near garbage containers;, ogorodivshis different trolleys from supermarket. And this with, that on the street teetered same freezing temperatures. With a have 27-year-old Prince was only the thin sleeping bag.
As confessed himself William, on this step he went with goal draw attention to calamitous position those who proved rendered homeless. After familiarity with L) upside he invited homeless on modest breakfast. "



That OK he after his the raid in poverty not treated his their a good breakfast? A skinflint, raskashelilsya only on modest) What for window dressing!?



Ramzan Kadyrov believes, that Russia must end with Georgia and Ukraine:

" . For basing an attack Georgia on South Ossetia is worth the West, which seeks to control the entire Caucasus, am confident Ramzan Kadyrov. Thus, believes the Chechen the head of the, countries West want in fact keep under control Russia, because Caucasus this its back of. Russian government needs to craft a action plan, needs to attack, stressed President Chechnya in interview forthcoming The Telegraph. Georgia, South Ossetia, Ukraine this will continue and continue. This personal disaster Russia, and why needs always tolerate this, if with this can be end wondered Ramzan Kadyrov. We - great country, we have all: Army and technology. We need to to attack - quotes President British newspaper. "

And know, in this radical resheniii, that i.e..



And here is and news about our new development, to was than "enemies" actors fifth point in perspective field future:
Russian a fighter fifth generation "went for a run" on an airfield attendant:
On days on airfield of Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation manufacturing unification took place vykatka and over the first runs prospective Aviation complex frontal aviation (PHA flew), too, essentially, the beginning of flight tests fighter pilot. After vykatki pilot launched engines, and jet began movement on runways the landing front page, said source of in aviaprome. The speed under this was relatively a small. On least movement jet several times emitted drag on. In late swathe of a fighter At Chabysh 2005 and made another go jogging.
A fighter fifth generation, which in Russia call still promising aviation complex of frontal aviation (PHA flew), mined with 1990s. Work on create Russian plane fifth generation lead the AHC "Suhoi" and NGOs "Saturn."

On Satira, a fighter fifth generation can be will apply 24 hours a day and in any weather, he will secretive, can long fly with supersonic speed, will possess high automated system Defense.




Ramzan Kadyrov believes, that Russia must end with Georgia and Ukraine:

Strange statements have Kadyrovs. Only more or less to normalness, as again is beginning to strain environment. Rabble-rousing!



Ukraine pay for Dzerkalo in December gas:

" . Ukraine pay with Russia for Dzerkalo in December gas, assured President Viktor Yushchenko, who's running on the second presidential term.

The head of the "Gazprom" Alexey Miller in Friday declared, that Ukraine with the mid-December substantially has reduced selection Russian gas, that attests to difficulties with pay supply, the situation with payment for the latest month 2009 very worrying.

"Ukraine pay (for gas. Prime Minister (Yuliya Tymoshenko) not pay ", - declared Yushchenko in live. Under this President in another times criticized genuine testament in January 2009 arrangements prem'rv Russia and Ukraine, expressing discontent low price on transit gas and high price gas for Ukraine.

Head of governments Ukraine and Russia Yuliya Tymoshenko and Vladimir Putin on meeting 19 November in Yalta agreed to about how, that in 2010 tariff on transit and the price for gas will shaped by on a market basis - the tariff will increase on 60%, i.e. - until 2.7 dollar. In 2009 the favorable tariff on transit was preserved in ties with those, that Russia granted Ukraine discount in price on gas, which in next year also will canceled. "

Ukrainian government their actions and counter-narrative dishonors its people. Country, in which rules triple tandem Yushchenko-Tymoshenko-Yanukovych, by definition not can to come to a brighter future. I believe, modicum, understandably this not simply, Ukraine need to become republic in the composition of the Russian Federation, and their the current government betray Court.



Prviteli simply ripping up its on parts of. All as in fable Prometey pro influencing. Certainly this with good words west!


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